How did a membrane sweep go for you?

I can’t find much information online, and I will ask my OB at my next appointment. But wanted to know what other mothers went through. I know what a membrane sweep is, how it’s done, and what it does. But just curious if you had one, how many weeks where you? Did it help induce labor? How soon after did you go into labor? Would you do it again? If it didn’t induce labor, did you have one again? I was trying for a VBAC and was told I had to have a scheduled section at 41 weeks if I hadn’t gone into labor. So I was just curious. My first was 40 weeks, and a day, I was not in labor, nor dilated, and only 20% effaced. I had an emergency C-section due to HELPP syndrome. I am worried I won’t go into labor. I just wanted to hear other mothers’ experiences.

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I was given a stretch & sweep with my second. Did absolutely nothing :see_no_evil: didn’t hurt or anything but definitely didn’t work! I was then induced via the cannula drugs? good luck x

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I had one the day before my due date. Had it done that morning 12 hours later was in labor and had my baby 10 hours later.

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I had two membrane sweeps (39 weeks and 40 weeks) and they did absolutely nothing for me. I still had to be induced but I’ve heard there are some it has worked for!

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I gave birth at exactly 41 weeks being induced with my daughter. Had a sweep done twice and my cervix never did anything, thus the induction.
Now I’m 38 weeks with #2 and Dr said my cervix is too high to sweep but I’m 1cm. Any day and I have my induction scheduled for 2 days before my due date!

I had a membrane sweep with my last son because I was stuck at 3 cm. It did nothing for me… I was induced naturally 2 weeks later.

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I had a sweep with my third climbed the stairs and walked some had her 12 hours later

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38 weeks with my oldest daughter had it done couple hours later I had contractions had her two days later

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38 week sweep and went into labor 12 hours later and had my son 8 hours later.

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I had a membrane sweep at 38 weeks about 4 days before a scheduled c section and my water broke almost exactly 12 hours later :raised_hands:t2: definitely saved me :joy:

hopefully this will help

I had a membrane sweep on a Wednesday afternoon. I was having regular contractions less than 24 hours later and gave birth early Friday morning.

I had one done and a few hours later I finally went into active labor

Had a membrane sweep and have my daughter the next day.

I had it done with my now three year old it worked for me I believe I had her two days early I had a sharp pain in my stomach then my water was breaking while I was at work, I had one with my now two year old it worked for me as well I had her three days early I ate hot banana peppers and did the natural thing sex went into labor at 3 am that night that I had it done didn’t know I was in active labor till I tried to go to work at 9 am, I had it done with my now 3 month old that time it didn’t so nth for me had to get induced I was two days over. My first two I didnt have it done, my twins I had to have a c-section so with my last three I had a vbac.

It worked with my daughter, but it took 2 with my son and still had to be induced. It’s very painful.

I had a membrane sweep at 3:30pm Wednesday afternoon at 38 weeks and I had my daughter 6:59am Friday morning. I will say though my body was naturally progressing, at my appointment I was about 3.5cm and fully effaced. I think I was in early stages of labor anyway because I was having contractions on and off that day, so if he did it not my baby was coming

I had one with my first and second kid and started contracting right after and had both the next day. With my third my doctor wouldn’t do a membrane sweep and just induced. It hurt to me but most comments say it doesn’t so idk what was different for me. I would do it again though but I’m done having kids. Lol

Just had a VBAC in December. Due the 10th. Had my sweep the morning of the 9th. Pieces of the plug started coming out a few hours after. Contractions started 7pm on the 10th. Baby fell out (literally) just seconds after midnight. Barely missed his due date! Lol

I had my membranes sweeped and they ended up inducing me right after doing it though bc of high bp. :unamused: sorry im no help but nice reading others stories since im on #3

I had one and it didn’t do anything to me. I ended up getting induced 5 days later

