How do I know if I had a miscarriage?

** Warning: Graphic Image in Comments **

So I think I miscarried. My midwife doesn’t agree w me, and my mom, and my best friends.

I had my son in may and we got the bright idea to forget the condoms at home the next time we went to the lake! I think at the end of June. Anyway, I was breastfeeding until the middle of July and it didn’t go well.
I got my period (very light) in August, and then again in September. Septembers was even lighter, but came on schedule and 10 days after it started I went in to get my IUD. (No pregnancy test before bc I still had my period at the appointment) I bleed a little bit but by the time I got home I soaked through my pad and my clothes. I had horrible cramps and felt really sick and dizzy. I went to the bathroom and this came out. It’s big, that’s the hole part in the toilet and I could feel it come out. I went to the ER and they didn’t do a pregnancy test either because it wasnt suspected with my periods.

I feel hurt. Like I did miscarry. I didn’t get cramps w either period, my hormones weren’t crazy and I was nauseous, but I usually am so that wasnt a red flag at the time, but hindsight is 20/20.

Not getting validated from my midwife, WHOM I LOOOOOVE. We want to start trying again, but I’m upset and can’t move past this.


This happened in September the day I got my iud.

** Warning: Graphic Image In Comments ***


That’s just a blood clot…


That’s not a miscarriage it’s a blood clot.


So you got an IUD in October? And this just now happened?
Have you had a period since September?

I feel like it’s just a ‘big’ period since you went so long without one

That’s just a blood clot. I’ve had them that big before and it’s scary, but it’s just a blood clot.

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That looks like a large blood clot. IUDs can cause them. IUDs are just awful in general.


I had a crazy month in the summer that was totally out of the blue. I bled heavy for a day and passed very large clots. I was 100% not pregnant just a crazy cycle. It happens. It honestly looks like a large clot to me.


Go in for blood work. That should be able to confirm a pregnacy occured.


U guys don’t understand that if she’s under 20 weeks and has a miscarriage she Will pass the baby in a blood clot! Go to the doctors. If they do blood work they will still be able to see if u were pregnant. But u can also have blood clots as part of a period but its pretty big


After my 2ed iud i was having large blood clots for the first few times i got my period. Was very alarming. I was shocked TMI but looked like after birth bleeding just so much. It did die down.


You need to get it out and see if it’s just a clot or if this is a miscarriage.


Blood clot… but if you need reassurance, take a cheap pregnancy test. IF you were pregnant there’s a chance you’d still get a positive test.

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If it’s aloud can op message me

It honestly looks like just a big blood clot. After I had my son I had really light periods and then went to not having them at all. I too thought it wasn’t normal and saw my doctor. I was told that happens sometimes. I then had my tubes tied and it was the same. But every once in awhile I’d have them bad like that and a huge clot would come out. I think all the blood and the big clots are from where your (and my periods) were so light. The shedding of the uterus lining just got backed up and when it finally shed there was a lot and bigger clots and more cramping.

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Blood clot from not having a period for awhile. Happens because your uterus is cleaning itself

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I think you should trust your midwife instead of a bunch of strangers on Facebook


Scoop it out and check


I get clots like that from time to time. Started getting them for the first time after my firstborn…and once I started with an iud.Not a miscarriage.

Just a clot… I get them all the time

Blood clots…I pass blood clots during my period quite often and some are this large when my periods are really heavy

Honestly this is how all my periods look, I always bleed heavy. I think it’s just a blood clot.

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My doctor said it’s procedure to run a pregnancy test before prescribing and/or Inserting a birth control whether you’re on your cycle or not. I was still getting my menstrual during my first pregnancy and was on the pill. Went in for a physical and to refill my birth control (I was bleeding very light during the appointment) & she had me do a pregnancy test before refilling my prescription and BAM turned out Positive. & now I’m a happy momma. Any who, doctors can make mistakes too.

