How do you manage PCOS and pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks pregnant, have PCOS and am completely miserable, i am sick from the time i wake up until i lay down, i cant stay asleep because of the sickness, and when i finally rise in the morning I feel like a mac truck has ran me over. Ive tried over hydrating with water, used peppermints of all sorts, lemonhead candies, pickles, pickle juice, mustard, mustard on toast, crackers, ginger ale, sprite, and cutie mandarin oranges. Ive even bought lemon/lavender/mint bath bombs and soap to help to no avail. I know that nausea is supposed to fade throughout the pregnancy but im so miserable, im hoping there are other methods i haven’t found that could help me get a good nights rest.


Have you seen a doctor? Diclectin may help.


Maybe zofran it’s antinausea. I ate ice to settle my stomach

I’d be asking my dr. Diclectin worked wonders for me.

My entire pregnancy with my daughter I struggled. It was never ending. Nothing worked. I was so tired and grumpy. The only thing that would help temporarily was zofran(prescribed by dr.). I ate ice chips all the time and kept crackers by the bed

Your PCOS has nothing to do with morning sickness… talk to your doctor and explain it like you did here…


Try b6 vitamins that’s what my doctor prescribed me when I had bad nausea. Also he told me to get this medicine it was like 10 bucks at Walgreens it made me a bit sleepy so take it before night

I drank ginger ale with a little cranberry juice and it helped

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I had it so bad with my first pregnancy nothing helped but there was a suppository that Kind of helped me because I didn’t have to swallow anything. I was literally only relieved by giving birth. Hopefully this isn’t your case. I am currently 24 weeks with number 4 right now and my nausea finally has somewhat subsided to the point of being able to function at the 21 week mark.

I was the same way until I tried pepcids for heartburn!! And I did not have heartburn. But it worked!!!

You are only 9 weeks… Give it time… Sorry to say it like that… I understand it sucks…i was sick my entire first pregnancy… So sick i list down to 74 pounds and had to go into the hospital… I was sick as i was pushing my daughter out! Maybe try room temperature coke

Phenergan and unison/b6 saved my life. I had nausea that honestly didn’t let up until she was born. This just helped me live through the constant vomiting

Unisom and B6 every night! It works wonders!

I was sick all 9 months and only found pickled cucumbers helped and I ate like 6 a day I couldn’t eat anything orange or red! It sucks but it should ease up check out seems to sit well but definitely talk to dr

I was like that during my first trimester too, honestly what helped me was being in a ventilated room at all times (smells made me sick) and I got Preggie Pops and they helped, so did those little icee sticks (flavor-ice???) but for me it was just something I had to ride out, my smell aversions and nausea wasn’t 100% gone until 15/16 weeks though

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Could you possibly have Hyperemesis Gravidarum(sp?)


Preggiepops might help

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My first pregnancy I was sick all of 37 out of 39 weeks. Honestly, I found that little things helped some. Don’t sit up in bed so fast when you wake up. Eat small snacks, instead of big meals. And speak to your doctor about nausea relief both natural and prescription. Also the best thing ive ever heard a Dr say was don’t drink sprite water or gingerale right away. Take a Gatorade, Powerade, or something of the sort and drink 1 tbsp every 30 mins to an hour until you know you can hold it down. Then start in to a little bit more drinks of wider variety. If you throw up, start over again. Freeze an electrolyte solution or drink into popsicles and suck on them in the mornings. Thats the main thing you want to do because it isn’t so harsh on an empty upset stomach.

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I went to local iv fluids center. Cheaper than urgent care or emergency room visit. It helped to get iv fluids to hydrate again. It got better around 16 weeks …hang in there!!

The only thing that helped me was oranges. I cant even eat oranges when Im not pregnant. Good luck

I had hyperemesis with both of my pregnancies and the only thing that helped was nausea medication my doctor prescribed. I would throw up every morning, then take a disolvable pill because if I took it with water I would throw it up. I’d still have to go in every few weeks for fluids due to dehydration.

