How do I get away?

I've been married for 8 years. I have 2 young boys with my husband. He has a serious drinking problem. He's very mentally and emotionally abusive towards me. When he's been drinking it's worse. I've told him I want a divorce for going on 2 years now. Back in Oct. Of 2021 he ended up getting physical with me which I called the police. They arrested him and he ended up getting out of jail the next day. So fast foward to beginning of Dec. 2021. He got drunk again surprise surprise so I filed a restraining order which ended up being worthless. He left for 6 days/ nights. It was so peaceful. Just me and my boys. They dismissed the order. I've told this man straight up I just can't deal with his mental abuse any longer. And that it's not good for the boys to see us arguing all the time. It's already affected them. He puts me down or is just plain mean or throws something in my face. Than says " I love you" I just want my peace back.