How do you find the energy to get things done through out the day?

Since COVID, I’m a SAHM with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old. Schools are on and off since COVID, so sometimes our 5 yr old is in school, and sometimes it’s remote. My wonderful husband normally works crazy hours and recently decided to go back to school, so I really never see him. I am typically very active and on top of everything. But I am 8 months pregnant, and every day is a struggle. I am fatigued just by washing the dishes. I am so grateful to be able to be with my children and even more appreciative to have a supportive spouse. I want him to want to come home- I want him to look forward to a clean house, folded laundry in organized drawers, empty sink, hot plate of food, etc. How do you mommies find the energy to do things? I feel I start the early mornings so motivated to take it all on, and by 1 PM, I’m so drained physically and emotionally. I want to be a better wife and mom than just a zombie trying to get through the days. I do everything alone and asking family for help is more stressful & drama than it is relieving. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!!


It’s normal to be tired at eight months pregnant. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Try to take breaks often, stay hydrated and eat well. Get the kids in the habit of picking up toys. You got this.


Do what you can. No one will remember in five years that the laundry wasn’t folded. Or that there were dirty dishes left in the sink. They will remember that you put them first and made time for them.


Find peace in the mess. Just do what you can, and you’ll be back to your normal self in a few months! Ask your kids to help you, and your husband. If he’s a good guy, he will, and he’ll also understand.

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I’m only 5 months pregnant and it is exhausting, especially since we have 6 people in the house (Baby makes 7). I try to focus on one room at a time and take breaks after each one. For example, If I’m going to do my daughters room…I start her laundry, clean her room, and then switch over her laundry and relax until it’s done drying. Then I fold and put it away, and take a short break before starting the next room.

I can definitely relate with you. Just know you are not alone there’s days where I wish I can stay in bed all day (I’m almost 7 months) but my daughter is doing her school online as well and I have a 3 year old son who needs me too. Some things I do is just really try and get some rest through out the day once my daughter is out of her kindgarten class and from there have the kiddos help with picking up their toys to get to vaccuming and all. I don’t have any help other than that until my husband gets back from work. Definitely don’t over do it and take care of yourself as well as be there for your kiddos. It’s not easy I know but in the end it’ll be worth it and i think once baby is here you’ll have a better time adjusting. I sure hope so for myself. Another thing I have been doing is having both kiddos on a reward system for all good behavior and for helping when not being asked I recommend this to be able to relax and not feel overwhelmed. At the end of the week they get a coupon of their choice as their reward.

I don’t. preggo with a 4 yr old n a pup with a hubby with crazy hours n I just do NOT have ANY energy for ANYTHING at all!! I git like this (not as bad) with my son but this time around OMG i’m like a zombie n having no whete t I go n nothing to really do is just adding on to me being a beached whale :joy: hang on muma the house will be clean n dishes will get done as long as kids n hubs r happy n healthy tht is ALL tht matters n if hubs is as supportive as u say he will 100% get it xo

Do what you can I have a 6 and 10 yr I do what I can I tell him straight i ain’t done the cleaning

Treat yourself well don’t be so pressured . I was exactly there before . I had a 5 and 2.5 year old kids when I was pregnant at my baby#3 . And ended up giving birth 3 weeks earlier than my EDD

Relax nothing is perfect. My husband works I stay home our kids are 11 8 and 2. Two are e learning and school. Very different schedules. I get done what I can but at some point I give. No sooner do I get one room done they all three mess it up. Plus the two cats and a puppy and uncle that had a stroke. I call it a win if laundry gets done. May not be folded but it’s done

Aweeee :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: 5yr old stepson and my baby was just born in December…so I know how it is ! I was like you the whole pregnancy ,postpartum was so much better !! Just keep your head up it won’t always be like this !!

Lower your standards, nap & rest when you can, prevail upon non-family to help.

Friends far away can send you restaurant or grocery coupons for delivery, money to hire a babysitter, or talk to/engage your kids on face time/zoom so you can do something else. Can you connect with the wives of the men hubs works with? Do you have a church home where there are people who could help? Any older neighbors who might love to watch the kids while you nap/get stuff done?

