How do I grow my booty back?

I used to be very thick (hips ,booty etc ) having 3 babies boosted that even more but in the last year I’ve lost a lot /most of my baby weight which is nice but to be honest I loved my thickness , don’t get me wrong I still have some curves and booty but I’m definitely loosing some of everything even my breasts are shrinking. I guess I’m wanting to know who else this is happening to or happened to i live that I lost some of my stomach but I want to regrow my butt,hips etc . Any advise or foods to eat , exercises to do , etc I’ll take it all .


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I grow my booty back?

Squats … chicken …. Pasta


There is a protein shake mix called Get Thick

I have the opposite issue lol

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I heard if you water them daily they grow back


Idk I’m the same after kids . I was told you go one way or the other. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Exact same. Now I have zero butt

Weights- women are guilty of not enough resistance training, start small like ankle weights and move up to barbells! YouTube resistance training for legs- and also EAT.,…but eat clean, cut out the empty carbs and increase your water


It will grow back . Might take a couple of years but it will come back…

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Pasta, sweet drinks put most weight on me

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You gotta make sure you get enough calories while getting enough protein.i had the same issue and couldn’t gain any thickness until i reintroduced carbs into my diet as well more protein, and calories.

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But everyone’s body is different. Find out what body type you are to figure out what diet and work out routine will suit you best

My ass became a pancake after my second pregnancy on 2017. It was like my baby was sucking the life out of my ass. I also lost 40lbs from Sept last year to now and still going. I’ve tried squats everyday for the past year, but so far no results. I guess I’m just resigned to no longer having an ass.

But yea also weights/ resistance training

Dieet and workout. There is no easy way. Everyone is different

Weighted Hip Thrusts, squats, deadlifts, RDL’s, Kickbacks, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, and leg press. Continue lifting more weight progressively overtime while eating enough in a surplus to grow muscle. It takes time and continued effort, growing muscle is a slow but very worth it process :purple_heart: signed a Personal Trainer/ bodybuilding coach


It’s gone. That’s what happens when you lose weight


Get back to us when you’re in your 50s and you wake up 1 day and everything that was up is now DOWN AND GONE😂


Can you help me lose it?

Lots and lots of squats


I’ve lost 60 pounds since March and lost all my boobs. They’re literally skin bags. I think they make me more insecure than my chubby belly did. :pleading_face:

Lookup Caroline Girvan on YouTube! She is amazing and her workouts are incredible most of which are strength training, such as weighted hip thrusts, Bulgarian lunges etc. She’s awesome and she’s a certified personal trainer

Same I thing here I had 4 babies…got tubes tied and been working hard to loose baby weight esp since I won’t have to go through pregnancy again…and I seem to be loosing everywhere I like it thicker ( hips,butt, boobies,) all the spots that are ok to be thicker but can’t seem to loose the pouch in my belly area no matter how much I work out,eat right,or anything…I’m loosing everything I wanna keep…non of what I was trying to loose…I just wanted to loose a bit of weight and work to tighten things back up like my belly and thighs and my under arm jiggle haha but all that is still there Iv lost so much in my hips and butt area ( places I didn’t wanna loose to much) to wear since having my last baby girl 2 and a half yrs ago Iv went from a 14 pants after having her to a 8. Doesn’t sound like much but it does for me esp with 4 kids and spending most my time last year having to do homeschool…I still managed to loose weight just not where I wanted…Iv looked videos of workouts for just the areas I needed work and well still not much change lol…or at least I think so…my parents visited for Thanksgiving and said Iv lost so much weight they didn’t recognize me and my neighbor seen me out getting her mail and said I was doing great on my working out that she can tell it’s working…so people seem to notice my efforts but for me I still notice my jiggly spots that I want gone…but iv always been a small person and having kids has made me bigger all around then what I’m use to or comfortable with…if that makes since without coming across rude or offensive to anyone that’s struggled with weight…just for me personally I feel big for me and what I’m use to…

Oodles of noodles ,chocolate and soda. That ass will be back in no time

I have the same problem and I’m damn tired of hearing how thin I am :roll_eyes:

You can’t distribute fat in any particular places. Do hip and butt work outs. Tons of options on YouTube

Are you breastfeeding? If so just say goodbye to all that until you finish.


Man I breastfed my daughter and I went from a decent size c to an a cup after. Was told my breasts would go back to normal size. Nope lost them all!


Squats will only work a few muscles in your glutes. You’ll need to also do things like hip bridges and kickbacks


A good excerise routine and yoga

Squats, lunges, wall sits. Lots of em.

Work on pecs and glutes. Go online for exercises to strengthen these muscles.

After kids boobs are just never the same; it changes the tissue. Learn to love your body as it is. Age does a number on you.

Planks from yoga, swimming, back kicks, martial arts, ballet classes all can be good.

Squats, lunges, dead lifts

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Ride bike… do hills…

Squats, squats squats. Lunges are good and stairmaster. But squats squats squats. The 30 day squat challenge is cool.

First off, if you weren’t intentionally trying to lose weight, see your doctor. Many moms will lose weight unintentionally and be happy to lose the baby fat and think nothing of it only to find out later theyre sick or have a new hormonal or chemical imbalance.

If you did intentionally lose weight, then you can’t really decide where the weight stays. You can however do specific exercises to tone butt and thighs for muscle growth to make them look thicker while doing exercises for other parts just to lose fat and not gain extra muscle.

lift weights build muscle


Squats are an asses best friend. :ok_hand:t2:

wait until you are in your late 60’s, Things change even more


I breast fed my daughters and no joke ended up with two bee stings for boobs. Luckily they grew back when I went on the pill. Do some workouts for your bum it will help

Mexican food the answer is always Mexican food


Generally when you loose weight you loose it’s from everywhere not just one area. You can usually find some workouts for toning parts more

I’ve been skinny all my life until recently. I’ve been on the DEPO shot for 3 years and I’m gaining weight so quickly! I never really had boobs before until NOW FINALLY! My butt is still small. I wish I could loss all my weight but keep the boobs. :laughing:

I feel for you. I was a B cup then got pregnant went up to a D cup and once baby came and lost alot of the weight my boobs barely fit in a small A cup. I don’t have any advice other than a boob job. No advice on getting your hips or butt back.

You need to find a good workout that will help you tone and lift your muscles, I personally love the p90x workouts and crossfit ones.

Pamela reif on YouTube has so many great exercises to grow your booty. Alot of them are only 10 minutes, she doesn’t take breaks when she switches exercises so it will definitely kick your ass.

I didn’t know that a booty could be grown. googles how to grow booty from scratch


I’ve used resistant bands and exercises off pinterest. Donkey kicks, leg lifts, squats while holding weights. Pinterest has lots of good boots workouts ! Resistance bands i found on Amazon or at target

Pretty sure that’s what the Brazilian Butt Lift is all about. LOL! and that part they forget to tell you about plus size models… many are curvy but get extra fat lipo away from their mid sections. Its almost always illusion unless you’re Jessica Rabbit.

Squats and hip thrusts

Lift weights, eat a lot of lean protein.

Do frog pumps… its an excercise that works and isolates your booty and builds it up unlike squats which are good mostly for thighs and not so much building a butt contrary to popular belief but you’ll want to do those to to build and tone your thighs (plus I feel personally that frog pumps also help the pelvic floor so that’s always good too)

Following :sob: 2 kids later and everything but my belly is flat

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I’ve always had a small booty but I actually was able to make my hips and booty rounder and plumper by doing donkey kicks and fire hydrants with a resistance band. That’s what gives me the quickest results

Square lots of them and loads of walking. It will help build the muscles up in your booty

Boobs are the first thing to go