How do you know it's time to end a relationship?

I have been with my husband for 7 years now. We have always have had our ups n downs but this year I feel like I’m ready to give up. His family gets in our business too much and his sister always tells him he shouldn’t have married me. Ok so he said to let it go n I’m trying, to top things off I’m having my sons birthday party next month and we have about everything. Now they have decided they’re throwing my niece birthday party the same freaking day.
They have told my hubby that they don’t really like how my family treats them and stuff & tbh I know my family and how they can be so I don’t blame them. BUT why do another party on the same date? Am I just over reacting? I don’t know what to tell them or do anymore.
Please help me out because I feel like all this anger and stuff they do I’m taking it out on him which Idk if it’s fair.


Can’t take it out on him. He literally has no control over his family the same way his family has no control over him. If he’s a good man and you love each other, try to make a better situation for your family by just chalking it up to their loss. Enjoy your son’s birthday drama free

  1. Don’t take out on him something they are doing. it’ll ruin your relationship and cause alot of resentment. 2. Talk to him honestly without anger and express how you feel. If he doesn’t take it seriously, maybe rethink your relationship. 3. Their loss if scheduled party same day. In the end, they are shitty ones for the action. make the best of your son’s party. with or without them.

Keep the party and have fun.


Keep your party. If they choose to have one on the same day, so be it. He can’t control the actions of his family but if you fight with him about them, that will only hurt you. Keep your head high and remember-he married you. He obviously doesn’t care about their opinions and neither should you. Go outside or in your car and scream your frustrations out and then breathe. You got this!


Have your party the day you planned. Maybe move the time of the party up or back a couple of hours. Don’t let them walk all over you or it will continue to happen


First off he needs to keep your business between the 2 of you 2nd would it hurt to do the parties together I used to do that with my sister in laws And 3rd does your family treat him badly or what because blood sticks up for each other I think you and your husband need to have a talk about a few things Im not an expert bit he should know all of these thinhs Especially that you don’t want his family to know everything

Have the party & enjoy your time with your baby.


Anyone willing to purposeley spoil a child’s birthday party just to be petty is an idiot. Make sure you have a kickass party, forget them, that’s high school shit💁


Can you move away? Like an hour away? My parents lived 5 1/2 hours away, and didn’t keep up with our day-to-day life.


Keep your word- have the party.


Nasty jealous bitch, I knew one like that. Tried to spoil every event. Walk away from it, you’ll enjoy yours knowing she’s not there

You also need to learn what a narcescist is. If that is them and if that is your extended family and or parents, it is ok to negate your own family too.
People including family learn to manipulate via emotional sabotage.
It sounds to me like all are practicing that while you husband is trying to tell you that he loves you and won’t let their wants ruin what you have.
Maybe the both of you need to agree on boundaries for both sides of the family and agree to pull away from both if they can not respect your wishes


Personally, I’m petty, I’d change the date of my child’s party, not attend the one they’re throwing anyway and specifically not invite them on the new date. I’d invite only those that do not cause issues.


Hard situation. Feeling for you

Imo… Blow off her and yrs party… U dnt need the drama or bs on ur sons day… I learned the hard way …waste of money on ppl who dnt appreciate u n yrs kids… So jt take your selves out… and spoil yr son on his day and keep it to yrslf… U will so be happy u did… I wish I did… Ruined my son 8th bdy…


Get rid of them or kill them with kindness.

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I’m a man.been there.Have your party as u plan.Dont not change time 7 yrs is enough time for in-laws to adjust (are " outlaws") no later than 2 days before party seriously get head count who’s gonna be there.Remember it is not the kids fault that their parents are acting foolishly there caught in the middle.Look for other kids that would appreciate an invite.(these are just ideas) They can only make it a Payton Place if you participate in there shcem.Keep your integrety and character in check u will raise decent respectible children.( hopefully)Eventually ,if things don’t improve your husband will have to man up (don’t be to hard on him he loves his family to ) he doesn’t need to throw a fit just sternly tell them this is my wife these are my children this is my family they are my responsibility my main concern.If u force me to make a desision u want like the out come.When u hurt them u are hurting me.And u are acting selfishly and only thinking of yourselves.and that is selfish.Take the high road for your self and your children.Sorry for butting in .Its just I have been there.Its late I’m going to bed.Good luck.Im going to bed.


Oh man. If this were my man and he said and did nothing… his stuff would be packed and out the front with him in tow… he needs to grow some balls and have yours and your kids backs… he’s evidently letting them walk all over your child and his birthday! You need to say something too… I wouldn’t have that shit. I’ve any of my family did this, id be jumping down their throats and telling them to buck their ideas up… can’t stand narcissistic idiots like this… actually scrap that. Tell them, their invites are no longer available for this year an every year after that. If they can’t out aside their own shit for one day, they ain’t worth your babies time…

Forget them. Have a great day and enjoy your party. Make it special for your child and don’t bring up the drama!


They are being but holes…have your child’s party and move on…be sure to invite them weather they come is up to them.

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My inlaws are like that and we finally had to cut them out

When I read these inlaw post it makes me wish I’d got to meet mine :frowning:

Have your party an just be nice to inlaws an stay away as much as you can poison is no good for anyone an it sounds like inlaws are full of poison.

Focus on u and your family if they don’t want to b apart of it then it’s their loss throw your sons party and have a blast

Honestly I think all sides here need to grow up. It’s not about the adults. It’s about the children. Sit down face to face all of you and figure these things out so these children aren’t put in the middle of it.

Have the party anyway with ur family. If they dont show up its their loss. Its ur sons day make it special for him. As for the other i think u need to sit ur husband down and really talk to him and he needs to stand up to his family and tell them to butt out of ur business

Forget them enjoy your family

Well you said leaked out a lit’le info, about how your family is to them, what’s up with that, sounds like you both gave problems to solve on both sides of the fences, to just keep the piece depending on how old your son is, doesn’t he have friends he could invite over, it would probably be more fun for him anyways, who can have fun with families that are against each other’s, it would settle alot!