How do you know when it's time to potty train?

Needing advice. How do you know when it’s time to potty train? My son is going on for 20 months now. He still does baby talk. Only pronouncing a handful of words and still can’t really feed himself. He is my only child so I’m still learning as a mom. I thought I should wait to potty train until he can say small simple phrases, but I don’t know when that may be. Any advice is appreciated.


My kids constantly wanted to be naked and that’s how I knew they were ready!

Don’t force the issue. Boys train later than girls.

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Wait until he shows interest like asking questions or following you to bathroom and asking questions about the potty. There are also children’s books on this topic for toddlers. Boys typically take longer and show interest closer to 3

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Potty training depends on each child differently. My daughter was trained once she started walking…bout 14 months. But my son didn’t train until he was 3. Be patient and enjoy each day. You can’t repeat today…

Every child is different. Both my boys were potty trained by 2 1/2 years old.

Every kiddo is different. I waited until they gave me signs. I was also a working mom with multiple sitters so having someone help wasn’t easy. My oldest was a little over 4 and pee trained in 2 days (poop took 6 months) and my youngest was just over 3 and he pee and poop trained in 3-4 days. I probably could have done them both sooner but waited for warmer weather so if there needed to be an emergency (distance between places is killer) we didn’t have to go in the cold.

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My daughter was 3.5 before she really understood, but I have heard of kids being potty trained younger. We started at 2.5 and it wasn’t working so then we tried again at 3. She was doing better but we got off routine with holidays… I think 3 is the best time to start personally. Now at 3.5 she is fully potty trained. Pooping in the toilet and learning how to start wiping took longer to learn, 1 to 2 months for her.

I would say, when he’s interested in what you’re doing on the toilet…
When he’s interested in throwing away his own diaper and or when he doesn’t like it that he’s wet.
If you’re trying to figure it out, introduce him to the toilet, see what he does.
*They’re all different and do what they want!
My girl turned two in November, she throws away her pamper, is completely interested in using the toilet for fun and doesn’t care when she’s wet :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just start trying . My son was 18 months old when trained . I think if you wait too long it gets harder


See if he’s interested, make it fun. My oldest 2 were about 18-24mo when they were officially potty trained, my youngest was 15mo

All 4 of my boys were out of daytime diapers by 2.5. I started potty orientation about 18-20 months. Getting the potty taking their diapers off and sit the. On the potty when I went. Sitting on the potty before baths etc. just after 2 we buckled down and did more frequent trips to the potty and lots of naked time. I hear boys take longer. It does not have to be my oldest was 25 months. Mine went to preschool at 3 and they had to be out of diapers to go.

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Let him potty train himself. Make a potty he can reach available. He will do it in under a week.

We started ours at 17 months. She’s getting the hang of it now and just turned 19 but I have been cracking down every 20 min we sit at home and big girl underwear when at home. Pull-ups at daycare and for night time / naps. We tried naked but after she shit on the floor hubby said nope cotton panties it is. Her daycare also helps but for some reason she refuses to go on their potty

She’s finally giving signals and ques so I am hoping soon she will be done.

My son was 25 months old when he finally decided to start pooping on the potty. He had been peeing since 12 months. My friends son was 4 before he even wanted to pee on the potty. My friends daughter will be 3 in june and still has yet to even pee on the potty. Every child is different. Dont force the issue. It will literally just click in his head one day. You can encourage it but dont force it.

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When my daughter said she went pee and would bring me a new diaper to change her

Wait! I tried to potty train mine at 2 and she wasnt ready. She was about the same developmentally as your son is. She was potty trained right before she turned three. Dont rush it. It will come in time. I rushed it and we ended up in the drs office getting a catheter because it confused her so bad. :weary: will definitely be waiting until my youngest shows more interest and is more ready.

When he’s interested in the toilet is the best time… my son turned 2 at the end of January and we’re just casually introducing the potty to him. We’ve introduced the terminology. I’m currently still asking if he wants to try, and while he’s on to seat I usually pull up the cocomelon or little baby bum potty training songs on youtube and he likes to sing to them. We’ve had a few success stories so far where he’s informed me he had to go and did, but lots of nothing happened and dirty diapers too. I’ll push a little more seriously in a few months, but for right now I’m just letting him get used to it on his terms. It worked for my oldest too.

My son is 2.5 and I still haven’t started only because his speech is behind. If we cant communicate I feel its just going to be frustrating for both of us.
Hes in speech therapy, so hopefully by the time summer is here, he will be able to express his needs verbally FINALLY and we can potty train.

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I was potty trained before I could really talk. My mom told me I was potty trained at a year old and that I mostly did it myself.

Potty training can’t be forced and every child is different. You will know when your child is ready. I started my daughter at 20 months but did not really completely go until she was 3.5. It takes a lot of patience, trial & error & determination.

For both of my kids, we started by sitting them on the potty before baths and praising when they went in the potty. No pressure or stress. Then eventually, we increased how often we did that until they were going multiple times a day. There are never any tears. My daughter is 23 months now and goes about 4 to 5 times a day on the potty. My son was trained by 2 and half by doing this.

I always sat my boys on the potty when I was running their bath water. They would tinkle some days, some days not but the sooner you get them started the better

My little man has just turned 2 (24 months) and literally out of the blue the other day took his nappy off and tried to climb on the toilet and was tapping the seat saying wee wee so I helped him up and he did a wee!! I think when they are ready they will show signs and then you kind of just go with it. We haven’t done anything about it yet as hes still really young, we are just letting him do his thing and hoping eventually hell just do all his wees on the toilet. I’m sure your little one will let you know when hes ready x

My son is 3, will be 4 in august. He started right around this past Christmas. Once they start showing interest, it should be time to start. Don’t rush them. Only adds frustration and set backs. Good luck!

On a different subject, talk to your pediatrician about his speech. The pediatrician might want you to get a speech evaluation done for early intervention

When u get tired of changing shitty diapers