How do you let an employer know that you are pregnant?

What is the etiquette for letting an employer know about a pregnancy? I’m fairly new employee that works remotely.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you let an employer know that you are pregnant?

You are not legally required to disclose that information.


I just told them the next day in a conversation like well we found out yesterday we are pregnant. Me and my bf both work together and are close with the manager so it was just like telling another family member :joy:

Id say as long as it doesn’t affect your job duties, don’t worry about it until you get closer.

I only told my job as a courtesy to explain my vomit breaks during the first trimester.


I wouldn’t tell them

You don’t have to tell them at all, but I wanted til it was US confirmed, I also worked somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to do certain things because the pregnancy so I needed to let them know to protect myself

I didn’t say anything until I was about 12 weeks along

They will eventually notice so I would let them know privately…they should understand

If you work remotely, I’m assuming mostly from home? There really shouldn’t be a need to tell them unless it gets to the point where you are unable to perform your job in any sense. If you’re worried it’ll happen early on, maybe let them know that you’re pregnant and possibly will have whichever issues you might have in the near future.


I was honest.told Tham as soon as I found it. Just so I had an idea of paid time off and when to file my fmla

Ask about how to file for maternity leave

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I got pregnant during Covid a about at year after I lost a pregnancy at 28 weeks. I work in a school and told my boss, as her office door was right next to the closest bathroom. I told her if she seems me running to the bathroom and hears puking it’s not Covid related. I waited about 8 more weeks before telling the rest of the staff and we are all shocked that we kept it a secret that long!

You do a video chat pulling a pan of biscuits out of the oven…but really it’s none of their business

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You’ll start showing by your second trimester. Maybe wait until then, but if asked, I wouldn’t lie about it. That will really make you look bad.

I was a nurse so told them immediately for my own protection. As you’re fairly new id tell them as soon as possible so you know where you stand with maternity leave/pay

Usually you wait till after 3 months

With enough notice to replace you with someone while you take time off (2-3 weeks before expected delivery I’d say)

I waited until I was 20 weeks so I would know the proper way to put in for FMLA
I just got lucky and at that same time everything shut down for Covid so they sent me home to work remotely the next week, that was March 2020 and I’m still remote.
I found it helped telling my boss since I knew there would be a lot of doctors appointments and it made it easier all around

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I didn’t say anything until my boss asked me lol. I was like 20 weeks along

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I would say towards the middle or end of your 2nd trimester if your position will need to be covered while you’re out. If it’s more of a call center then the end of 2nd beginning of 3rd so you can assure they have your maternity leave on file. Otherwise they don’t need to know. I only told mine because I have a govt job & travel & needed to make sure they didn’t schedule trips past September & got a temp hired on no later than October so I can leave end of November & return in late Feb.

If you’re a remote worker I really wouldn’t tell them until one you’re through the risk of miscarriage window. And it’s frankly none of their business until about week 20 that gives them plenty of time to staff


I’ve been at my current job for almost 6 years… for both pregnancies, I waited until about 13-15 weeks to say anything… I just went into my boss’s office and told her. If I were remote, I’d say something during a video chat/zoom meeting or phone call.

I just told my direct manager that I was pregnant and was like I’ll be missing time for appointments wither the time is approved or denied. I told HR when I was asking about maternity leave policy. Currently 39 weeks pregnant still dealing with their BS. So the sooner the better.

I wouldn’t even say anything until you’re at least half way through

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I would wait until 20 weeks.

What if it’s a really physical job with heavy lifting??

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A shirt that says bun in the oven

I told them as soon as I knew. I was going to have doctors appointments so they needed to know.

It really depends on the job you are doing. If your WFH is fairly low key and you have sick leave available for appointments with your doctor, wait until relatively close to your due date if you plan to take time off. I say that because my oldest daughter became pregnant with her youngest shortly after taking a new job. It is all remote work. She worked closely with her doctor and they scheduled her inducement for a Sunday. She took Monday off and returned to work on Tuesday. Her boss is aware that she has 4 kids, but has no idea that one was born the summer after she started working for them.

I would tell them as soon as you know so they can be aware that you’ll be taking time off for doctor’s appointments and then will need maternity leave. Also possible accommodations for light duty toward the end of your pregnancy.

I took proof of pregnancy when I got it. I’m a nurse and there’s just some things I won’t do pregnant (lifting heavy patients etc) that would put me at risk so I let them know from the jump.

My boss had guessed, I think before I even knew about it. Then I was in denial then I fussed up. She was an awesome boss though.

Tell them their the daddy!

Don’t til it’s closer to time for you to have leave

I didn’t go out of the way to tell mine any of the times.
My 2nd baby I was over 18 weeks when I got hired and wore a dress and carried myself at the interview to hide it. After about a month she saw me with my hands propped on my belly and asked so I said yes. (I worked at arbys)
My 3rd I needed a day off for my cerclage placement so I told him I needed to rearrange my schedule and explained why so he found out (I was an hourly manager at walmart)
My 4th (currently still pregnant with) I was VERY sick for months. After a couple weeks of it we were talking about my lack of energy and such and it came up. So she knew. (Still hourly manager at Walmart but different supervisor)

I just talk with HR and i also talked with my manager/boss of my department. My HR i had a question about my insurance as well as what all would need to be done when. My hospital job is different compared to Home Depot. Home Depot within weeks had my information and was getting my maternity leave and payroll all figured out. Whereas my hospital job is still getting things worked out, but we dont have much left. It just depends on how ready you are to let them know. I talked around my week 5 to 9. As im a CNA and didn’t want them to think oh shes throwing up in the toilet, have to send her home, so i told them what is goin on.

I didn’t have to say anything I told one coworker and it went around real quick :rofl:
But anyways you should be able to go up to your boss and let them know!

I was waiting to tell my manager, until one day she called me into her office and said she creeped my Facebook and wanted to congratulate me on my pregnancy.

I didn’t say anything until I had to I got hired at 10 weeks my boss found out 4 days later she loves pregnant people

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Just say… I’m pregnant

Atleast wait until you’ve worked there for the 3 months and then let them know

For me I told my boss right away. I have a really physical job so for me it was important to let them know incase anything happen. I’m glad I let them know because right away I was so sick and struggling.

Wait until you are a little far in your pregnancy, like 3-4 months .
I remember that I started a job at a new restaurant and got pregnant right away, the first weeks the boss was just trying employees to see wich ones he will keep every day he fired and hired people , I was scared to been fired if I told him even though I was one of the best one.
So , I talked to his girlfriend instead and she kind of protected me :blush: