How do you feel about your partner liking photos of their ex lovers online?

Even after you've expressed that you're uncomfortable with that behavior.

I don’t like that. Some people continue to be friends with exes & that’s just something I don’t agree with lol. Especially if you’ve mentioned that it bothers you and he hasn’t done anything to ease your mind.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you feel about your partner liking photos of their ex lovers online?

After you’ve expressed yourself & did it again, he’s showing you pure disrespect. Up to you if you’re ganna tolerate being disrespected or not.


If you communicated your thoughts and they still do it it’s called disrespect. I like to say that I’m ok with this stuff cause at least they are honest and not hiding opinions BUT due to pass mental abuse and trauma it still hurts

Alot of it depends on the current relationship and circumstances. I mean…if she blew him off and he is still liking her stuff… I would have an issue with that…it would be like without social media him mentioning her every time he got a chance. Even in this woke society there are not many acceptable reasons for a guy to follow a past lover around on social media. Take social media out of it…put the behavior in a real life scenario…and it is a little creepy.

Anything that violates the agreed upon boundaries of the relationship is cheating. If they can’t respect your boundaries then you don’t need them in your life.


That’s not acceptable behavior in a marriage nor should it be in a relationship. Tell him to get a life. That’s so disrespectful doesn’t matter if they’re on good terms or not.


If you are uncomfortable with him liking photos of his ex, then you need to focus on your own self confidence and self esteem. If you aren’t secure with the idea that you are enough then you need to get there and when you get there, you’ll notice that the stupid shit your partner is doing isn’t on your level and he’ll get on your level or you’ll walk away and find someone on your level. It’s a photo of his ex on Social Media. Have you ever liked a picture someone posted on facebook of anyone that wasn’t your partner? …

I have ex’s as friends on fb and we like each others pics. Nothing wrong with it as long as there’s no flirting going on.


You kill them… jk don’t do that you’ll go to jail


Depends. I heart react my exs selfies he’s also the father of my child and we are friends. Would I heart react a random ex boyfriends photos no I don’t think that’s okay. But if you talked to him the only thing you can do is keep talking to him or decided when enough is enough

For me it would be what kind of photos. If it was a post of her (or him) getting their life together or just something incredibly genuine happening in their life, then I wouldn’t have an issue. Kindness goes a long way in this world.

But on the other hand, if my man were liking half naked pictures of his ex lovers, he’d be a dead man.:woman_shrugging:


I think it depends on the situation and the maturity within the relationship. My ex and I have a beautiful daughter together. If they’re in a picture together, I will of course react to it. Even if it’s just him, I may react or “like” it. It doesn’t mean I want to be back together with him. It means “hey, cool picture”.

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Your boundaries are your boundaries.
And both of your boundaries should be discussed— and if they’re crossed, discussed again. If he loves you, then he should care about your opinion, comfortability and feelings on any matter.

He also should know, what’s good for him, is good for you too. Sometimes people have a hard time putting them selves in other’s shoes, so ask if he minds if you like/love your ex lover’s pics. If he wouldn’t like you doing it, tell him to please stop being a double standard. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I mean personally I don’t care. However, if I have made him aware something bothers me and he continued to do it, that is not ok. That is disrespectful. He should be sure to consider your feelings before doing anything like that.


My man likes his exs photo updates. She is a family friend and though I do not like the shit that went down between them if she a good woman through and through with flaws hey cool. She had a baby cool how the baby doing what’s the name ect. Like I’m happy she doing good. But the ex that uses her kids as pawns and uses the dads for money she can just guck off and that is a no no … no texting, calling, asking questions, liking, sharing no social media connections… NO. And she is blocked.

Really depends on the relationship i think.
If you’re all friends and there’s no flirting involved i don’t see the harm tbh
If you don’t trust your partner…should you be together at all?

That’s not acceptable. Extremely disrespectful.

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No I would be mad too especially after you have expressed your feelings about it already. He is being extremely disrespectful.

Pack their shit :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Eh that would be a fuck no he would be packing his shit and going yo stay with her ass

Who cares? It seems silly to get worked up about something like that. It sounds like your own insecurity/jealousy

nah, i dont accept that when im in a relationship, if your still liking pictures of your ex, then
you must still have feelings, thats a NO GO for me!


I think it depends on the relationship and how they carry themselves how they act around eachother if they are genuinely just friends and you trust that then who cares.

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Not acceptable knowing how u feel. He has no respect for you💐

I don’t really care. If it was a good photo I’ma hit that like button too!

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I took the social media away when it became a issue for mine.

Id be disgusted n disappointed, bro he dont even love my photos or posts, even the ones hes tagged in. But would get upset i didnt like his shit. Get a life bae

My now x said it was to bad they’d do what they wanted too

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If you’ve said it’s not okay and it’s still happening there is no respect. You have to decide what you are willing to tolerate

Thank you All! I caught him in a lie on social media, involving a past fling. Which happened to uncover quite a bit more. Overall, this has been an abusive relationship, peppered with these issues of disrespect. But I made it out safe and I’m very grateful.