How do you have your carseats arranged in your car?

How do you have your car seats arranged in your vehicles? I have a 3rd row SUV, a toddler in a rear facing seat, and a newborn in a bucket seat. Right now, we have both kids in the 2nd row, but should the toddler go to the 3rd so someone can sit in the second with the newborn and still have access to the toddler if she needs anything/one? It’s personal preference I think, but what are setups moms have?

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I have a 3 and 7 year old in the third row and our 3 month old in the second row.

No one has to sit with the newborn.


We have a 5 and 3 year old in the back and our 5 month old and 2 year old in the buckets. Before baby was born, I had the 3 and the 2 year olds on the middle and the 5 year old in the back bc it was too much of a pain buckling them in.

I’ve got a 3rd row SUV as well, but we have 4 kids, the older 2 take turns in the 3rd row seat and 2nd row, but 3yo in a forward facing carseat(middle) and baby rear facing carseat(by door) they are both secured with the latch system as well.

We have 2 front facing toddlers in the 2nd row and 3rd row is my 7yr with a booster…in their dad’s truck we have my 6yr old’s booster…the other 5 kids sit where the spaces are available as they dont need car seats. He takes 3 and i take 6.

We have a rear facing toddler and a newborn. We have then both in the 2nd row. Our older kids sit in the 3rd row.

I’ve got a toddler in a carseat behind the driver side in the 2nd row currently. When my 2nd son gets here come may he’ll go in a infant car seat behind the driver and I’ll move the toddler over to behind the passenger seat. I wouldn’t wanna have to fight and climb through to my 3rd row just to get my toddler out. I’m my opinion my newborn will be just fine and so will my toddler be. I can reach both just fine, and not only it’s pretty just me and my son as it is and more than likely the same when my 2nd son arrives. Why make it harder on yourself to stuff the toddler in the very back, cause then if something does happen you gotta fight to get theofuh the back and all that


We have 4 kids, 9,7,2, and infant. 9 is out of booster and 7 is in one. They go in the 3rd row. Two year old is in a front facing carseat in the backseat driver side, Infant is rear facing in the backseat passenger side. The older kids have to climb over the backseat to get in the 3rd row because the babies car seats prevent the seats from sliding up. We have a Honda Pilot.

You don’t have to have someone with baby all the time thear fine in the 2 nd row togatber maybe sit them seprest sides if car

I drive a minivan. My infant is in a bucket seat behind the driver seat, so if I need to give him a paci while driving I can reach back & give him one.(I have long arms). My 2 yr old is still rear facing behind the passenger. Both are in the 2nd row. If my husband is driving & I need to get back there, I can just climb back. We have the middle seat out of the 2nd row so there is room to go to the 3rd row if I need to.

My 14 year old brother and 8 year old (booster seat) sit in the 3rd row. We have the 1 and half year old and 9 month old rear facing in the 2nd row.

When my younger 2 were smaller we had 2 carseats rear facing in our second row and my oldest in the back. Now both younger 2 are still in 5 point harness seats but forward facing and one is in the 2nd row and the other is in the 3rd row with my oldest. When we have my step-son/extra passenger we put the other 2nd row seat back up and they sit there (we have a van with folding 2nd row seats).
The way my van is now I can get in the van and buckle both younger kids but my oldest can get in and out easily. I also can be in the van to buckle the younger 2 if it’s raining/snowing which is a plus.

We have a minivan with the stow and go 2nd row seats and a 3rd row. My 3.5 year old is forward facing in the 3rd row by herself and my 1 year old is rear facing in the bucket seat on passenger side. The drivers side bucket seat is folded into floor right now. I’m pregnant with our 3rd. When baby is closer to being here the 1 year old is going into 3rd row and the newborn is going into passenger side bucket seat and we are leaving the driver side on stowed so it’s easier for someone to get back there and buckle the kids in unless we have guests that need to ride with us.

I have alot of kids but I put the toddler by the window I have two toddlers and I put the baby in the middle. The older kids are in the back row. We have a 6,4,3,2 and I’m expecting our last child in a few months

I would have them in the centre. If you have someone who wants access it is enough for them to sit in the back and reach forward.

I have a rear facing on passenger side middle row and my 6 yr old in a high back booster behind me. Unless an extra big kid/adult is with us then the booster can move to 3rd row. For leg room. If I had 2 carseats with a 5pt harness though all in the middle for me climbing to the back seat to remove the kid is not an easy task

Have a 2004 sequoia. Have my 6 yr old behind the passenger seat and the 3month old behind the drivers seat. We use our 3rd row mostly for room for dogs

I have a 16 gmc acadia with captain seats. I have a 4yo ff and 1yo rf in both captain seats. Now I hate moving my carseats so If anyone rides they most likely have to climb in thru the hatch but if I actually had extra riding with me I would put my 4yo in the 3rd row.