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I had the membrane sweep with my daughter at around 39 weeks when they gave me the option to try it. I went into labor not even 12 hours later and she was delivered the next morning. :+1:t2:

If I were you I’d contact the hospital for their own ways of handling vbacs. As more research is done and more moms push for vbac it’s becoming clear that they arent the life risking thing they were thought to be and most hospitals that will “allow” vbacs will even induce you now. My daughter was born last february. Induced vbac. It went beautifully. However! I had to go to a hospital 2 hours away because none of the ones closer to us “allowed” vbacs. Its a liability insurance thing having to do with them not wanting an extra anesthesiologist for in case scenarios. But big hospitals it’s not a problem

I had mine done and still ended up having to have a c section.

It is a very uncomfortable feeling… it hurts. But I went into labor that night!! I was 40 weeks

I had one done for my 3rd and it didn’t work for me. But they also started giving me steroid injections at 32 weeks. Walked around at 5.5cm from 34-39 weeks when I was finally induced. It was a nightmare lol

Had mine at 40 weeks, was in labor about 8 hours later. I didn’t get it done with my first and just got induced. So glad I decided to get it done with my second. I was able to labor at home for a long while. Sadly that 6 hours at home only got me to a 4 cm lol

I had 3 with 2 of my pregnancies. The third time it worked and I went into labor within 48 hours. Ultimately you won’t go into labor until your body is ready but sweeps can help avoid induction and get your body to start the process on its own.

I was having VBACs so I could not be induced with pitocin which is why I chose to have multiple sweeps to try to help my body go into labor, each time hoping it would work but ultimately it took 3 tries.

My 1st VBAC I had baby 48 hours after 3rd sweep and she was born 39+4. My second VBAC I had baby 48 hours after 3rd sweep and he was 40+2.

i had one done at 39+5 days and had him next morning

I had 2 membrane sweeps. The first at 39 weeks which did nothing and the second was at 40 weeks 1 day. I went into labor 3 days after the second sweep. The first sweep, the OB was gentle and the second, he was a little more rough. It hurt and I was cramping after but it was effective and I didn’t have to be induced :woman_shrugging:t3:

I had two done. One was done I think at 39 weeks. Didn’t do anything. The second one was done a day after my due date. My OB told us to have sex right after. We did the deed, then I tried nipple stimulation with breast pump. I was in labor within a few hours!

Didn’t do anything besides make me spot

With my 2nd kiddo, I had one at 38 weeks and 39 weeks. Didnt do anything at all both times. Didnt hurt either.

I’ve had one done 2x with my first baby. It didn’t help anything. I went overdue and had to be induced for low amniotic fluid at 41w. I had a membrane sweep with my 4th and I was still induced at 39w for high blood pressure. Baby didn’t want to come so I was in labor 36 hours and they had to use a balloon. My 5th i had a membrane sweep and later that night it was the first time I had seen my bloody show but I was scheduled the next morning for induction at 39w for IUGR. Its never worked in my case. I call my cervix stubborn. Its frustrating

Never had one but I’ve heard it can be very painful

I had one done at 38 weeks with my second and within 24hrs exactly I had my baby. It wasn’t painful really, just uncomfortable

I had it don’t twice with my second no luck not exactly painful but pressure for sure could be worth a shot works for some not all :blush:

I will tell you what my doctor told me when i asked if it was going to be painful. He said “it’s probably going to be the worst part of your day”. It was like really bad period cramps while he was doing it, but didn’t hurt after at all.

I was 40 weeks with my third and it was my first time ever having it done. It HURT! But my water broke two days later tho

I had one done at 39 weeks cuz I had Ben half centimeter for 2 months and went into labor that night and had him the next morning.i was in labor for 13 hr

A baby is going to come when it’s time dew dates aren’t 100%true give it time it will come out

I wanted to do everything as natural as possible with my son. I had a sweep on my due date, and my water broke 2 days later, and I had him the next night after almost 24hours of labor.