Close by people can do your laundry, lend you a Roomba, bring meals or those you trust can take the kids to the park, help them with schoolwork, or otherwise entertain them while you nap. See if anyone on this forum lives near you and could help., neighborhood bulletin boards, college kids studying child development & similar are all great sources to find help.

Use disposable plates & utensils, forget dusting, get the kids to pick up & put away their own stuff, buy healthy frozen dinners & order in so you don’t have to cook, don’t clean everything as often, just stuff that gets touched a lot.

Let the kids watch movies & videos & eat peanut butter sandwiches every other meal. As long as it’s temporary, they’ll be fine.

Your body is working so hard! It’s no wonder you’re exhausted, just like most women in their last trimester. You’re probably doing better than most!

Close by people can offer to do your laundry, lend you a Roomba, bring dinner or those you trust can take your kids to the park while you nap.

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Girl relax!! I can’t keep everything organized and cleaned up no matter how many hours I try. It just gets old cleaning and organizing the same things over and over. Rest and enjoy your pregnancy and your kids. Hubby will be just fine and hopefully understanding

At this point, survival mode! As long as you/kids are fed and clean that’s all that is necessary! Don’t sweat the small stuff. You will find that energy after you are done creating another human.

Your husband wants to come home because his family is there, not because you keep a perfect house. Yes in normal circumstances that’s an awesome perk and I’m the same way, but I just had a baby in January and what I learned to do was get what I can done in the morning, throw a meal in the crock pot around noon, and let the rest go. Your husband won’t notice the rest and if he does, he’ll be understanding because you’re having his child (at least I hope!) so give yourself a break, take a breath, get what you can done and let the rest go until the next day.


I agree you don’t have to be perfect

I’ve got 3 boys, 12,8,2yrs cleaning as got less and less over the last few months, don’t know about anyone else but I’m so fed up of cleaning the same mess 100 times a day, i clean once the kids have gone to bed, and sometimes mid-afternoon, if the kids have been full then the cleaning just doesn’t get done, not like anyone comes around to see the house is a state

Well start by learning when to relax. Your not suppose to be perfect . Screw perfect . I have 3 and 2 weeks shy of 8 months I get it. Rest when you need to and clean when there’s energy . If you don’t rest when you can your just going to drag on .

Moat Moms put most of the stress on themselves because they think they have to complete all the care tasks before themselves!!
Its been drilled into our heads since we were kids.
How many times do we tell out kids chores first, responsibilities first. It is for them to learn but Not so much with everything moms gotta do.
Do what you can in the morning and when you give out just relax, if something does not get done that day that’s completely ok.

I take thrive awesome all natural vitamins, it has given me my life back. I wish I had it 25 yrs ago with my first 3 kids. Gives me daily energy, helps me keep up with the 2 younger boys. Helps me get through my days without being tired,beat all day.

Im a stay at home mom and if I dont get to housework I dont do it. I dont stress being a stay at home mom is so your babes dont go to daycare and you dont have that added expense. Just focus on those babies. Thats what I do. All the housework dinner etc is a team effort. Just because my SO works doesnt mean he comes home to do nothing. We cook dinner together one does dishes while the other gets the kids bathed and ready for bed. If my babes throws his food I will sweep it up but I dont stress the rest. It is what it is. I will start laundry but if i dont want to fold it I don’t. Or I’ll do what I can amd my SO puts it away.

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I have a 6,5,3,1 and am 8months also. Luckily husband is home for now but will soon be returning to work.being home all this time he’s definitely got a first hand experience as a stay at home parent. He’s appreciated me before Covid and helps in many ways but I know once he goes back to work he is definitely going remember how it is being a stay at home parent . Honestly as long as the main things are in order I don’t see why we can’t letting a few things slide. Mine and my families health all around are top priority. No one is perfect we are all surviving this virus.

I know how you feel. I am 34 weeks pregnant, have a 17 month old boy, who thinks he’s invincible, and a SAHM. I feel so exhausted and drained. I’m considered high risk so I have appointments 3 days a week on top of it all and live 45minutes one way. I can’t give you advice to help but I can let you know you are not alone.

I am not an expert but I believe you need to adk for help. Do what you can but remember that you must take care of yourself also.

