How do you know when it's time to end a relationship?

So my question is how do you carry on trying with someone youve completely fallen out of love with I have a child with him as well but this time round I feel like I’m completely done with him


You don’t. You just coparent peacefully for your child. Your child will feel and see that there is no love between his/her parents and that will fuck them up a little. If you’ve gave it your all then I would just be done for the sake of everyone.

In my experience that never really does the kids any good. If that means separated and happy, it’s better than together and sad or fighting all the time. They need a loving environment to thrive.


Its simple, be done. Co-parent. Be happy for you… you only get one life, don’t be miserable.


Don’t stay for the kids you will regret that choice. Really think about these questions. Why aren’t you in love anymore? Why are you wanting to stay for the kids? What are you looking for in someone that he isn’t? How will you feel if you stay for the kids and they move out and leave you two alone again? It will be hard but so will living forever not in love with your partner.

Time to go :disappointed_relieved: your happiness is important…and you need to teach your baby that :heart: this is exactly what happened with my ex. Took a couple years to figure out co-parenting …but now we rock it :blush: better to have two loving homes then one he where mom and dad aren’t happy. Good luck…I hope you figure out what you need to do :heart:

If you’re not in love with your husband, let him go. He deserves to be with someone who loves him. It’s cruel to stay out of obligation and not love


Why would you want to try with someone you are no longer in love with? I’d rather split, co-parent and be happy then live a miserable loveless life.


If he is doing something wrong and you have an unhealthy relationship I could understand leaving. But if you just feel as if the spark is gone, make steps to bring it back. A life long love takes work. We, as well as our partners, change over the years. It’s up to us to stay in love and keep the spark going.
I have been in that rut a few times where I felt like the love was gone as we have been together for a long time and we have changed as people so many times. Bring the romance back. The grass is green where you water it. Good luck. Most relationships hit this rut after the honey moon stages. Relationships take work. They last because the couple doesn’t give up on holding onto that love.


Don’t force something that isn’t there.


You don’t. You move on and be happy without him. Don’t stay for the kid. That’s the worst thing you could do

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Are you no longer in love with him or do you just need something to change? Do you need more attention from him? Do you need more help with the child? If he changed some things do you think you could fall back in love with him?

Your done just that simple done

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Do what you must to be happy. Trying is not helping any one.


You don’t girl you leave be happy

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Your life is gonna go on with or without him. If you arent happy and theres no more love left in your heart for him then its time to go.

It depend on why you feel this way. If it’s because he has done (is doing) something that goes against your core, then you should leave. If you are just bored with him, maybe try to spice things up. Relationships are work. Both of you are growing and changing. The relationship must grow and change as well, in order to thrive.

You don’t! You are doing more damage to yourself and your child(ren) by staying in a loveless marriage. If your children see you miserable then they are going to be miserable. A happy 1 parent household is better for their health and happiness, then an unhealthy unhappy 2 parent household!!

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You don’t. You call it done and learn to co-parent for the sake of your child. :woman_shrugging:


Just because you both have a child doesn’t mean you must stay together. Nothing really lasts forever. That said hopefully you both can co parent but when some gets their feelings hurt they act immature so good luck and I hope it works out the way you and your child deserve.

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Just leave. You can’t maintain a loveless relationship. It isn’t fair to anyone involved

Have you tried relationship counseling? Do you want to make it work ? If there is no love there anymore is there a specific reason why? Did he hurt you? Cheat? Betray in some other way ? Or is it an attraction thing ? There is too much vagueness to this… if you aren’t happy then leave. If you think it might be salvageable then run to therapy with him!

A lot of people now quit after a bump or too. I would understand if they have done something completely wrong and against your values as a married person. But too have something long lasting it’s work. Try dating again. I suggest datenightinabox if going out isn’t possible. Or marriage counseling. Try to see if you can save what you have had, have, and will have. If you just can’t and there’s absolutely nothing at all. Then let go. No shame in that. :heart:

On another note. You can’t say you don’t love them. You just feel less for them. You never lose love for someone. That’s something that you never lose. Even if someone comes along. You just love that person even more than the last.

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Dont. Staying will only hurt you more and it shows your little one that’s it ok to be some where they aren’t happy.

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Udont u walk away and try to salvage courtesy between the 2 of u for your child

If thats the true feelings you have ,then maybe you should leave.

Marriage counseling to find out and bring back what brought you together in the first place. If after a year it’s still wrong from the foundation, separate.

Move on my son is going thru the same thing!

Do what you feel you gotta do…

I would just take time for yourself and see how you feel may in a month but not doing nothing wrong see if you want that.

It really depends on the reason you feel that way.

If you’re done then you’re done and it’s time to move on instead of being in a fake relationship. That’s not good for anyone involved including the kids.

Move on. Don’t waste your life faking it. People grow apart it happens, so acknowledge it, communicate with your partner and make a plan for moving forward separately. You don’t have to stay with the man, coparent and keep it pushing. I’m normally for people working it out, but if you don’t love him, what are you doing :woman_shrugging:t2: