How do I know if I am leaking fluid?

I’m not sure if I’m leaking fluid. I’m waiting for a call back from my doctor. Around 11:00-11:30, I rolled over in bed, and there was a wet spot on my pants and the bed. No big deal I figured extra discharge or I peed. The two hours since then, I’ve been back and forth to the bathroom, and every time I sit, fluid leaks out. I wipe, and it’s clear. Something a light yellow which would be pee but mostly clear and watery. I have an urge to pee constantly. I’m only 25 weeks. Does this sound like fluids leaking


Yes it does!! Do have the urge to pee? Any cramping?!

Go to the emergency room

Sounds like you’re leaking amniotic fluid .
I would go to the ER asap .

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Go to the er ASAP. Sounds like your water is breaking or leaking!!

Well is the leaking fluid coming from your urethra or is it vaginal?

Go to the ER. No way to know without a test.

Yes. Go to the hospital better safe than sorry.

Clear is amniotic, if leaking from vagina, please be seen immediately at ER.

Stay calm. Go to the emergency room, they will test the fluid, if it is amniotic fluid they will go from there. If it is just pee, you are in the clear. I think getting checked in general will make you less stressed about it. Doesn’t hurt. Good luck mama!


I don’t think you’re supposed to go to the ER. I think you’re supposed to go straight to labor and delivery and they should be able to get you in a bed right away.


Definitely likely, they can reverse labour if you arrive in time so even if it’s not at least you got peace of mind and if it is then no better place to be but in hospital. Ring an ambulance

If you can’t hold it/stop the flow go to ER. My son was born 3hrs after I experienced something similar.

Go to the hospital now. Do not wait for your doctor. Go now. Tell them you think your water is leaking and you’re only 25 weeks. Get off your phone and go now…

Call labour and delivery and let them know that you are coming and go nowwwwwwww


Went through something similar. Went in for an appointment, had not even 1cm dilation. Less than 2 hours later, noticed I started leaking. Didn’t think too much about it bc it was a gush of water or that much. But it didn’t stop. Waited till the next morning and still leaking. But this time it went down my leg. Called my doctor, he was on vacation and his nurse was off. Went to the hospital, and sure enough my water had broke. I was still barely a cm dilated. Had to be induced, still couldn’t dilate fast enough. Ended up having a section. So seems like the person who checked me for my appointment, accidentally ruptured my water bag

It’s gross but smell it; if it’s sweet - amniotic fluid. Has a urine smell- it’s urine

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Go to labor and delivery hun. This happened to me at 30 weeks and I was in premature labor. I had a ruptured membrane. I was kept on bed rest at the hospital for 2 weeks before they had to induce me at 32 weeks. Do not wait, the chance of infection grows the longer you wait.

Go get checked!!! NEVER WAIT!!!

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girl whenever I was leaking fluid with my last pregnancy every time I called sneezed moved or anything I felt a gush at first I thought I was pissing myself but nope I had to go to the hospital wearing my older daughter’s pull up they had to induce me the next morning and I went into labor

Put a pad on and lay completely flat and still for an hour. If it’s wet, clear, slightly sweet smell go to the ER.


You need to put on pad to gauge the leaking!

Please let us know what happens also so we know u are ok


I went to L&D when I thought I was leaking, they do a swab and check you.

I did that. And it ended up being fluid. The top had ripped or something and little gushes kept coming so I thought I was peeing my pants but went to doc and she said yes ai was peeing. I took some of the strip they use to tell if its fluid home with me and next time it did it I played strip in it and it was fluid. Went back to hospital and doc said oops. Was admitted and delivered 6 weeks early next morning

Go to the hospital asap.

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What does it smell like? When my water broke it smelled nothing like pee. Should be odorless. If it smells like pee it’s most likely pee. If you aren’t sure then go get checked out to be safe.

it sounds like your leaking. Are you having cramping. I went through the same thing 2 years ago. Go to the Er then see your doctor. They will probably put you on bed rest and try to keep baby in as long as possible. At least 26 weeks gestation. At least from my experience. Stay strong and positive mama.

Going through similar thing but only the part about bathroom. I’m 36 weeks tomorrow. I have appointment on Friday. I’m waiting on call back from nurse on call from dr office

Feel of it, I know it sounds nasty but it will feel different than pee. But I’d go in just to be safe.