I feel ya I have three girls ( 16,14,an 7) school been off an on an I am a 24/7 care taker for my elderly mother who is bedridden so my days are long an hard I am only able to get about 4 to 5 hours of sleep if that an my place in a mess but who cares as long as my kids are good an school is going ok an my mom is still alive an here I will take it an be with them all. I am grateful for the time I am getting with my mom

Oh mama I completely get how you feel! Ask for help when you need it (trust me I know it’s not easy) but also don’t be too hard on yourself. You are doing your best that’s very evident. You are a great mama with alot on your plate! You got this!

Have the kids help. I found that not only were they not making more messes that they really enjoyed spending all the time with me. Many hands make light work. It also helped if I made a list of must do daily, weekly, and special projects and checked it off throughout the day. That way I didn’t get distracted and throughout the week everything was cleaned at least once.


1.) Get up before the children. Shower. Get a morning routine, where picking up the bathroom, starting a load of laundry, the daily chores become habits. The more you get done before they are awake, the easier.
2.) You gotta have adequate nutrition. It is so easy to pop in flash frozen nuggets and fries, or a box of mac and cheese, but make sure y’all are also getting your servings of vegetables and fruits. And make sure you’re taking your prenatal.
3.) Make time for exercise. This one is hard because it is winter, and you are very pregnant. However, no one can keep up thier energy without getting thier activity up. It is important to teach your kids that it is important to make it a priority. Try a dance party with them.
4.) Evening routines should be shared. Early bath times, story times, dinner and dishes duties, etc., are the best bonding times anyway.
5.) Teach your kids to help with the things that is for them anyway. My 5 year old is learning to put his own clothes away, feeding/watering the pets, etc. Basic stuff that they can build on as they get older.


Those perfect mom only exist on FB, or they have a maid and nanny that does it all for them. If you have a 5 and 3 year old your not going to have a spotless clean house. Your going to hopefully have children being children which will make for a happy home. That’s what a home is suppose to be. You may be a stay at home mom,but you work hard then any woman working a 40 hour job. Make time for you, take time to enjoy you kods,sneek time with your husband after they go to bed. All the other stuff isnt important especially if it makes you stress!


1st off, while an organized house is nice, there’s no rule that says everything has to be perfect. If you can’t fit it all into one day, it’s not the end of the world. 2nd your husband should want to come home because that’s where his family is, not for a perfect house. And most of all, he may be doing quite a bit, but he gets time off between classes or shift. You don’t. He should be doing his part in the house so you’re not killing your body and sanity trying to get things done. If cleanliness and organization is important to him, he’ll do his part to see that it’s that way. You are not a servant.


If the kids don’t take naps, get them to have an hour of quiet time in their rooms. Make sure they understand that they are to stay in their rooms and you take some time to rest. I’ve been through the same thing with kids the same age. But you are pregnant also, so you are more tired. You need rest. I have a home daycare and I homeschool so I have an idea what you might be going through. I was really tired with my second pregnancy. I had a toddler and I was taking care of my sisters kids who were under 10. I was exhausted and used to take a nap with my toddler while the kids were in school. If you can’t do it all, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your body to working hard to bring another human being into this world. Rest when you can and don’t worry about the rest. You will do better when the baby comes…or sometime after.


I understand. I so badly want my house to be just like you described. But with kids and everything else its bit as easy as you want it to be. Dont set unrealistic standards for yourself. Pick one main thing ( something small ) to have done for him each day. That’s a good way ti show appreciation if you want to. Like fixing him a snack when he gets home. But dont set a standard that people hire other people to maintaine. You are very pregnant chasing after other kids. Also as I’ve found out with my husband…they dont notice as much in the house as we do. Some days you need to also not see it and relax

Give the 5 yr old and 3 yr old some chores to do. I was sweeping floors and folding laundry at 5. My 3 yr old brother had to pick up toys and make sure his clothes were put in laundry basket. We both had to do the dusting. All homework and chores was done before the TV was turned on. Made us better people and learned responsibilities. As we got older we helped out mom more.


