How do you cope with losing long-time friends?

How did/do you cope with slowly fading long-time friendships after starting your families? It seems like since starting my family who i thought were my long term friends have taken a large turn.


Great question. I think a lot of people are facing this reality right now.

You move on. I had a best friend for over 13 years and we dont talk at all now. We was inseparable for soo many years but once you start having kids it changes everything


It’s very difficult . But , know God brings different friends into our lives for different seasons . Thinking of you !


My BFF and I were friends since grade school we went back like 15 years… we remained friends throughout my oldest daughters life but recently after having my youngest (she doesn’t have kids) I realized her and I are just not on the same path anymore I have grown so much I’m dealing with work and home life trying to get ahead build credit ya kno grown up shit… while she’s lying to her bf about her schooling… childish crap that I just don’t have the patience for anymore

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6 yrs ago the person I considered my closest friend told me we had grown apart and that she didn’t feel we were friends any longer. I was devastated and it still bothers me to this day.
I can’t change her decision and God knows I’ll never truly understand it, but I have to move forward. If she came back into my life I’d hug her and tell her I loved her. In my heart she is still MY friend.


I reach out periodically. Its nice to keep in touch, even if its a couple of times a year. Someday the kids grow up and leave…and its nice to have lots of friends old and new.

This is life. Yall are obviously moving into different phases in your life and every single one of us have to deal with . I promise you, you’ll make new friends in this next chapter of your life.

I had the same two bestfriends for 12 years… once i had my first child it all changed. I didnt see them at all. At first i felt mad, i felt hurt and bitter about it because all my life i thought theyd be around or care to be close to my kids one day. We texted on occasion & then i started going to dinner with them on once every few months or when we have the chance. When we were together it was like nothing had changed. I realized they felt the same way but didnt realize how much having a baby changes someone. Theyre in college and im a mother now. I look at it in a different perspective now, we are in different parts of our life & have different lifestyles… i do wish they came around more but we also choose to keep an understanding with eachother that we love eachother no matter the distance & life just happened. We still text & keep in touch, we are just in different seasons. Ive been busy being a mom for so many years, i guess im used to not having a friend to just come over whenever & be close to. I believe some day ill have one💛