How do you organize your kids toys?

Does anyone else’s kid have an insane amount of toys? And how does everyone like to store them or organize them?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you organize your kids toys?

Nets for the stuffed animals, a 2×4 ft toy box for the others.

throw them all in the toy closet and hope like hell the door closes​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
the kids though have a tote each for thier ‘i cant put that up bc its my favorite/important toy’ toys lol


I don’t lol I put them in a diaper box and 3 minutes later they are all over the floor again. :laughing:


Throw them all in the toy box :woman_shrugging:t4:. If you think you have too many, just get rid of some.


Split my kids toys into several different totes so I can rotate them out around every 3-6 months so they don’t get bored or over whelmed with how many toys they have and I store all the extra totes in the closet


I got this for my daughters stuffed animals and it works great!
Easy to pack them all in and take out!


Sort by age, donate whatever they out grow. Stuffed animals are the worst dilemma, I only kept a few of sentimental fluffies…packed them away for them. As for storage any toy box or tote. Shelves come in handy too.

My child does and I don’t even know where to begin to organize them

I used to put the ones they played with the most in a clothes basket so they could clean it up easier themselves after playtime.

I purge twice a year in March before his Bday and in December before Xmas. Bye bye toys. He never misses the ones I throw out.


got the biggest tub Walmart offered lol it also serves as a baby gate to keep the 7 month old out of the kitchen

I have a big toy box and throw them all in there :grimacing: but I try to at least every couple months get rid of a bunch of the baby ones so it’s not overwhelming

Following! My son has to many and I’ve really been thinking of just donating some of them because ,wow. He hardly enjoys all of them.

I have 5 kids believe me its so much easier lmao

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I have cube shelves with the fabric bins off Amazon that have a spot to write what’s in the bin

Donate whatever they don’t play with. And find homes for like items. All baby dolls are on the doll bed, transformers in one bin, monster trucks in a tote in the closet, barbies in a tote with their accessories, etc. I have a cube shelf and a toy organizer from IKEA for all their small toys

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Honestly I gave up. As long as they get put away I’m happy lol. I work PMs 50-60 hrs a week and between work and my dude getting up early in the morning, as long as he is happy I’m happy. I’m also lucky that he doesn’t have me frantically searching for toys. Because he puts them away he generally remembers where they are. He’s 3.5.

Put all the hot wheels in hot wheel cases, put all musical toys in a crate, put all Legos in another crate, all stuffed animals in 1 toy box, all house/doll/action figures in another toy box, all infant/toddler toys in a toy organizer shelf thing, all books/learning toys in a crate, all toy guns/bow & arrow/caps/weapons & bullets to in a crate, all Lil toys like lol or the Lil ninja turtles or choking hazard toys in Halloween/Easter buckets & on a shelf so Lil ones don’t get into, throw away all broken toys, donate all the cheap $1 toys or kids meal toys

Dumped in big storage tubs they can search through, organization went out the window besidses “Well this is Lego and works well with Lego I guess that one box” the rest? Whever it’s not gonna get broken.

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We got this at IKEA. My son has lots and lots of toys (he’s the only grandchild :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:) . Each bin has been organized (cars, race tracks, action figures, legos, etc). He’s 4 and does a pretty good job at keeping things up and together. Every now and again I have to go in and help sort but nothing too crazy… that’s mostly so I don’t have to hear “I can’t find…”. We used to have open bins and it would drive me nuts with how messy and disorganized it looked. We use a laundry bin I found on Amazon for all of his stuffies.

Every 3 to 4 months clean them out and donate goodwill along with clothes and shoes


He’s only allowed what fits in his toybox. Every three months we go through and see what he doesn’t play with anymore and donate it. He only gets toys at Christmas and his birthday. Only from cheap yard sales if through the year but rarely. They do not need a room full of toys. His favorite toys are hot wheels and monster trucks. He only has three stuffed animal and his doll. He chooses one to sleep with at night. There’s no need for toys or stuffed animals they don’t play or sleep with.

1st throw away everythings thats broken.then clean everything clear totes so you can see whats in each 1.limit them to 1 tote at a time.

I got a couple toy organizers for the small toys. A shelf for the bigger toys and a bucket for all the stuffed animals works good for my kids. Now they don’t put them in the correct spots I do have to go threw once a month a reorganize them. But as they get older it’s it’s little easier. Also in the beginning they loved to just dump out all the buckets.

I have a cube shelf with plastic bins ($ tree) I sort by type of toy. Examples include action figures 1 bin, over flow hot wheels, over flow legos and so one. I also have a bean bag type thing to hold stuffed animals the don’t keep on their beds. They have nerf guns hanging on the wall and separate lego storage.
My daughter has a toy box my husband built her since she has less toys then my two boys. I tried to go through their toys 2 times a year. I donate what’s in good shape and toss or recycle what is left.

Toy bin whatever doesn’t fit is bagged in attic or donated

I used totes once their toy amount out grew the toy box.

What is “organize” I’m not understanding….


Fabric bin for his big toys, small toys go in a basket on the shelf. Every few months I go through them if they’re missing parts, broken and ignored they get thrown away. If they’re fine and working just ignored and/or forgotten i donate them.

I use the cube organizers from Walmart. I’ve also used the under the bed totes.

I don’t :joy: we have drawers and boxes in every room and if they can’t find the leg to a specific Barbie it’s their problem! As long as it’s off my floor I really don’t care

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I’m about to donate all of them and get books and art supplies instead cuz they don’t play with maybe one or two and we have 3 totes full

We just had two big boxes that everything went in so we didnt organize we just lived with “out of sight, out of mind” :grin:

I got two bin organizers from ikea and big plastic bin for big trucks

Christmas tree storage box!!