When my Son’s school went remote in March of 2020 right at the start of spring break, I told him we were going to play games, stay up late, and celebrate spring break fun but come the end of spring break we were buckling down. His district here in Kansas called their remote learning enrichment, and since he was in high school he only had to participate if he needed to raise grades. He did. I woke up before he did and made a list for the day. Some was mine and some was his. We did it together and it kept us from vegging out. I also limited him to 2 hours of electronics per day. He was super creative and I was way productive! Still doing lists and all to this day and it is a game changer!


cut yourself some slack…You are doing fine…It is hard with two little kids…and far along in your pregnancy…they can help some but the are still little…give them some stuff to do…Hubby can help some too. If you were working and going to school you could find time to do a little something around the house to help, Try not to be so hard on yourself and any complaints let them do it…


We sound like we are living the same life. I am 38.3 weeks pregnant with a 5 and 7 year old. I’m EXHAUSTED. I have just learned to give myself A LOT of grace. Some days are just survival days

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The Lazy Genius is a short, helpful read. Find out the importance of things for you and your spouse and apply your energy accordingly. Everything wont always be done. My next piece of advice is a 1 p.m. nap for all. Tell the kids it’s “quiet time” play nap music on YouTube, read a story and relax or nap. You may get a second wind.

One thing that helped when I had young twins was to have one adult clean room. When I grew up we had a red room in the basement but the living room was an adult room. I swore I would never do that but after having chaos for a couple years I decided a play room that only got cleaned every few weeks and a room that the adults could sit in and have it be clean was a sane idea. Then you have 2 rooms to clean daily. The kitchen (bugs ick) and one room .

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  1. F all these judgemental people. We all can’t choose exactly the “perfect” time to have children. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Anyone raising a family who tells you it’s easy and not exhausting is lying.

  2. You are 8 mo pregnant. Your body is using a lot of energy and every pregnancy is different. Check and make sure you aren’t anemic because can make you so tired.

  3. My practical advice is to set things up to make things as easy as physically possible for you. Run the dishwasher a few times so you don’t need to scrub them first. Set up a comfortable area near the laundry so you can wash, dry, and fold. Rotate out toys so the kids only have a few to play with (and make a mess with) at a time. Stuff like that.

Nobody will think you didn’t do good enough. We are our own worst critics. Your husband probably thinks your killing it. No matter what, if you love your kids, they love you (they are forgiving that way, seriously, they think you are the best Mom ever). Prioritize, believe me, house’s are only perfect when staged. Dinner and convo, we might be connecting. In the end perfection isn’t real, the house could be a mess, are we connecting and growing our memories?

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Ok so you are carrying precious cargo. There really is no reason he can’t offer to do the supper dishes, or a load of laundry etc. My husband is amazing, he works a 40 hour week, while I work 60+ hour weeks. He takes care of ALOT. I’m absolutely drained from working all the overtime, and then our 1 year old does not like to go to bed early at all. So we usually are up sometimes until 2am. You can still be a good wife and mother without doing 100% of everything

Get yourself tidied, and ready for your job being Mom. Then feed and attend kids. Then start the House stuff, but backwards… Set the dinner table, plan and prepare dinner, tidy up that area. Whatever time is left use for laundry, mail, bills, etc. Sounds crazy, but just mixing it up works for me. And don’t be so mean to yourself! You are pregnant, Girl! Stop every now and again to give out hugs and take a rest. And love those kids. They will be grown and gone before you know it. I remember. I’m 84 now and I was exhausted. Be kinder to yourself! And heed Catrina’s advice below. Sounds like she has it together.

If your energy is up in the morning consider crock pot meals that you can prep and set and forget. Then dinner is covered!


It really sounds like you need to take a nap in the afternoon after all your growing a little human in your body and that takes a lot of energy and strength out of the body.

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Enjoy the time with your kids. Maybe you can find a friend with children and make a playdate. You will have another mom to talk to and the kids can play. Hang in there it will get easier.

I understand how you feel. I had 3 close together too. Take your vitamins, don’t try to do too much at once. When the kids are napping try to take a nap yourself. Good luck!

Worked 40 to 50 hrs a week…had 2 kids and 2 parents to take care off.its part of life…should of thought more planning with the 3rd baby


It should be a joint effort with you and your husband. I’m sure he would be more than willing to help if you asked. If for instance he did the dishes while you got the kids ready for bed, Every little bit helps.
Covid has turned everyone’s world upside down the uncertainty of kids in school etc.
Don’t expect to much out of yourself you are 8 months pregnant which alone is exhausting.