I had a sweep with my first and it worked had her the next day, my second I had them swept 4 times and still ended up being induced.
They told me If it’s going to work it happens within 48 hours.

I had one two days before my daughter was born… although she was already super low and I was dilated to a 1 and had been for couple weeks at that point… had the sweep, two days later I was at a 4 sent me upstairs and broke my water, she was born 4 hours after that

I had one done at 1:00 pm at 39 weeks and went into labor within hours. I delivered my baby at 11:29 that night. Worked great for me!!! Good luck!

I had a membrane sweep july 6th and had my baby july 9th

I had this at 40 wks. I went into labor a day and a half later. Labor was 4hrs start to finish. It was faster and less painful than the first labor - 27 hrs and back labor)

I had one to try and induce labor with my daughter in August. It did absolutely nothing for me and I was at a 2. I still needed to have my water broke and pitocin 1 week later.

I had one with my second son at 39 weeks. I had heard it was painful, but I didn’t feel anything. My labor started that evening, maybe 4 hours later. I would absolutely do it again.

Dr can induce u at any time even for vbac. I have 6 kids the first 4 were natural 5th emergency c-section 6th vbac. I have had my membranes stripped with all 6

I had it done with all three and went into labor 24 to 48 hours later. All three of my kids were born 12 days early. But I was very eager to evict them and started every trick known starting at 38 weeks 🤦🤷 my first was a higher risk pregnancy and I was followed by a perinatologist. I was trying to avoid induction or C-section so my midwife swept my membranes and had me use a breast pump to induce labor before allowing the perinatologist to give me pitocin. Honestly, I think nipple stimulation did more than the sweeping. My next two were not as high risk but I had membranes swept and used a breast pump to induce labor purely out of inpatience.

Had it done with 2 or 3 of mine…cant even remember now because it didnt work lol. I was always dilated and effaced for weeks and 3 of 4 were late. 4 came the day before her due date after 22 mins of labor! The sweeps didnt really hurt. I had another friend who described it to me, so I was scared and then it wasnt bad at all. Not much different than getting checked for dilation I felt like. She got up in there and I thought she was bracing to be like “okay I’m going to do it now” but instead she said she was done!

It doesn’t work for everyone but I went into labor 24 hours after the sweep. So I gave birth 2 days after the doctor did it. I would 100% do it again if I planned on having more kids…got my tubes tied instead.

I had a stretch and sweep done, I was 40 weeks, didnt help at all… felt strange like pulling a skin tag but inside me? Went into labour 5 days later, my beautiful baby girl was delivered 34hrs later x

I was 38wks, 100% effaced and 2cm dilated. I don’t think it did much for me, I ended up being induced at 39wks.

I was 42 weeks, it did help. The midwife also used progesterone gel.

I had it done 2 days before my due date. Went into later that same day.

They swiped me and my water broke that night . My baby was 2 days early.

I had a sweep with my second son didn’t work he was over due but not much they want to induce when I was further overdue but I didn’t want that I wanted him to come in his own time and he did on his brothers birthday!

My was done around 39 to 40 weeks and I jad the baby within 24 hours of having it done

I had it done and I had my daughter that night. It didn’t bother me personally having it done.

I went into labor about 12 hours after

I was 39 weeks, didnt hurt but afterwards for like the next 2 days I was bleeding and cramping. I drank a ton of pineapple juice, did alot of walking, squats and bouncing and didnt go into labor till a week later on my actual due date. So I don’t think it did too much but it might’ve helped move things along. I had my boy at 40 weeks and 1 day. Everyone has a different experience, I truly think it just depends on your body and if you’re ready or not. You can do 100 different things to try to make yourself go into labor but it wont happen until your body is ready!
**oh yeah I want to add that when I had the sweep I was already 3cm dilated 60% effaced but baby stayed put for 7/8 more days!

got my done at 38 weeks and a couple days and went into labour that night if I remember correctly