How do you manage PCOS?

I am 32… diagnosed with PCOS… how did everyone having this deal with it, and in what ways did all manage it… any tips on how to lose weight when you have PCOS, please…


This is something that you really need to discuss with a doctor. Not strangers on fb. What works for others may not work or be healthy for you.


Low carb and exercise I also have hypothyroidism so taking my synthroid helped too

See your Dr bc mine gave me metformin to help with regulating the pancreas I starting losing weight with medication

You need to speak with a physician and see a dietician.

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See your doc. I take metformin and am on birth control to help balance hormones. Watch what you eat, a lot of PCOS women are more prone to diabetes, especially when pregnant.

I ended up getting the gastric sleeve. I was on hormones for a few years with no success. Within 6weeks on my sleeve, my cycles were normal & I got pregnant. I had a healthy baby boy & I’m now pregnant with baby #2, baby girl :heart:

I am 34 and I have had PCOS for many years I take birth control metformin and spironolactone and my hair is now starting to grow back and my cycles are regular You definitely need to go to an OBGYN to treat you for the PCOS My PCP would not give me the medications that I needed to treat the PCOS I was finally able to have children when I was 28 and 30 after trying for 10 years

I have one of the “less severe” forms of PCOS. So I was able to mange it with just diet and exercise (and not even that strict, tbh)
You are going to be on a rollercoaster for the next little bit.
You have to take what people tell you, what your doc tells you, and whoever else can give you information, and find the best suit for your lifestyle and what works best for you.
I follow a group on here Healthy PCOS. It’s very informative. He does sell supplements and mixes, but even if you don’t buy those, he puts a lot of information out there.
And he gives great advice about living and managing pcos in different ways! I highly suggest following it.
Just know, you aren’t alone. You’re not the only one going through it, it’s okay to break down, and it’s okay to talk to someone. ALWAYS reach out for help! Even if it’s just a vent sesh… It helps to have a great support team that understands pcos.

Balance by alani nu makes all the difference! Just a vitamin!

I used to go to slimming world and that was really good went from a size 20 to a 14

Between metformin, low carb diet, and mild exercising I keep my PCOS at bay. It also doesn’t help when there are other medical issues involved. Best thing is to get a complete physical and blood work done, this will help the doctor. Then the doctor will have all this info and will be able to find what would work best for you.


I know a lot of people have had success with a keto diet. I’d definitely discuss it with you physician before trying though.

I have a mild case i control it with low dose bc. I got diagnosed at 21 im now 37 it got better after the birth of my miracle baby at 25

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Had it at 11 yrs old 43 now countious bc pills for 24 yrs weened off and now starting menopause. Lots of surgeries to remove cysts. My largest one was 3 1/2 by 4 in

As for the best medication, definitely metformin (if you are trying to conceive) but also helps with insulin resistance and weight issues. That along with the keto diet. Always check with your specialists first (it’s ashame their aren’t drs for just this because it’s so huge).

Talk to an endocrinologist and a good gynecologist. I was lucky to have hysterectomy. When i did

My daughter is 20 and has it. Low carb, metformin and birth control to help control the pain from the random but unruly periods.

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Go see a endocrinologist before listen to other people. They are the best in their field.

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See an endocrinologist! Stay away from carbs and sugars. Depending on lab results if you have insulin resistance issues meds can help wonders with the weight loss process.


I have had PCOS and been on metformin for over 10 years. I was also on iron because of anemia. After some research I decided to start my keto journey. Im now almost 4 months in, off metformin and iron and all my bloodwork is within normal range and im 20lbs lighter. Im not saying this will work for everyone but its probably worth bringing it up with your doctor if u don’t wanna be on medications forever!!

After surgery, I used the depo shot, not as birth control, but to help with my endometriosis and PCOS (bc with it, I didn’t have a period). When I got off it 5 years later, I had regular periods for the first time in my life.

Glucafoge medicine for diabetics.

My mother has pcos and she does keto which helps her lose weight

What exactly is pcos

I have had PCOS since I was 27… I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 29 and best decision I made because I was done having kids. I honestly tried meds but they made me sick. So I eat low carb and I have lost weight on it… Slow process but just eat healthy and you will lose it.

Luckily I also have celiac disease so I can’t eat gluten, but eliminating white flour was the best thing for mine.

Glucofage(metformin) ask your doctor. I was 30 when I had to have a hysterectomy. I was lucky to have my son. I had a lot of damage

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Amber Malsberger you have any adivce!?!?

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I’m recently finding out that having the right diet is very important. I’ve been working with a personal trainer for the last 3 months and following a nutrition plan based on my blood type and my autoimmune disorders. I’ve lost over 20 lbs, and I’ve lost 2 pant sizes so far.

I have had it since 13. Tried almost everything and nothing helped. After the pain got so bad I couldn’t walk for 3 days my doctor put me on depo. Has been the best thing for me. That doesn’t help for the weight part of it but it works wonders for my pain.