My husband worked crazy hours and was happy to come hole to everyone alive lol. Take care of yourself you need to bank some energy. If the dinner is sandwiches and chips and the house is a mess it won’t end the world. Sounds like you have a great guy its ok to ask for help. Invest in an instapot its a lifesaver

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You are 8 months pregnant and being a stay at home mom with a 3 and 5 year old it is exhausting even being 8 months pregnant. Your kids can learn to help you out a little bit. I am sure hubby will be ok with a easy dinner or a little dust here and there. You need to maybe get help with the kids while hubby is at work just in case if you go into labor the last month of your pregnancy and so you can also rest. I had to toward the end of my last pregnancy which I was 36 when I had my youngest. She is now 5 years old and my oldest is 20 years I am almost 42. I know it isn’t easy but rest

Take it one room a day if you have to. You about ready to bring a new little blessing into the mix. The other mommas on here said exactly what I was gonna say. Get the kiddos to help you. Make it a game for them. Good luck and God Bless momma. Hang in there, you got this.

For goodness sake, you are 8 months pregnant and have two toddlers. Just keeping the kids feed and dressed is enough…and that goes for when you have the newborn also! You need a nanny, friend, sister, or relative to help out here.

Crockpot meals are the best, make the kids play in one room only, laundry gets done on the weekends when hubby can mind the kids, a little light cleaning every day to maintain the house and weekend for a more thorough clean.

You’re doing great! I had 3 under 4. Just try to make a schedule/routine, believe it or not it helps a lot. Keep working hard. It will work itself out and you will be proud of all the hard work you’ve done. Hang in there momma.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Play with the little ones, pick up the clutter, get some rest put your feet up. No one died from a messy home dad needs reminding he needs to help too.

Sounds like alittle depression?! I’m due next month currently 34 weeks pregnant and I am nesting with a lot of energy. I take lots of vitamins and suppliments or else I would be tired all the time. Prebiotic drink, probiotics, fish oil aloe Vera pill and prenatal. Deffiently have your kids help with cleaning up also will make it easier on you my 4 year old and 2 year old are responsible for picking up after their selfs. Toys go in the toy box, trash gets put in the garbage can are easy chores for them 2 do.

We all become overwhelmed talk to your doctor your neighbor I wish someone could be there for you we as women need to help each other no condemn each other wishing you compassion and peace

Firstly, dont be so hard on yourself, then make picking up and tidying a game for the children, yes your husband is a hard worker but I bet he couldn’t do your job half as well and lastly take this tip from an 88 yr. old who doesnt like to give in, space your chores - one chore and a rest time - repeat as necessary. God bless you are a miracle in action

Maybe up your vitamins ,have the kids help,take breaks during the day,make easy crockpot meals…
I’m sure your fretting for no reason & you’ll be back to your normal soon…
And your hubby understands!!

I’m a Mom of five. Three that are in school most days, if not they are remote learning also. I started feeling the way you do when this Covid stuff started. I found that taking a break around 1-2pm really helped. Crockpot meals have been a lifesaver for me. Once a week give yourself some you time. You need it. Good luck and hope things start being less stressful for you.

Utilize a crockpot or slow cooker for your meal start in the morning or prep the night before Mississippi pot roast very easy roast , pack of au jus , pack of ranch dressing , stick of butter and about 6-8 peppronchi peppers put in crockpot everything dry add no liquid cook on low 5-6 hours don’t mix au jus or ranch dry right out of pack on top of meat

Growing a baby is hard work. I hope there is a way for you and your little ones to take an afternoon nap before your husband gets home

At 8 months pregnant I could barely get off the couch. Give yourself a break.

In 2004, I gave birth to a son. My daughters were 2 and 4. When my son was 6 weeks old, my husband went on the road with his job. We were living far away from my family and friends. I was 33 and exhausted. My house stayed a mess. I did the best I could and it was just fine. As my son got older, things got better. I was able to make a clean up schedule for the girls. We were able to get back into our regular bedtime routine. Now, that’s all a memory. It was tough but I did it and you will too. Seriously, make chores fun. I made a deal with my girls that we would clean up for 15 minutes, then play candy land for 15 minutes. I made a treasure box for a weekly prize for good behavior. I made a fun, colorful, cute chore chart with only pics, no words. Kids love to help. There are lots of little things they can do, but it has to be approached in a fun loving way if you dont want kick back. Good luck!!!

