How do you find time to pump?

I’m a sahm with three little ones, a 2 and a half year old, a 1 year old and two week old. I exclusively pump for my new one and lately I’ve been having a hard time trying to set a pumping schedule and my supply is being affected. I’m looking for any helpful advice on how I can stay on a pumping schedule and try to take care of my older two busy babies and also how I can maintain/increase my milk supply! Tia

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you find time to pump?

As said above I would recommend a hands free pump so you can still be available for your older 2, also hydrate coconut milk helps your milk, as does body armors, also make sure your eating enough calories. Also having the baby near while you pump helps trigger milk.

Oh my! You have your hands full!

Can you put them in 2-3 playpens (depending on who is safe with who) with soft toys & with the TV/video on kid shows when you pump?

I just had a giant cup of water on my desk and drank CONSTANTLY while at work so I could go to the ladies’ room at lunch and could double pump two bottles worth in 15-20 minutes. Chugging water before you donate blood also makes it go really fast.

You could put the 1 & 2.5 year olds in high chairs with safe finger foods & the baby in a cradle/bouncy seat while you pump.

If you have a church/mom’s group/club/retirement community, see if an older person would come visit & help occasionally if they love kids but have no grandchildren or none close by. You can have them watch/entertain the kids while you pump or just help out in general so you can find the time.

Maybe pump at the beginning of nap time before everyone goes down for a rest.

If you have to get up at night, drink some water & pump a little before going back to sleep.

Or apparently now you can get pumps that you can attach and walk around in that leave your hands free.

I would pump when ever baby is feeding. Follow babies schedule so the milk knows when and how much to come in.
When feeding a bottle, pump.

I had to lock me and my oldest with the baby in his room with his toys and the pump and rocker and do that way for awhile.

Put them in the room with you and have baby gates up while you pumping. Keeping them in the same room as you with some toys will be helpful

What if you try using one of those hands free pump like these not sure if your able to get your hands on some but these might help better since you don’t have to sit and wait

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