How do I go about dating again?

How do you go about dating again? I have a son but obviously won’t introduce him to anyone for a longg time, he’s 6. I find it hard to trust anyone but have been thinking of getting back out there.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I go about dating again?

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my son is 6 also i am single im 32 and i find dating or trusting so hard ]]]]]]]]]]]]

Personally, if you are having issues with trust, perhaps it would be better for you to determine exactly what that means and how you can over come that before getting into a relationship. Those trust issues could cause unnecessary conflict with you and the person your dating, which could trickle down to how you’re parenting your child.
Children experience loss too when people breakup. Maybe you will find comfort and resolution by building/maintaining a better relationship with your child.

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Definitely, not a subject that I’m any good at. I gave up :blush:

Please stay single until you work on yourself. There’s so many people with trust issues and shitty pasts that are destroying things with good people… heal & learn to love yourself and work on the things you need to before projecting it onto someone else!! I stayed single for 2 years after an abusive relationship because I knew I couldn’t trust anyone… it takes alot of time and work. Eventually when the time is right the right person will come into ur life and give you every single reason to trust them. I recommend to Never put your happiness and trust fully into anyone else’s hands though.


I was single 5 years with my 2 children, id go out with my girlfriends which was enough for me as needed to focus on us 3, i met my husband now through my sons friends family and the rest is history and we are going into our 20th year, i had an advantage that my children already knew him, but i did ask them if we was ok dating, they also came on dates, ice skating bowling etc, then further along i asked my children if we could share our home with him.
Good luck with your dating

Bond with your kids. Spend all the time you can with them. If you are meant to be with someone, it will happen. Don’t go looking, not even for people you knew before the kids. I made a series of terrible mistakes and dragged my kids through hell. Just concentrate on them and your relationship with them. It will work out for the best.


can I know more about you ?

I have been a widow for 4 years now , I think It time to move on and my son David need a mom He’s still too young to leave without a mother , Help me out