How do you get over finding out you have PCOS?

Mommas who have found out they had pcos… How do yous get thru the first couple days knowing yous have it? I recently found out that I have it and I have an upcoming appt in March to see what we can do.

You accept your diagnosis get on a good regiment n move forward. Find your triggers as well. I have had it for 20 plus years.

Mindset , stress relief n healthy body fuel aka food is key to management

I was fine when diagnosed, explained a lot and meant that i could get the fertility drugs i needed to have second baby. Apart from the horrible weight gain and facial hair ive been lucky that it really hasnt made any real difference to my day to day life since i had my hysterectomy

I have posted most of my life and so has my oldest daughter, painful and exhausting … I have so much facial hair growth so do she…