Remember you are toting that little dude around with you! Don’t beat yourself for not being a super wife right now. If you feel you need a rest, don’t keep pushing it—take a little rest. You can take a quick power nap or just sit down for a little while. The laundry isn’t going anywhere!

Can you hire some help? Your 8 months pregnant and you need some rest and your body is telling you. You sound like and amazing wife and Mother. :pray:

Can a friend or relative help out? It seems you are totally overwhelmed. You need some help and rest. Especially since your due with another baby soon.

My 4 yr old helps
He can sweep, put up dishes, pick his room up, helps put up laundry…on cleaning days we take breaks for a game or story, etc but he REALLY loves helping out!

It’s all about doing the best you can do at any given moment. We really can’t ask more of ourselves than that. Be okay with that. It gets better over time. This is just the patch you’re in right in this moment. It’s fine. It’s what makes us stronger and wiser.

Be sure to take a nap with the kids. It give you a boost before dinner.

I have RA, my husband and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to food ready when he comes home. Its not gonna happen, he actually likes it this way. He can sit and enjoy a beer and catch up. With the kids I clean and do my duties but I’m not and never will be a super mom because I physically can’t. House is clean but I leave it towards 4 pm then I do it because activities from 3 people render it messy. Just give yourself a break and do it at a resting point of the day for others so you don’t break yourself cleaning after 1pm. Id never do that lmao.

You probably are tired because you are 8 months pregnant. Just take one thing at a time., most things you can skip if you need to.

Yeah don’t worry so much about cleaning. Husband needs to cope. You physically can’t keep up on that. He wants a clean house he can do it. As of now you all got too much on your plates.

If anyone says are there anything I can help you with say yes. Don’t try to be a super mom. Ask your husband for help on the small things.

Here’s tips and tricks
If your browning ground beef for.spahetti…brown 2 or 3 packs…pull out pots 1 spaghetti, 2 chili 3rd vege beef soup…
It takes same effort to brown the beef…freeze leftovers for days that your exhausted.

Bring home a 8ball for energy and pick up a girlfriend for a 3 some and I promise he will drive home as fast as he can.

Don’t knock yourself down you’re pregnant. That alone takes a lot of energy out of you

I’m 43 and my kids are 24 20 and 16. So I’m lucky. But when I was preg I had a lot of bed rest and was tired all the time and it was bad.

So we had to learn to just deal with what i considered a dirty house and sandwiches or frozen dinners for meals.

My husband was supportive as hell and when he got home he would help with whatever needed to be done…

He knew that it was temporary and really so is this. Maybe not covid or the kids being home etc.

But your being preg and tired all the time is temporary. Someday or the other you’ll be back to yourself again and the kids will eventually age out and be more helpful ( assuming you will have your kids do chores ) no judgment on that each family has their own ways about them.

So I mean you cant change anything right now you cant really do anything about being tired…

So take it day by day and learn to deal with things as they are and pick your battles for the day.

If your husband is as good as you say… he understands this and will also deal with it.

As for dinners… make use of dishes that cook all say so you start them in the morn or early afternoon and they can cook while you have down time.

Look at the chores and decide which ones have to be done right now vs what can wait. Toys can be thrown in the corner, towels dont have to be perfect, dishes can wait and soak over night. Etc…

Good luck.

Cut yourself some slack woman! You ARE amazing


If UD gone do the work stop dreading it just do it things go a lot better .

He probably went back to school to avoid having to take care of the kids and help. He has a nice life.

Don’t clean as much during the day just like keep up on this so it won’t be as bad but do your big cleaning at night when they are sleeping maybe with them awake you do more

I think u can let some things slide and take care of kids and u…do what u can being pregnant…rest will be fine…talk to yr hubby and ask for help…hun yr a great mom and wife but u can’t do it all…yr husband needs to help there any family or friends that can help u with kids or help u in house?.. but truly hubby should want to help his family not just in paycheck of going to school

Take care of yourself and your family. The house isn’t going anywhere.

Perfect I’d overrated! Just do what you can comfortably do and don’t stress about the rest!

