How do you clear a clogged milk duct?

I have a 3 week old baby, and for 2 days now I have a clogged milk duct in my left breast. It’s very painful and annoying especially when I’m breastfeeding or pumping. I’ve been pumping like crazy and breastfeeding from that breast mostly and it’s not getting better. I manage to pump almost the same amount from the clogged breast as before, but it’s still painful and not getting better.

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Go see your gp, I thought i had a clogged milk duct, turns out it’s actually an abscess it went from being a little lump to one around the size of a peach in the space of a fortnight

Take a hot shower and massage it out

i’m sure everyone is different but mine lasts for days sometimes :sob: heat, hot shower & massaging while hand expressing, & feeding on demand help me

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Massage. Heat.then cool. Put cold cabbage leafs un your bra…feels good and draws out toxins…when feeding baby make babies noise point towards where you think the clogged duct is…to help drain that area

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^^The cabbage leaves may dry you up, be careful

You should try is line up the baby’s chin opposite the clogged duct and nurse that way.

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Hot shower, hand express, and dangle feeding works wonders. Massage your breast while baby eats. If it gets red, hot to the touch, and you start running a fever go to the doctor for some antibiotics. Don’t do cabbage leaves. They will dry up your milk.

Along with massage and heat, check your nipple for a little white head. I would get those along with a clog and unless I exfoliated the nipple, the clog would just get worse. Hand expressing in the shower was the best.

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Heat and massaging! I had a few when I was breastfeeding, however the last one I had actually lead to a minor case of mastitis by the time I went to my dr. Just try heat and massaging and if it doesn’t help within a few days go to the dr.

Massage, hot shower, allow baby to unclog duct

message breast while nursing. message while showering

Use the vibration from an electrical tooth brush and pump and massage at the same time. Also hot showers/ baths or a heating pad will work. If you start to run a fever or the pain becomes unbearable, see a doctor, clogged ducts can lead to mastasis