How do you clean a toddlers ears?

What do you mamas clean your toddles ears with? Or how do you clean them?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you clean a toddlers ears?

Why is this a question? Come here. What more needs to be said?

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I clean them with a warm damp wash cloth, no soap. i wrap the towel around my finger and clean the inside and behind the ear.


I leave my kids ears alone.
I don’t push any cotton tips in there, as it just pushes it back, I use the baby ones to clean around the outside if I can see anything coming outside of them…

At drs trips, the dr always checks the kids ears so if they need to be cleaned I would get a dr to clean them… - dr told me not to clean them with cotton tips.

I clean my own ears with ear wax remover, an spray it out with water with a suction thing … I used to use cotton tips to clean but I always got ear infections when I was sick .

I mostly leave my kid’s ears alone, every so often I take a q-tip around the nooks (never IN his ear) after a bath when he’s still wet to get anything that may not have come off in the bath. The insides of their ears don’t need messed with, q-tips just jam wax further in the ear canal and can cause issues, assuming they don’t overproduce wax, you really shouldn’t ever need to go poking around in their ear. Just clean the nooks of the outer ear. :slight_smile:

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You DO NOT clean the inside of the ear. You DO NOT stick anything in the ear. You CAN clean the outside with a damp rag.