I have my 3yr old front facing behind the passenger seat and my infant in the carrier in the middle seat. My 3yr old always needs and I can reach back to her. It’s easier to have a seat accessible if I need to sit back t here for anything. Or to have the older kids access the third row

I will have 2 forward facing car seats and an infant seat in my middle row - littles are 3, 2, and due in 2 weeks. Also have a 14 year old who rides in the 3rd row.

We have a grand caravan, so when my third is born at the end of March, my two oldest will be going into the third row (both will be forward facing), newborn in the captain chair. The second captain chair will be pulled down into the stow and go compartment so I can put my pre schooler and toddler in their seats.

My 4 and 3 yo ride in 3rd row, 2yo and new born in the 2nd row

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Put both car seats in the middle row. Your back will thank you.

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No keep in middle row. If u ever get rear-ended the kids will be safer.


I don’t think it’s recommended to rear face in the third row. I have three rows, second row only has two seats. My 2.5 year old and 7 month old are both in the second row, rear facing. It’s worked out, I haven’t had any issues.

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They say the driver protects their side of the car better, so I put the smallest child in the seat behind me. The toddler is in the other second row seat. It makes them easier to access. I feel so far away from my 7 year old in the back seat.


Mine are in middle row and all are still rear facing.

I have a 8 month old in a toddler seat in middle row middle seat, and 2 booster seats on either side. My 3rd row is empty.

I keep both mine (3yrs and 1 month) in the middle row. There is enough room for an adult in that row as well, if needed. If I have another child, I would put the oldest in the 3rd row and keep the littles in the middle row where they are more accessible

Toodles in the back newborn in the middle

Car seat safety group has you covered.

Every car and seat has its own rules.

They have certified safety technicians to help with all your needs.

I don’t think there is latch hooks in the 3rd row. At least there isn’t in my vehicle.

Mine small ones were in the middle row till the 2.5 year old refused to get in her seat unless it was in the back row with the big kids. So then we switched to her in back and the bigger kids can take turns being next to the baby.

I tried putting the toddler in the third row but it was difficult to put him in his seat that way I haven’t tried the other way yet

Carseat is behind the passenger seat.
She’s still in an infant bucket seat because I can’t find another car seat thst actually fits in my car. I’ve bought and returned 6 of them. So, I keep using the bucket seat.

I have 3 kids and a mom van, the oldest is in the third row because he can buckle himself in the car seat and the other two are in the available seats in the second row. Before the third came the two were in the second row and we used the back for a storage area for groceries and what not.

My children 3 and almost nine months are in either side oldest is on the driver side in the back and youngest is on the passenger side in the back. We have a Hyundai elantra

The newborn should be on the first row not the 3rd! I have 4 kids. I have my newborn and toddler on first closes to me and my 2 older kids 10 and 9 can sit in back or 1 beside the newborn just to watch and help if he needs something.

I have a van. In the back I have 1 transitional carseat for my 4 year old in the middle of that back seat. Then I have one of these high back 5 point harness for my 6 year old that I like best next to my 4 year old but my 6 year old limes to irritate her sibling, so if we are having that kind of day (which is most days anymore) I currently have that seat in the middle row by the door because its a bucket seat. Then I have the infant seat behind me, the driver. My 15,14, and 13 year old are bigger than me so they no longer have to be in carseats. Usually one sits up front in the passenger , and 2 in back but thats why I wish my 6 year old wouldn’t fight with the 4 year old so that one of them could sit in the bucket seat next to the baby. But I can’t be distracted by the ear piecing screams. Least the baby eventually falls asleep. And I guess thank covid for not needing to be out and about too often with all of them.

I’m the same as well as a 6 year old and yupp all 3are in the second… we raryhave others but if we do then they go in the very back …works best for us .

When we had a car/suv before getting a van our son was in the middle until we switched his seat simply because they’re wasnt room for his sister. So we put him behind the passenger side. Because it’s easier to see them and if they drop something its easier to get and easier to give them things. Now in the van hes (3) still on the passenger side until we install the new babys seat. Then he’ll go behind the driver so I can get him out first and then baby. Big sis (11) will sit in the back so both boys can be in the bucket seats. The only way I’ll put the boys in the back is when theyre in boosters and way easier to get in and out.