Get a white board(I have one that’s a calendar with space for notes like a grocery list), and a notebook. Hang as much of your laundry as you can. You won’t find yourself refolding clothes that you can see visually before picking them out. Get dressed as soon as you wake up, and plan dinner before anything. Make breakfast for the babies and clean the kitchen while you have the energy because it will make dinner time less stressful. If you can, sneak in a nap when they do. And always remember to be patient with yourself!!! Those are the best tips I have learned.

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Perfection of your home shouldn’t be top priority. You should be. Focus on you and everything will fall into place. Everything you have going on is A LOT to handle. You stated it like it shouldn’t be a big deal to accomplish. You are doing the jobs of like 4 people. Rest when you can.

Hard drugs work… Not recommended though lmao

First declutter, it will make cleaning easier. Make a schedule… The kids can help do things like dust. I recently got a shark mop vac… can I say wow!! Really does help in cleaning. Meal kits are great for cooking, it cuts out a huge part of food shopping and leaves no waste, or thought into what to cook, and the meals are yummy!! In the morning wake up, drink water and take a fresh shower. This will help build energy. Don’t overthink your day… Do your best. It goes quickly.

If you have to clean, try just cleaning one room a day. Chasing 2 kids while being pregnant with a third is exhausting in itself. Don’t try to do it all everyday . You’ll be setting yourself up to fail.

Honey maybe you aren’t cut out to be a house wife and mother. STOP HAVING KIDS YOU HAVE put yourself in this mess and have dragged your husband in to it as well no wonder he is never home. My daughter has 4 kids and 1 on the way and doesn’t have any of the issues you have created STOP BREEDING YOU CANT HANDLE THE WORK LOAD.


Put one foot in front of the other…

Girl you are 8 months pregnant with two littles. CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK!

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I was a single parent with two ADHD boys. My house was generally a wreck, with an occasional clean up. If you ask my boys, they never mention a cluttered house. They talk about the fun they had, the games they played, their friends who were always welcome. If someone fussed about the mess, I told them they were welcome to clean it up. My boys turned into fine men with happy memories of their childhood. Children don’t remember made beds. They remember blanket forts , and playing with mommy. Good luck , and remember, as your children get older, it does get easier.

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Well, try doing the more labor intensive things in the morning when you have more energy, then the lighter chores in the afternoon and evening. Have the kids pitch in by making it a race to see who can pick up the most toys the fastest or take turns using the swiffer. On days you are feeling less energetic, cut some corners. Drop some dinner in a crockpot, do soup and sandwich night or breakfast for dinner. Focus on the 3 largest chores for low energy days ( beds, laundry, and dishes). Take a 30 min nap with the three year old, let the 5 yr old watch a tablet or TV at low volume or see if they will both take a nap with you. That gets them into a quiet time routine for when the baby comes. Make a chore schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays laundry, Saturdays groceries, plan out your meals a week in advance so you have the groceries handy. Do you have friends or fellow moms that can lend a hand and pick up a meal for you if they are out or can watch the kids for an hour so you can get some things done? Lastly, maybe check with your OB to see if all your labs are ok. Pregnant women can be prone to anemia or thyroid imbalances that can cause fatigue and low energy but are easily treated. Lastly, give yourself a break. No one is perfect. Your husband is your partner, not your boss. He’s not supposed to give you a performance review. He can also help in small ways on his days off ( loading or unloading the dishes, getting the kids ready for bed while you clean).

You’re doing great. Not sure if you do, even it’s cold, but maybe take the kids on a short walk around the park daily or few times a week. Can burn some energy for them, and will give you a chance to get a little active and stretch. It will help the simpler things not be so daunting.

I do not know how is your financial situation, how about trying to get a housekeeper like every 2 weeks , if he wants you to keep a clean house and dealing with the rest, I would ask him to listened to you , as you are only 1 person, 8 mts pregnant, you need help and support from him, The lady could clean your house and this way you would have more time for yourself,how is that going to work when the 3rd child comes in>> is he willing to help then.

My husband helps ALOT. He doesn’t expect me to do everything and have him come home to a perfect house like in 1955. Very happily married 9 yrs, 3 kids. He does ALOT. Especially when I am late pregnancy he does pretty much everything when he is home.
And yes he works 50 hrs a week as a carpenter and he is building us a house on our property so he works on that when he is home as well.

Let him help with the house work, those are his kids too. You need a break too.