How do you keep your house cool?

How do you keep your house cool when it is over 100 degrees outside? our ac went out and lord knows when someone can come by and fix it so our apartment gave up one ac unit and it is not cutting it


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you keep your house cool?

Grill outside, don’t put on lights or candles no cooking inside … get light blocking curtians

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Keep blinds/curtains closed, don’t run alot of electronics

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Get a big bottle fill it with water and freeze then stick the frozen bottle Infront of a fan and it should help circulate cold air x

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Ceiling fans, floor fans, curtains/blinds down, open the windows when it cools off outside. grill if you can. freeze pops.

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Keep all interior doors closed & just try to cool the general area that the ac is in. Get a good box fan & sit in front of the ac which will help blow the cold sit more.
Hang thick blankets over your windows.

I have an old drafty farmhouse with a window ac that I run on energy saver mode & I keep my living room & dining area about 73 using the above methods.


Put some tinfoil in the windows to help reflect the light. It looks funky but it helps. Once you place the tinfoil in the window cut pieces of cardboard to fit and tape it in. Then lower the blinds and close the curtains.

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Fans, turn off as many lights as possible and for chrissake, keep the doors closed. No running in and out.(That was for your kids) I live in south Florida and its been HOT,


Close all shades and curtains. Turn on fans with frozen bottles of water or dry ice. Don’t cook inside.

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Closed curtains, closed blinds. No lights

Black out shades, another window unit, ceiling fans and do not put the oven on!

Get a few portable fans and put them in your windows it will suck the hot hair out

I had to get by with a window unit for a short time a few years ago and I put it in the bedroom. It was hot in the rest of my house, but I was at least able to sleep comfortably.


Use thick blanket hanging on doorway to block off one room to be coldest…I prefer bedroom

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Block off the main section where the ac is. No lights, no oven. Cover all windows with blankets. Dress cool. Take a cold shower… Put cold wet towels around you neck and forehead. Eat popsicles ice cream… Sleep eat hang out only in that room.

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Gotta buy another window unit. Pretty cheap in marketplace

So our first apartment we couldn’t control the air on, our landlord gave us a dehumidifier that also worked as an ac that plugs into the wall inside and you just put part of it out the window and it seals around it.

Ac shit the doors windows

Put a window a/c in your bedroom. Close off that room and stay in there. Put your TV in there. Rout your cable in there with a signal splitter. Set up your DVD player in there too. Do not cook in your house or run oven. Put up black out curtains in bedroom and keep them closed. Get large cooler for drinks and ice them down. Get non-perishable foods and take those and cooler in the bedroom. Then stay in there with door closed. Don’t open door except to go use bathroom. Keep your cellphone and charger with you. You should stay comfy till someone can fix your central air.

Where are you at? I have an extra window unit

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I have two window unit air conditioner but it keeps the whole house. But I keep one on 76 and one on 73 degrees. But I only keep one on a night and it’s on 73.

I close all the blinds up tight and run fans and the ac literally a fan in every room


Blankets it thw windows if nothing else

Is the air conditioning in your lease ? If it us the Landlord should replace it

Lights off, blinds or curtains closed and unplug all electronics not being used at the moment

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Putting layers of curtains and stuff on our windows and making sure all the doors stayed closed has really helped us out. It still gets a little warm in the late afternoon but it’s a lot better than it was before.

Big mainstay fan from Walmart like 40 dollars also black out curtains help. If you have to put up a blanket to close off all rooms wherever the ac is sleep in one room even if it’s the living room

Keep all blinds and curtains closed. Same with windows and avoid using the oven. It still won’t be cool like with ac, but it’ll help a bit.


Blackout curtains. Works like a charm!

Fans it’s cheaper than running the ac. We have gone a month or so with out ac it works

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Reflective tint/foil in the windows + blackout curtains. Use only LED lights, they produce less heat. Keep cooking to a minimum, grill outside whenever possible.

When that happened to us, we shut all of the doors in the house and we all just hung out in the room with the air conditioner (living room) It kept that room cool. If you have kids. Make it like a slumber party on the floor at night time.


Open your windows at night and put a fan blowing in to cool it down in your house and then before the sun comes up go thru the house and close all the windows and shades.

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Buy Moble air unit about 300. And you put in any room. Drain hose goes out window and vent. They work well

Other option is open windows on shaded side put fan in sunny side blowing out. Pull cooler air through

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Make sure all windows are covered and closed during the day. you can put bowels of ice behind box fans. it doesn’t last super long but it’s cools pretty good before the ice melts. If you can afford it you could probably find a portable AC at walmart or amazon. i heard those work pretty good.


Box fans. Put blankets in doorways to shield off rest of house. Only cool off one main room. Open windows at night to cool house off. Black out curtains.

Fans and another air conditioner. Keep house shaded.

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There’s those larger air conditioner units you can get that you plug in . We had to do that in our old house because landlord refused to fix the swamp cooler

Our central heat and air went out and the part we need is on back order so we went and bought a giant $800 a.c from lowes and 2 smaller ones for our kids rooms and our house is colder now than it’s ever been. It’s actually cold and I have to turn the air off

Keep all of your windows covered.

Close your blinds and curtains with a slight crack in both to allow air flow. Don’t cook indoors. Open your roof space door if you have one.

I soak hand towels in cold water, place them on my head, legs, etc…

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We put a window unit in & all slept in one room together. Put up sheets blocking the rest of the house.

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Close off any rooms that don’t need to be used. That way the ac unit that you have, is working to cool less space. If need be, put a towel along the bottom of the doors of the rooms not being used. Close the blinds and curtains to keep the sunlight out. Make quick easy meals and avoid using the oven. If you have a crockpot, use that. You can also put a fan in front of the ac, to help distribute the cold air better. An oscillating fan would probably work best.

We have been without AC and heat for 2 years. Portable AC unit is what we use. It keeps our bedroom cool so we can at least get rest