How do you know when it's time to end a relationship?

I’ve been having a hard time lately with my relationship. Myself and my fiance have been together for just over 6 years and have a 2 year old child. Our relationship has always been rocky off and on. When we are good, we are really good. But, when we are bad, things stay downhill for a while. I love this man so much and I know he loves me. He does everything for us. I feel like things haven’t been the same for the last few years as they were the first few years. He is amazing with the baby and I dont want to take them away from each other but I dont feel like our relationship is working anymore. So much guilt comes over me when I even think about it.
So I guess my question is: When did you guys know that a relationship was over and how did you go about it?
I dont work so I dont even know where to start.

You really need to evaluate why things aren’t working or feeling good. There’s always reasons. Talk it out with him. And then go to marriage counseling. It can help a lot.


Relationships are always great n good the first few years- then it gets rough as hell. It takes a lot of work because it’s not enough to just love some one.
Sit down and write reasons why its been hard and rough. Are they things you can work through- or has it gone too far?


Do you still love him? Are you still IN love with him? Talk it out, work it out. Find out what you have a problem with. Talk to each other