How do they treat PCOS?

Has anyone ever dealt with PCOS . I have not gone to the doctor just yet but I have every sign of it . How do you deal or treat it if you do have it ?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do they treat PCOS?

Maybe you should see a dr and get a true diagnosis first. PCOS symptoms are also symptoms of other things like pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis and so much more.


I have it and I just deal with it.

I have PCOS. They don’t have me on anything for mine :frowning:

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You just kinda have to deal with it…. There is different types to… like some have it and no symptoms really and then some have extreme symptoms

It kinda depends on your symptoms

I have it and it causes me not to ovulate and only have a period maybe once a year, if that. I’ve never been given anything to help with it but diet changes, staying hydrated and losing weight have helped control mine in the past, trying that again now.

Lmao they don’t treat you for it. They just let you suffer. You’re a woman we don’t have rights anymore remember


Symptoms and treatment vary WIDELY. You need to first know what your diagnosed symptoms are before you can know how to treat them.

See your doctor before you panic.

My daughter was given Metformin for PCOS. She was also told she would be most unlikely to conceive and would need IVF. Shortly after that she was pregnant with her eldest and now pregnant with her 4th baby. IVF was never needed.

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I have PCOS with insulin resistance and the only thing I was given was Metformin to help with the insulin resistance, anything else associated with my PCOS, I have to just deal with on my own.

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They don’t really seem to treat PCOS. They’ll treat the thyroid imbalance that often comes with it, ot the infertility. But all the cysts, nasty cycles and other fun stuff? Grin and bear it.

It took me years to get diagnosed with PCOS, after going to several doctors. I have PCOS with insulin resistance. All they really did was gave me metformin and a medicine to force menstruation, and of course, told me to loose weight.

The only “treatment” for PCOS is a tubal or hysterectomy. There’s no medication, or much a doc can do :confused:

I have PCOS… no treatment needed for me. I’ve had 8 pregnancies, 5 living children :heart:

I highly suggest actually going to the doctor and being tested for it before trying to treat it. :heart:

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I also have PCOS (diagnosed 22 years ago)
My advice - Find an OB/GYN who understand this condition and take their advice. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: