How do you brush your kids teeth in the back?

How do u gurls brush ur little ones teeth in the back? My son will let me brush his teeth in the front but not the back


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you brush your kids teeth in the back?

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Have you tried one like this?


Yes. I make a game of it and ‘play dentist’ my 3 year old loves it and let’s me brush her teeth that way…

Take turns. Let them brush your teeth first and tell them which teeth to brush.

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Lol just brush them. He needs to know you have to brush them… hell regret having cavities and decay when he’s older and he’ll thank you for that. He’s to young to understand but will understand when he’s older. You’re the parent though and you should just do it even if he doesn’t like it it’s part of hygiene.

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I tell my youngest to open wide and that I need to get her chewing teeth. Whenever she starts to close her mouth, I remind her to keep it open.
I also let her experiment and brush her own teeth while I’m brushing mine and then I tell her I’m going to check them and brush her teeth afterwards.

I started out with a baby silicone toothbrush type thing that slid on a finger when my oldest was just a baby to get him use to it (doing same with my currently 9 month old and next one too) and by the time he was 1 he had a regular toddler size toothbrush and had teeth he “brushed by himself” and I’d go over em after I told him say ahhh wide mouth, get the back ones that way and front as well, then we say cheese to show off our handsome smile, get front surfaces of back and front that way, then we do say a super big ahhhhhh to get the back of the tongue as quickly but effectively as possible as just like any normal human he hates it even still at almost 5 lol.

I lay him
Down on the bed,
Put my leg over his arms and use a vibrating tooth brush. I tickle and make him laugh and open his mouth and when I go in and brush some (only a little at time) I make him laugh like it’s a game while he’s trying to bite the tooth brush. I make him laugh as I wiggle it free. It’s only way I can do it. He brushes his front teeth on his own.


How old are they? Pm me

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I just make her open her mouth and we try it several times before we get done

In our house, we brushed teeth, whether the kids agreed or not, because we do not negotiate with tiny t€rrorists. There were a few wrestling matches, but teeth got clean, and they’re used to it now. Lol


When my 4 yo puts up a fight I tell him I see something back there and need to get it out, then I pull one of his little Ryan toys out of his bath basket and pretend it came put of his mouth. He knows it’s not for real but he really finds it funny.


Does it hurt him? If it does the toothbrush could be too big or your hit the back & that can hurt. Our, he could be getting cavities. Let him brush yours first & show him how to do it. Make it a game. Play a 2min song so he know how long to do it.

I usually sit on the floor (legs crossed) and then I have my kid lay their head on my ankles and I put on a show they like and then I brush them from that angle…it sounds strange but it works LOL 4 kids it’s like an assembly line :laughing::wink:

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Have u tried electric tooth brush for kids? And let them pick out? Plus let them pick out toothed paste?

Get the u shape tooth on Amazon it helped me with my daughter

We play a game while brushing my daughter teeth. Works almost every time. She actually gets excited about brushing her teeth and if she sees the brush will ask.

We play dentist. I let him be the dentist then I’m the dentist

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Get them a battery powered toothbrush let them do it. I bought my granddaughter one at a year old, she loves it, brushes all the time, now at 3, she has no cavities!!! Kids like their independence, teach them that.

I tell my kids to open their mouths lol my youngest will close his mouth to be a turd some times but sing him a song while I bursh he enjoys “brush brush brush your teeth brush the germs away brush brush brush your teeth brush them every day” just make everything fun

They make bite blocks that help keep kiddos mouths open even if screaming to help keep their mouth open to get the back!

I just do them and have him do it again after I’ve finished. No choice in the matter.

What you mean let? My kid will never run me. All these kids running their parents. Smh


You just do. You’re the parent not him and you just brush his teeth whether he likes it or not.


Tell your kid his teeth will go soft and he won’t be able to eat all of his favourite foods and he’s going to go through a lot of pain at the dentist if he doesn’t take care of his teeth.

I struggle with this myself but what I done with my eldest was I get her to have a go then I have a go it worked for her. Not so much my second. I’ve gotta find another way to get her to let me brush her back teeth

My 4 year old likes when my Mom brushes his teeth. They have a routine where she brushes, flosses and mouthwashes and then she lets him do it himself. His teeth are clean and he feels like a big boy “helping” :heart:

There’s a Pokémon app that lets them win characters as they brush their teeth. They have to do it better and better to unlock new characters

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Practice :woozy_face: commitment :woozy_face: consistency :heart::heart::heart::heart: it gets easier with time.

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Also for flossing we use the sticks with floss. We didn’t have success with regular floss. My son loves playing dentist so I can easily floss between every tooth.

Does he like dinosaurs? Tell him that you have to get the dinosaurs in the cave at the back and that he has to open his mouth wide so that you can get in there.

I tell my son to open his mouth so we can make all of his teeth nice & his breath smell good :rofl::woman_shrugging:t2: I let him start to brush his own to help then I tell him to let me check to make sure it’s all nice & clean .

Let them pick out a cool electric toothbrush (I like the oral b ) they’re like $5-8. Show him a YouTube video. Take turns like try to do it and if he get hesitant, then say ok your turn ! Show him with your tooth brushes on yours .

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Have him help you brush your teeth

Have him open wide like a dinosaur and give you a roooooar

I always just told my kids to open their mouth so I could brush all their teeth or they’d fall out.

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My grandson has a very sensitive gag reflex, so we have to use a U shaped toothbrush.

They sell them on FB.

The blippie toothbrush song & the Elmo toothbrush song have been complete life savers for me :rofl:

Sit on the floor with their head in your lap.

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I tell them to open wide and howl like a wolf and stare at my nose

I would not be pushy. Try by starting letting him brush your back teeth. Also, he might have sensitive teeth so try warm water. I can person tell you that when you do, cold water hurts like hell. If all else fails, see if he will let you floss them with the floss sticks. My kids think flossing is the greatest thing and keeps em quiet and busy :rofl:

Let them do it themselves

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I taught my. Granddaughter who is 2 and a half . To brush her back teeth herself. Grandma brushed her teeth at the same time. I sat on the closed toilet so I was on her level . Explained we got to brush good back here. She did exactly what I did . She even brushes her tongue .

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I tell my son he’ll have cavities if he doesn’t brush properly and it works

I used to let her brush her teeth then I say my turn and I brush them

You probably trigger his gag reflex when you do it. Let him do it and just supervise.

I let my kids do that. Just tell them they need to get the sugar bugs off the back like you did on the front.


Tell him there’s bugs back there… idk… telling my kids there is “bugs” there is how I get them to do a lot of things :joy:
Under their nails, in their ears, in their hair, in their nose, in their teeth in their eyes :joy::joy: I’ll be like “let me get the bugs!” And they let me do whatever to them :joy:

Make a game of it. I let miss 3 brush (chew) then I ask if it’s my turn. I brush back and top and bottom and together. Then we do the roof and tongue then under tongue. She likes the spitting part so we wash out twice.