How do you know when it's time to end a relationship?

Make him buy you out of half the house and buy a car lol


First get a job, from what I have heard, don’t know 100% but if ya work there 3 months minimum you can ask DHS to help get you a car. Walk or ride the bus a minimum of 3 months then go to DHS and see what they can do for you is all I can really say…

Excuse me. Did I miss something? She said she brought the car into the relationship. It’s hers. I divorced with no court involved. Why are you all so bitter that she expects her car? I dont even need to know the particulars on that one. She brought it in. She leaves with it. Otherwise, I dont know enough to pass judgement. Just get yourself a job and do what you can every day. Been there done that. There are too many variables for us to make an opinion on the rest.


Ok I don’t know why everyone is freaking out about her wanting a car. She is going too need a car and she is looking for a job. If she brought car into the relationship then she should leave with one. I don’t think it should be brand new or anything that would need payments even but a good reliable car for her daughter that he seems to not want or provide for.

All you’re entitled to is child support. If you still own the car you came into the relationship with and/or the car you currently own is in your name and you’re the one making the payments, then you should be able to walk away with it. If not, nope, so you’ll have to get a job and buy your own car. As for custody- unless I’m missing something, no reason you can’t split custody unless your soon to be ex is abusive or something.


Keep the kid and the house and the car. You need to provide for the child first and foremost. Courts will handle child support and possibly spousal support. But you definitely need to get a job .


Some women just like to be greedy, men have to live as well, when I divorced, I wanted nothing


Why ask for child support if he is working 2 jobs now and barely makes anything while you dont work. Child support is to support the child not the mom. If Dad is working 2 jobs and can barely pay bills now but is ordered to pay child support he will be homeless, no car, and not stable to have visitation. Why not split custody 50/50 no child support and move on? That makes more sense and is more logical. I swear women have their hands out for money, dont want to work, expect the ex to pay for everything and then get mad when Dad can’t. Men have just as much right to live as women and have equal rights to their child. I will never wrap my head around how women can do this and not feel guilt for it. (Extreme circumstances are different such as abuse, drug use, etc.)


Now you know why you don’t get on lmao

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Well im sure when you move out and bills are cut to just him being in the house he wont need to work 2 jobs 24/7 to support his bills. And will then have time to see his daughter too.
Him working all day everyday as you put it, while your at home.
Im sure is one big factor in why you guys dont get along. Hes always either at work or tired and trying to sleep cause he is working 2 jobs to support you.
If you came into the marriage with a car you have the right to leave with THAT car, if you got rid of it, it is not his responsibility to replace it for you.
He cant afford to pay his bils, you child support AND a car payment for a car he isnt even gonna use. :roll_eyes:


You are entitled to a vehicle,if you have to get food card they will go after him for child support

I’m in Indiana and child support is a law here. We have joint custody but it doesn’t matter. He gets weekends and summers and still has to pay support… A whole $29 a week! I came into the marriage with 2 cars of my own and left with 0. I’ll be buying my first car since 2017 this yr. I lost everything but my kids in the divorce…

Get yourself a good attorney an yes he has to provide you with the essentials you’ll need to take care of yourself and your child.

Just because you two didn’t work out doesn’t mean your guys daughter and her dad didn’t work out. Like wtf? Unless your soon to be ex husband is abusive towards her the courts will not grant you full custody. Why would you even think of taking a child away from her father. If you didn’t mean full custody then say physical custody. Where she lives with you and you share visitations with him. Unless your child is in danger don’t EVER use them as a tool against their other parent.

Also if you have the car you came into the relationship with then yes you are entitled to that. Otherwise if he bought the car and it’s under his name and not yours… that’s not gonna happen.

Every state is different but don’t be vengeful just cuz your marriage didn’t work.


You better keep that house to raise your little girl its just him he can leave easier than you can its gonna be hard enough on your little one let her stay in her house and you ask for the car to get her to. Dr or where ever you need to go but keep your house

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Why not just take the car you guys have and he keeps the house like you said. Then you pay for gas and maintenance on it seeing as he has to do that with the house and you also stated that he doesn’t make much so why make him broke he is going to need no money to live also. Or you could give him half custody and he would save money plus see his child as much as you do

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If you brought the car into the relationship then it’s yours point blank period. And you need to do 50/50 custody unless he was abusive to her or something. That’s not fair to either of them.

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Grow up. Marriage is a 2 way street. Both equally responsible for providing food, shelter and caring for the kids. If he is the only one working, then maybe he should get custody since he is the one who can provide. You can’t solve this on FB.


As a stay at home mom to a 1 & 2yr old, I still found a way to bring in extra money just in case things went bad relationship wise. I do cleaning jobs pulling in about 900$ a month. You should have your own hustle so you wouldnt be in this position & im not being a bitch but you cant always trust that your relationship will work & as a mother you need a back up plan. You’re both equally responsible for the child, but hes not responsible for taking care of you. You’re an adult.

Also to add, you shouldn’t be a petty betty wanting full custody. He’s the one working and pulling in the money! I really cannot stand when women try to keep their child’s father out of the picture because of their own selfish ways. Dont do that to him nor your child, children need their dad just as much as they need their mom.


Do not move out of the house. Do not file for divorce yourself. Get a lawyer or at least consult with one.


I am in the process of getting a divorce and my ex wants everything even though he did not buy nothing and I supported him for ten years. No kids . Dad still has to pay child support it is the law or he goes to jail

If u came into the marriage with a vehicle u should be able to get one and usually the judges will make the husband keep you and your child in the lifestyle that y’all are use too meaning money etc but it maybe different in other places I’m so sorry y’all are having to go through this tho God bless you and good luck

I think certain things come into play such as: how long were you married? How long were you a homemaker? Why not sell the house and split the money?

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Why give up your half of the house if he can’t even make sure you have a vehicle? I wouldn’t move until a judge settles your divorce! Every state has their own laws about custody so let the judge decide that too. Unfortunately if the mortgage payments aren’t paid, it will reflect on your credit so if you don’t want the house, ask for it to be sold. That way you get your half and your name is off the title, leaving your credit in tacked.

A little maturity goes a LONG way. Re-read what YOU wrote, slowly. I can clearly see why your marriage is failing, can YOU?

Read these comments carefully, a lot of these commenters made excellent points.

Good Luck.

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Is he abusive or does he not care to even have custody?

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