The last week of my pregnancy (I gave birth at 35 weeks so at 34) fluid started coming out of me. So I went to the ER I stayed over night because the standard tests they were doing to see if it was amniotic fluid came back inconclusive. So the next day I had to get an amniocentesis. Turns out my baby was completely on my bladder and I was just peeing myself. I continued to pee myself 24/7 for the entire last week. But honestly it’s much better to be safe than sorry. I would go to the ER. If it’s just pee don’t worry you’re not the first pregnant woman to pee herself and think her water broke and you won’t be the last.


Best way to know for sure is to see an OB

For my sister in law she thought it was fluid and it was pee. For me I thought it was pee and it was fluid. Only way to be 100% sure is a swab from labor and delivery.

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Call your obstetrician ASAP. This happened to me and I didn’t realize that I had lost all my amniotic fluid and nearly lost my daughter. They did an emergency C-section . I was at 37 weeks though. Perhaps there is something they can do to stop that. Sending prayers that everything will be okay.

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I am a labor and delivery nurse- and it absolutely could be amniotic fluid! Start heading in, even if you don’t get a call!


I worried i was leaking and my dr assured me I wasnt that same weekend I started having labor pains at 35 weeks and 6 days… They were going to stop it but realized I had little to no fluid. Labor and delivery said always come in they would always check to be safe

There are test strips Dr can give you to tell the difference. Mine did. And that was 30+ years ago.

I had that same issue even went to labor and delivery. Went into labor on my due date. Still have your dr check you out just In case

Better safe than sorry. Go get checked. I thought I was leaking when I was pregnant with my youngest. Went in and they tested me. It came back. Negative. Hmm ok. They were getting my discharge papers ready. Moved to go get dressed and had a gush. That test came back positive. Delivered 6 weeks early and he had a 3 week nicu stay.

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I think it’s dangerous to rely on social media for answers plz call your doc!


See doctor,make sure your ok

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25 weeks? … Go getchecked out girl. Better safe than sorry


Yes!! That’s what I experienced. I was leaking fluid for a good week and then my water broke. Go get checked ASAP!!

go to the er right away

Please head in!! I felt the same way, started at 7:30 am I called at 4:40 PM and they said it was fine. I had a feeling so I headed in, I had my baby within 13 minutes of my arrival. Scary! Please head in, at worst they send u home and u have a story.

That’s what happened to me and my water was breaking

I wouldn’t wait on them to call back. You need to go on in and get checked. Good luck.


Id honestly go in. Rather safe then sorry.

Yes go get checked asap

Go to the emergency room…get checked.

I would go get checked I leaked discharge and water for a week my water broke around 9 pm and I had my baby at 11pm at 35 weeks so it’s best to be safe

I would get checked to be safe. Beat of luck

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My water never broke but I had a constant urge to pee and was having contractions at 28 weeks with twins, I went to hospital and they told me water was bulging about to bust…

Do a 30 minute rest test. Lay flat on your back for 30 minutes. If you leak upon standing you are in fact leaking fluid. Mine was more effective when laying on my side because baby’s head was down so low he was blocking the entrance. Please go to the bathroom first. The color of mine was also like urine. 3 weeks of leaking and several tests showing negative and inconclusive and I went into labor 2 months early because no one would take me seriously. You know your body, trust your instincts.


25 weeks go to the hospital. They will send you up to labor and delivery to get checked out.


when i went into labor i had the same thing happen to me, the night before i went to the movies and i started leaking to the point there was like a fairly large wet spot and i thought i was just discharging a little more and the next day i woke up with pains and more fluid so i went in and found out i had two sacs of fluid, and one was leaking but the other was not broken so i would definitely get it looked at

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Always follow your gut! Anything unusual , get checked out. During dr’s hours ,call & say you are going to the er. He/ she can meet you there or the ob on call can check you. I had a dr appt & said I felt like something was not right. Was told I was fine & probably would go about 2 weeks. As a nurse, I said I didn’t think so,& I lloved an hour away from thev hosp. He suggested I stay in L&D overnight.& go home in AM. He was leaving on vaca.Thank goodness the nurse on duty was my classmate years before,hooked up the monitors,& within an hour my daughter was born in the bed. No anes. Or pain! Kids come when they’re ready. Don’t worry, just get checked. Try to relax as best you can. Have someone drive you. Good luck & prayers for abesutiful baby.


You waters could be ruptured I’d head to emergency just to be safe


Get checked asap!!!