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Ask your doctor for zofran


During my last pregnancy I was sick almost the whole pregnancy. Zantac helped for heart burn/acid reflux and zofran for the nausea but that you have to get from your dr

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Ask the doctor for diclectin(spelling??) I had really bad naseau through out my whole pregnancy. Couldn’t smell food cooking or look at food without throwing up. Even threw up ice chips. The pills helped to get some food down. I lost 60 pounds while I was pregnant and my son was 9 lbs when born

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I was sick all day every day until a little after 6 months…anti nausea meds didnt work. Pedialyte and milk was all I could keep down.

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I have PCOS too, and I don’t think that has anything to do with the nausea. You’re in prime nausea time right now…it will get better in a few weeks. Just ride it out mama!

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Zofran/zolfran idk how to spell it but it’s prescribed by your doctor! That’s the only thing that helped me my whole pregnancy

My sister could only handle jolly ranchers candies

If my stomach was empty I be sick my entire pregnancy… I had to eat 2-3 saltines an hour and very tiny meals through our day . Big and heavy meals were just as bad as an empty stomach.

I also had to set an alarm for every 3 hours at night to eat 3 crackers with light peanut butter or cheese prefer peanut butter because I could premake and leave in bag next to bed and cheese I had to go downstairs. But the small protein helped .

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Cinnamon gum, vitamin B6, sucking the salt off of Fritos.

Preggo pop drops saved my life. I got them at target.

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Ask your doctor before doing so, of course, but my OB suggested taking a B6 vitamin and a half tab of unisom every night, with my prenatal vitamin. Worked like a charm!!


Banana. Or yogurt may help

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Ask your doctor for Diclegis or Zofran. In the meantime, vitamin b-6 and unisom is over the counter and may help. Call your doctor and speak to a nurse to make sure it’s ok to take (both are safe in pregnancy but you should always check with a doctor first). I had terrible nausea with my son and Diclegis was the only thing that made it go away enough to function. Good luck to you.


If I ate some of those things you listed I would be puking anyway and I’m not even pregnant. Eww!! Sometimes you just have to deal with it. I threw up every day all hours of the day my whole pregnancy. It’s just a fact of life. Don’t take Zofran like so many people are saying to. That have HUGE lawsuits right now due to all the birth defects it has caused. Preggie pop drops help a little bit but you really just have to tough it out…


Zofran has studies linked to it showing it causes club feet in pregnancy. I would highly recommend a medicine called Bonjesta. It is specifically for pregnant women with morning sickness it did wonders for me. Only downfall is a lot of insurances still dont cover it with it being a newer drug, but it is safe and hasn’t shown any negative effect on mother or baby.

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Ask your OB for Zofran.

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Get some meds, being miserable is not ok. I caved around my 9th weeks and finally went into doctor and was given Dicigleis, totally safe and worked well for me. Also coke helped and also really really cold water. Hang in there and yes it will get better

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Motion sickness bracelets helped me. I got mine at Walgreens

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Pressure point bracelets helps a little bit for me

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Eating smaller and more frequent meals helped me a lot along with small sips of water all day long (lots and lots like I would never be without a water bottle). It wasn’t a cure all lol, but it kept the nausea down a little. If smells are doing it for you, try your best to get fresh air and limit smells as best as you can (fragrance free products, don’t cook certain things…).

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Candied ginger. Sea bands

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I am so sorry Kate! The worst part of my pregnancy was by far the first trimester because of the nausea :disappointed: I couldnt get more then 45min of sleep without waking up to run to the bathroom. I don’t know if it will help you but I ended up taking gravol and zofran ( as per my MD) and the gravol helped me sleep through some of the nausea to the point I could get a couple hours sleep at a time. I also found if I could eat one mouthful of ANYTHING, bread/fruit whatever i was less likely to actually vomit.
Again I’m so sorry girl, I feel your pain! You got this !

