How do i treat carpal tunnel during pregnancy?

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Hope you find some relief that is uncomfortable. I had that when I was pregnant in my one hand and they wouldn’t do injections I was so bummed but I understood why tho.

Brace at night and KT tape during the day

Watching salt intake helped me

i used heat pads in the parts i was hurting and that helped me i suffer from it and while pregnant the pain was bothersome and well i couldnt do anything for it really im more of a warm type person so the heating pad hlped the pain in my arm and wrists along with my fingures

I had really bad pain in my wrist when I was pregnant with my son, it went away right after he was born!

I was scheduled for surgery…wore a brace for a month…only took off when showered, cancelled surgery. Have been fine since. That was over 15 years ago.

Dealt w it…went away after pregnancy, thank goodness!

Magnesium!! I swear by it. I have horrible carpal tunnel in both hands and wrists and it flares bad every pregnancy. The pain keeps me up most nights. As soon as I started taking Magnesium. My pain disappeared! I saw an orthopedic doctor and neurologist, both were going to give me steroids. Instead I came home, took magnesium supplements and haven’t had the pain since

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I wore a brace on each wrist at night. Very uncomfortable. I was very happy that it went away after my pregnancy.

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Stretch hands . Hold pinky and thumb together and then stretch back out for a few repetitions… and compression … imagine a hair tie around your wrist but its super super tight… that’s what carpet tunnel is … the nerves that have to pass thru that hair tie and the muscle get pinches and that’s where pain comes in … gonna take the tension off the “hair tie”

Go to physio or massage therapy.