Get to ER… better to be safe

Go to the hospital. I was like this and my water bag had a leak in it. I was in preterm labor and only 28 weeks. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Definitely go into labor and delivery. Its always better to be sure its nothing than to wait and worry if its something

Sounds like you are same happened to me they will check you when you get there and if it’s not you’ll go home

Go and get that checked immediately babe, sounds like you are definitely leaking fluid! Best of luck :heart:


Any burning, itching, urgency, back pain, fever? Call your obstetrician and describe in detail what you are experiencing. If you are unable to reach him, go to an emergency room.

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I just had a baby at 30wks on Friday… went thru exactly the same as you! Definitely get to hospital!

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Hey Get checked to be safe never can be to sure

I had slow leaks with both kids. They can test for amniotic fluid if so they will keep you.

I was like that find out my water didn’t break but it was slowly leaking lol ended up going into labor (I didn’t even have labor pains nothing)

I always say, if you are unsure, better to be seen then wait around and it be an emergency. It will ease your mind also :heart: good luck and positive vibes

I wouldn’t wait for a call back I would go in right now. Whether it be walk in to your doctor office or going to the emergency room. You’re 25 wks you shouldn’t be discharging enough fluid to have you concerned.

Sounds like it… id go see a doctor … good luck.

Do U feel like the womb is getting smaller?

I would definitely get checked by the doctor but don’t freak out just yet. I had something similar happen when I was pregnant with my son and apparently it was just a uti along with him pressing against my bladder. I didn’t feel like I was trying to pee but that’s what was happening. Hopefully it’s something small like this for you and nothing serious.

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I leaked with my last child and got put on bed rest. For your own peace of mind and yours and the baby’s health go get it checked out.

You can’t tell. Go to L&D immediately. With a small leaking of amniotic fluid, the body *can replace it, but instead of posting it on Facebook, just go to get checked. Trust me, please. If anything feels off or you’re unsure, just get checked out.


If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to go to the ER. I know it’s scary. May be nothing at all. But go get the peace of mind, mommy needs to stay calm and have the reassurance. The baby is worth the trip to the hospital.


Could be UTI but even if that’s it, get checked and taken care of asap. I kept getting UTI’s and went septic even though I was on antibiotics. You know your body best

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So i was losing fluid in my last pregnancy. It felt like i peed my pants but i never did. Dr checked me and told me it was a high leak from the top of the uterus! So sent me to hospital

Highly suggest going to LD asap. My sister water broke an did the same thing. She had to sit in there hospital for a month made it to 28 weeks my nephew was born 3 lb 5oz… He luckily lived an is 12 now.

Smell it. If it doesn’t smell like urine go have it checked. You do not need the stress of not knowing. AND if it is something you’ll be in the best place possible.

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Seems to be amniotic fluid. This happened to me with my second child. A lot of people think when your water breaks it’s a gush, that’s not always true. Please go to the ER to be safe.

You could be leaking amniotic fluid. Smell it. If it gets darker it could be your mucus plug. Get to the hospital asap if so!

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U may need to be on bed rest this happened to me and I was leaking fluids. I was in hospital on bed rest for 2 months. Font want to scare you but u need to go in

I wouldn’t wait for a call back. At 30 wks. I had a small trickle of liquid, lucky for me the hospital was right across the street because my water broke.

When in doubt, it’s best to get checked. The longer you go, if in fact your water broke, the higher risk of infection.

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Got to the hospital…seriously :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

Just go in hunny, better safe than sorry :heart: I’d rather be told all good than wait and hear the worst really. I’ll keep you in my prayers either way :heart:

Go to the hospital you might have a urinary track infection, and it is best to be safe than sorry

Go to walk in. Could be as simple as a bladder infection…

RIGHT TO ER NOW…Dont risk anything!! Sounds like you are leaking fluid!! Go get it checked NOW


Go get checked asap same happend to me I had a high break they admitted me and I had my daughter the next day

Yes, that’s how it was when I went into early labor, I was 5 weeks early, get looked at

Go, don’t wait…let the doctors tell you what the fluid is…good luck!!!

I lost fluid in my first pregnancy from 20 weeks on. Best to get checked ASAP to find out whats happening.

go to hospital and be checked out asap

Once again I’m sorry but this doesn’t belong on this page!!! This page is for posting how proud you are or how happy you are with spouse!!!

Hospital… I lost one that way…

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Put a pad on. If it soaks quickly, you’re leaking

When in doubt get checked out

Call the Dr, Mama! Blessings

Get checked
Rather be safe