How do you decide what to keep?

Can you ask how much memory stuff just in general or how people decide what to keep for little ones? I had a premie. One day short of not being but 4lbs non the less. We have a family friend that has just had a very close sized baby boy!.. How do I chose what or how much to keep. She blessed us very well after the first son hand me downs so I want to offer all I can but we’re at 9lbs 4months. Like what kind of outfits do y’all keep or do y’all? My mom didn’t but she kept alot. I want to keep every significant outfit cause we had a long 3 month holiday birth ride including a nicu stay as well as a d and c and tubes tide due to complicated birth. Honestly you don’t have to post I’m just driving myself crazy trying to pull the premie stuff out and it feels better to say it out loud/kinda. I could tell my husband but he’s a bigger sap than I am so we do talk about it but between the both of us we will never get rid of of sick! If anything thanks for reading! Please help a potential hoarder.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you decide what to keep?

I always go with certain memories (1 week old. 2 week old, 1 months to months etc . Or Certain occasions) or outfits they where wearing an I took of photos them etc. (put a little cute outfit on an smiled etc then kept that).

Could always get someone to make up a blanket for you guys as a keepsake with the rest of the clothes sewed all together. If u can’t part with them.

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Years later, it’s mostly gone except for the coming home outfit, one or two favorite outfits and sports team jersies in keepsake box on the wall. It just sat in storage bins until I felt comfortable enough to give it away. Wait until you’re ready and then pass it on.

Keep what you feel is sentimental to you. You are not obligated nor is your family member entitled to your son’s clothes.

FYI preemie clothes make great doll clothes when he’s old to have a 20-22 inch doll (like the Walmart $10 dolls). You might want to keep some for him to play with or tell your family member you’d like them offered back to you when she’s done.

for me its sentimental/ value keep… the random regular stuff gets shuffled thru ending up wherever…

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Definitely keep anything that has real meaning. First outfit, going home outfit, first outfit in the next size maybe. You can always take a photograph of it. You know it’s going to be cherished and loved


Something that fit shortly after birth, the in hospital photo outfit, the ride home outfit, and special outfits are ok to save. The rest is fine to pass on to someone in need.

One pair of baby shoes…a couple of outfits that where put on them in pictures…a receiving blanket…the pregnancy test that was taken that shows positive…a binkie…pair of baby socks…and a little baby dress one wore…and a small sweater…all put in a small box labeled baby stuff…

My daughter is 6 and was a Preemie. I have everything from the hospital and every Preemie outfit, then just some of my favorite outfits and firsts.

I keep the outfit they came home from the hospital in.

Each kid has one big box. Like home depot size moving box. (You’d be very surprised what all can fit. My son was a preemie and is now 8 y.o. and all of his preemie stuff is in there and every school paper since kindergarten and it is only like half full) I keep em easily accessible and everything being kept goes in there. When they out grow clothes it all goes in a 2nd box…my sons goes to goodwill when full and my daughters goes back to her older cousin because her aunt buys almost all of her outfits anyways and the cousin just had her first baby last month. Sooooo i give it all back to help em save on new clothes for new baby! Same applies for baby supplies, furniture toys etc.

Make a couple shadow boxes to Hang on the wall and give away the others to help. Use the most memorable outfits/ ones with most significance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I didn’t keep much of anything. 1 onesie and 1 dress per daughter and 1 pair of shoes per daughter. That’s all.

For all 4 of my children, I kept their hospital stuff - blanket, hat, onesie, the outfit they came home in, and then their 1st everything… Christmas outfit, Halloween costume, birthday outfit, pair of shoes etc. I also kept one of their (unused) first diapers, hospital bracelets, hair cut… everything else, I parted with. Anything that was given to me, hand me down wise, I asked the person who gave it if they wanted it back. If yes, I gave it back, if not, I passed it on to another new mom. Each of my children have a tote in our basement with their firsts, as well as artwork from daycare and school, baby books, their homemade holiday gifts.

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I think I only kept like 3 or 4 outfits of each and only from year 1. After they turned 1 I didn’t keep anything except for hand me downs from big sis to Lil sis.

I kept what they came home in. Her first Christmas and his baptism. Other than that not really anything unless it’s like a favorite of his so later I can make a blanket or something but I never keep much

I only kept the premie outfits my girl wore in the NICU ( she was born at 2lbs) and I put them in shadow boxes along with a photo of her wearing them.

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Came home outfit and not more than 4 up to a year.
I know ppl want to keep everything but you have 18years and there will be more important memory pieces.

I kept nothing from my daughter, except a few things that fit her dolls. My son was stillborn, so I kept everything so far.

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Personally I didnt keep outfits. Ive still got the usual…hospital bands, first tooth, lock of hair…I have their christening outfits and shawls …my mil made them…and they used my cot blanket that my grandchildren also used. Other than that everything got passed on.

For me it was the person who gave it to the child. A blanket and teddy from the kids dad’s mom, first shoes from my gma, the outfit the dad hand picked… That sort of thing. I kept 1-2 items per close relative. Then I kept all the paperwork from the hospital and completed the milestone pictures and baby book.

1st outfit and stuff a significant family member or friend gave. Like the first thing the grandparents bought, things like that. I think that people tend to want to keep so much but years from now you’ll realize you didn’t need it all and it might be a blessing for someone else. I’m 45 and still have my first teddy bear my great grandfather gave me.

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I kept the outfits they came home in and plan on making them into memory bears :heart: everything else was donated or handed down.

I’m like you. My oldest daughter is now 52 and I am just now going through things to get rid of. Good luck!

I only kept 4-5 outfits from my kids. I have of there there toys they really liked and the rest was donated to whoever was in need. I did this both my kids daughter 23 and my son is 19 and I’m happy I just kept the few things I saved.

I used to hold onto things but now, if someone else can ACTUALLY USE IT, I’m not holding up space and paying to store stuff that I literally know we’ll never NEED again🤷‍♀️ I could see an outfit, maybe a few, but why would you even want numerous outfits just to sit and do nothing when someone else can use them. I donate EVERYTHING now! And I even started collecting from other ppl, sorting, cleaning and sending it to the appropriate local orgs but that came after being in need ourselves and going through a bunch of tough stuff and those little bits of kindness gave me the hope to keep pushing💕 So now I try to be that for others. The preemie stuff is so needed at the hospitals! Not every mom has the resources and opportunities to prepare for that situation, myself included. The hospital gave my daughter a handful of stuff that she used the entire almost 3 month stay we had there. I have donated to them twice now on the rare occasions I get preemie stuff in

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Take a picture and pass it on! You all don’t need stuff, only the memory is of value.

Im turning my sons favorite outfits into a quilt. 10/10 recommend. That way it isnt just sitting in a box in a closet and you can repurpose and still cherish those memories

My daughter is 25 and I still
Have tons of her dresses smocked . I have a new granddaughter who can now where them

I kept some outfits and a few special toys