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It looks like a blood clot i sometimes get them

Getting an iud is similar to childbirth- pain, bleeding

It’s just a blood clot. I get these every period

I had placenta previa with my last pregnancy and passed some huge clots. It righted itself by the end of my pregnancy baby was healthy

Its just a blood clot. Did they not explain to you the side effects of the IUD? How old are you? You didn’t research before allowing them to put it in you?? What ia wrong with folks today? You just sign and agree without a care?


I have that every period it’s just a blood clot

Are you in the states? If so, is your midwife actually certified?!

Miscarriages under 10 weeks look like blood clots. You can take a pregnancy test to confirm as hormones will still be in your body.

If it was a miscarriage, I’m sorry mama!

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Yeah that looks like a blood clot to me not a miscarriage. They can be huge sometimes.

Why did you get an IUD if you want to start trying again?

Make an appointment with a real OBGYN. You cannot trust the anecdotal evidence of strangers. Could it be a blood clot? Yes. Could it have been a pregnancy? Maybe. We aren’t professionals, we don’t know. HOWEVER, if it was a miscarriage, they would need to make sure that everything is 100% out.

When I had my miscarriage, when it passed it looked like a clot. Again, anecdotal evidence so it’s not something concrete to go off of.

Make an appointment with an OBGYN and make sure that everything is ok. Especially if you want to start trying again since you’d need your IUD removed anyway.

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So did you ever take a pregnancy test???

I had that after I gave birth I was freaked out

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Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests… Just saying.

It’s a large blood clot I had a bunch of them after my second and yes you can feel them come out.

To me, it looks like a big blood clot. I get them too sometimes.

I also had a pregnancy like the one you believe you had – only you know, mama.

I got pregnant in March after sex with no “finish” as we were interrupted by a kiddo. I knew I was pregnant instantly, which I did with my daughter too. I took a test just before my period started that was negative. Then I got a "period. Still felt pregnant. Got a period the next month. Still felt pregnant. My stomach started getting bigger. I started googling phantom pregnancies and stuff like that because I honestly thought I was maybe losing my mind. Then at the beginning of June, I had a miscarriage in the shower after 2 days of horrendous cramping and bleeding that was on-time for my 3rd “period”.

What came out looked like two little sacks and small placenta. I think I was about 8-9 weeks when the babies stopped developing, and didn’t pass everything until 5-6 weeks later.

I was shocked and in denial, and confused, and everyone around me told me " I couldn’t have miscarried if I was getting my period. I didn’t full come to grips with what happened until 3 months later I was having horrible anxiety and depression. One day I all out screamed at my husband. After that, I sat down thinking, what the he’ll is wrong with me… and realized it was post-partum. It had started at 3 months pp with my daughter too.

I never had a confirmed pregnancy test, I had three “on-time periods”, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I was pregnant and miscarried twins. What I passed was about three handfuls of tissue though, a lot more than what is in your photo.

Either way, I’m sending healing vibes.

It’s more than likely a blood clot that can be caused by the IUD. If you were pregnant your doc would not have inserted the IUD after the internal exam because they would have been able to tell you were pregnant by your cervix. Also your doc should always do a pregnancy test before giving birth control.

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Also this was forever ago what is the deal now?


It could be a blood clot but it could be a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage in Feb 2016 and I had very large blood clots and tissue pass. They looked similar to what is in the picture. It is possible to still have periods when pregnant. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

Because she is still tore up about it possibly being a pregnancy. Not knowing if it was her baby is obviously very upsetting to her. Some compassion here…

When you miscarry, it looks like an egg, not a blood clot. I had 2 early term miscarriages. That is a blood clot, and if you are pregnant, it might but a hematoma. With my oldest I was passing clots like that the entire pregnancy. Go to a doctor, not a midwife, and get an ultrasound.

My IUD caused me massive pain. I had it for almost a year and then it came out by itself. But I could hardly walk when I had my period w it.