Unisom and vitamin b6 is a lifesaver!! It’s the same ingredients as in The meds they will prescribe you but a lower dose. I was on it the whole pregnancy. Also, sipping on a coke can help :blush:

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I had HG. It was beyond horrible, the worst experience of my life. I tried every old wives tale, every tip or trick and nothing. So I was on about 8mg of zofran every 6 hours, compozine in the second trimester, and also had Reglan and promethazine during the multitude of hospital visits. My daughter was born perfectly healthy and no defects at all. I was also on these during my first pregnancy and again my son was completely healthy and no defects. I was also on epilepsy medication the entire pregnancies. I know personal experiences vary but I would say to ask for Zofran or Diclegis!

10-25 mg of vitamin B6 3 times a day helps with nausea. I am a neurotic mess while pregnant and Don’t like taking pharmaceuticals, my obgyn happily told me about it because it’s a natural way to cure nausea

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I asked my doctor for zofran because it’s the only nausea medication that worked for me previous to pregnancy and they told me they would give it to me but made me totally aware of the risk of complications for my baby, and offered a couple sample bottles of bonjesta and I now swear by it. Zofran isn’t a good idea especially early in pregnancy and should only be used as an absolute last resort.

Cbd or thc. Weed will help with all that. If ur not comfortable with that then try the CBD


I had hyperemesis gravidarum, the extreme morning sickness and had to be put on zofran for it…I’d ask a doctor about it if I were you. I get the kids version that dissolves on the tounge…good luck. I’d only use the zofran if you honestly cant handle feeling sick but I made it my mission to get off of it as soon as I was able…my moms a nurse so I am acutely aware of drug effects and not to be dependent on them…my obgyn was so proud of me weaning off of it on my own. As far as side effects I couldn’t keep down water until I took zofran and I was concerned about zofran side effects but like my obgyn said…it’s worse to be throwing up like I was than being on zofran and being able to drink water and eat…I was throwing up so hard I developed a placental tear…

Let your dr know. They can prescribe phenergan or zofran, and if you can’t keep anything down, they can insert a zofran pump for the remainder or the pregnancy.

I think u need to go to the doctor,

Ask your doctor, she probably gonna recommend Unisom or B6.

With my first I had hyperemesis gravidarum and I threw up everyday multiple times a day until about 16 weeks. You may have it as well. I took b6 and unisom for a little bit and it helped some but for the most part just suffered through it. Sometimes that’s the only thing you can do☹️. Just try to eat what you can and stay hydrated and in a couple weeks you should be feeling better. Good luck!

Vitamin B6 they have gummies, suckers, and more

Can’t your doctor give u nauseous pill. With my first pregnancy I was sick the hole nine months

Talk to your ob for sure. My first pregnancy I had undiagnosed hypermesis (spelling?) they did give me zofran which I ate like skittles that pregnancy to cope with the constant nausea and vomiting. This pregnancy hasn’t been as bad and the gave me vitamin b6 which helped but it was also much more mild. I have pcos too and severe acid reflux.

Ask your OB about starting ranitidine and compazine. I experienced hyperemisis gravidarum and this combo worked well for me

Ginger candies were a lifesaver for me, smells triggered puking for 10 weeks of my pregnancy and those would help 80% of the time, other then that morning I would wake up eat a cracker or two, chug water and throw it up lol. Wasn’t fun but at least then your not dry heaving

Doctors can give anti nausea medication it worked well for me

Blueberries, lemon water

B6 & unisom at night time- my doc prefers that over other nausea medicines

Also GNC makes these ginger lemon chews that helped me big time! I had morning sickness like you up until 14 weeks (I’m 16 weeks now)

I had 2 get meds sometimes it happens

Try mint flavored products.

I ate 3 to 6 bananas a day for months its the only thing I could eat and keep down and I drank regular coke just sipping it room temp and flat …

I had to take zofran because nothing stayed down and I got too dehydrated and ended up in the ER. They have a med that is anti nausea (phenagren?) and makes you sleepy/drowsy that I took at night so I could sleep the first couple months.

The good news is nauseousness means you’re producing the hormone that is symptomatic for a healthy baby

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Hey hun, I went through the same thing from week 6 to week 22. Im now at week 26. One thing I found that worked amazingly: Del Monte diced peaches. Take a spoonfull of the juice and see if that helps. Works magic for me.

I was sick for the first 28 weeks of my pregnancy it was miserable but you’ll get through it