This sounds strange to me. I’ve never had an ob change or put in any kind of birth control without doing a test first, as they don’t want to do it if you’re already pregnant. And while it does look like clots, tbh that was months ago. 1/4 pregnancies end in miscarriage :disappointed: I’m sorry if that is what happened, I miscarried in 2017. But it’s not uncommon early on. Talk to an actual doctor is possible.

I had huge clots after getting my iud it was terrible. It made me sick the first three to four days, I was cramping worse than ever. It gets better with time, even though my periods are horrible at least I’m not pregnant!

I was 10 weeks pregnant and miscarried, i bled so much and mine came out in a clot the size of a tennis ball. Bright and dark blood. Maybe a second opinion will put your mind at ease.

Okay I’m not saying u didnt miscarry but I have passed clots that size before while on my period after waking up or after not moving for awhile its caused from the blood pooling inside your vagina and then clotting. But I’m not sure if this miscarriage was supposed to have happened in Sept or if u thought u were pregnant around then and JUST passed this sized clot.
That being said before I got pregnant with my oldest I had horrible horrible cramps and heavy bleeding and lots of bigger clots not huge tho but bigger than what was normal and idk if I was pregnant then and didnt know it yet (hadn’t taken a test or anything) and then miscarried or if I just happened to have the worst period of my entire life (I used to have bad cramps and heavy bleeding with some clots the pain was so bad with this tho a couple times I doubled over in pain) so idk how to process it and I know it sucks not knowing for sure if it was just a period or a miscarriage.

I tried telling my exs aunt once (shes our age) and she told me there was no way I wouldn’t know if it was a miscarriage but I’ve read online that people have miscarriages all the time and dont realize it because it happens before they test.


My iud caused several of those clots to come out over a period of 6 months. Never stopped bleeding so I got it removed

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Looks like a huge clot

ok this is going to sound so gross. but I miscarried at around 13 weeks. The doctor told me to have it have home. I passed it in the sack. She told my husband to reach in and get it out of the toilet so they could do testing on the fetus.

Blood clot I get them like this all the time with my period

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This is how every period of mine looks. Definitely a blood clot. I’m not sure why you don’t trust your midwife. Plus, you said this happened like 5 months ago so I’m not sure what the issue is now?


Blood clot… I had a soft ball size one pass about a month or so after I had my 2nd child in 2006.

You dont believe the person who is literally trained and went to school to tell the difference between miscarriages and blood clots… So you ask random people on the internet…


She said this happened in September, thats 6 months ago. They wouldnt be able to blodd test her tos ee if she was pregnant back then.

I would get big clots with every period but I suggest going in to make sure

Just a blood clot to me. I get them. Iud was horrible for me. If you though you was possible pregnant why didn’t you ask? To know for sure juat take a test now.

That looks like a really big blood clot. I passed one like after i had my second, i freaked out and my husband had to calm me down.

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I have clots like this
All the time and it hurts
Like hell. Get a blood test to see what’s going
On that’s what I would do

I had clots like this that made me bleed so bad it soaked a maxi that the hospital gave for after birth and my pants. Not once but 2-4 times before it got lighter. Idk if it matters but I had a c-section with all 3 and had the same happen. I want to say it was at least my first 2-4 periods after birth bleeding stopped

Honestly just looks like a blood clot

Blood clot most likely ive had them like that before but also several miscarriages and not quite the same

You can go to your Dr. for blood work they can tell you if you where pregnant. To me it looks like a big blood clot I would still go into the Drs just to get checked

Looks like a normal blood clot

I get them.all the time

Did the Dr not give you a pregnancy test before the IUD? It’s standard practice at my Drs and OBs offices to give a pregnancy test before prescribing any type of birth control. The cramping could be from the breastfeeding. I had really heavy bleeding, blood clots and cramping with my cycles when breastfeeding. That could be because I didn’t have a cycle again until about 4 months postpartum though.
However, even if it was a blood clot it must be hard for you mentally to move past it since you feel so strongly about it. I hope you’re able to find peace and move forward <3