Currently chunking my boys shit out that they don’t play with

Like this…:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


I hide Em in the closet in bins so she can’t take them all out

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Ok first of all I would never try to organize them. I just need to be able to throw them somewhere, when my Tasmanian devil isn’t around. I have cabinets with no shelves, and I legit throw them in there, shut the doors and move on. There is zero organization. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Whats organized every day and time i straight up or try make them its a repeat tornado in there half the time I give up.

I bought a toy organizer on Amazon. They have different colors. I put the legos with the legos, doll stuff together, dress up stuff together. We just had a major purge. I say everyday before bed walk through the rooms… help them clean… it’ll show them how to clean :sweat_smile: and what you expect :hugs:

Have A box with 7 toys. The rest put in x black garbage bag and then rotate the toys. Also why do they so many

Garbage can works really well

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I store them all over thr floor in piles… spread thinly like a mine field.


Toy that’s on the floor,
Toy that Goes to The trash when I’m sweeping

I have shelves from floor to ceiling full of boxes of toys, each box is a different type of toy, lego box, car box, animal and dinosaur box, baby toy box, remote control car box, train set box, girls box (5 boys and only 2 girls, 1 of which is the baby and the 4 oldest are boys so we have more boys toys than anything else, girls box is slowly growing though, it’s full of barbies and ponies and bows :rofl::rofl:)

I use these cube organizers. Nothing is organized in the bins but at least it’s all out of sight.


3 kids in my home
Just went through
3 garbage bags full of toys I know they don’t touch :expressionless:
The ones we are keeping has
One bucket has stuffed animal n cars
Second has building blocks
3rd had guns and bigger toys

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This is what we’ve got. The brown fabric bins are from dollar tree and the blue shelf was bought on Amazon for super cheap.

I organize the toys so they are easy for kids to play with them. So if that means having them take up floor space or in a drawer they can easily get them out to play with.

I rotate toys from the garage to inside so that my kids stay entertained and nothing overcrowds. But I used storage bins in my living area for them.

& I have little bins like these everywhere. Including the kids’ rooms. I organize my sons toys and put them in plastic boxes with lids up in his closet too. We play we those are rewards. Wooden blocks and things.

Every time my son gets new toys, I donate a whole bunch of old ones. He seems to still have far too many, but it keeps the crazy down.

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You don’t. Just hope for the best :joy::joy: jkk


Ummm does a cute toy bin that is literally piled up and overflowing count? :sweat_smile:

Organised Chaos, if its on the floor it goes in the bin :rofl:

I hide them and reintroduce them later, they find them interesting again after a few months

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you organize your kids toys?

I have found that if you put them in bins and hide one of them they wont miss them and you can donate that tote to goodwill, lol


If it’s up to her, on the floor. When I have the energy, in the toybox.

My home is decorated in early childhood decor.
I use huge toy boxes. They stay busy for a long time just looking for that toy they want.
When it is clean up time I get a trash bag out for the ones they don’t pick up or want. It is still empty. There is also a Toy Jail for the ones they misuse.
Good luck.


I have a toy bin shelf with buckets/tubs. Toys are organized in the buckets. I’ve taught them to pick up each bucket before moving onto another, unless they are playing with both at once. But at least to clean up one mess before making another lol.

My son has more than one toy box: one for his larger things with wheels (construction machines, tractors, trucks, etc), one for his legos, one for his trains, one for his stuffed animals, one for his hot wheels. None of them are very large, but it keeps thing organized and he knows where everything goes. I also go through them every 6 months or so and donate a bunch. I just got rid of about half of his toys

I got some cube shelves and the fabric cube boxes to put all their toys in. I only let them keep what they can fit (not over-stuffing) into the boxes. They have one big barrel bin for the larger toys. It helps if you label them too! Kids really respond well with visuals.


I go around picking up all the toys that are on the floor and put them in a storage tote, when yardsale time comes around whatever is in it goes, if they would like to keep any of the stuff they are more then welcome to pull it out of the bin and put it in its proper place.

Whatever toys they don’t use just take it to goodwill, sell it online, do a garage sale! That’s what I do!

I have to wait to go through my daughter’s toys until she’s in school

My son has 4 generations of Lego so we have ALOT! Each bucket is a different color, so when he builds he can go right to the color he wants to use.

In a garbage bag and out on the curb lmao


With a lot of swearing and eye rolling!

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IKEA Trofast. Or go to the dollar store & buy different color trash and or baskets or even buckets. If they don’t have different color, you can write on them with markers or use labels (they have those too) and label them. Depending on their age, they learn to read & organize. Put like things in each bucket, example cars/hot wheels, legos, barbie clothes & shoes, blocks, balls… ect…

Sorry ladies, I :purple_heart::purple_heart: to organize things! :laughing::laughing:

I bought one of those big gray storage containers. Threw all of them in it. No shame. I refuse to organize for toddlers who will wreck it in 30 seconds.

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Love your granniship methods

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A 9 cubby white thing from target with the buckets/bins in half and the other half has bigger toys. Also a wicker 3 drawer thing for toys.

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In the bin :rofl:
I got my oldest son an ottoman bed, so I put them all in storage boxes under the bed so they are out the way.

I divide some so half upstairs half downstairs, I also bought a storage thing from Argos for £40 that has boxes and holds quite a lot x

I have a small storage container in my lounge for a few toys and then they have a big storage container in their room with heaps of other toys in it

I’d suggest put them on a weekly rotation so not everything is available at once.

Nice toy box throw them all in :raising_hand_woman:t2::sweat_smile::joy:

Most of them stay in my daughters room. The messy play ones, games, or ones with bits that can get lost stay down stairs in my corona unit. X

Get rid of the ones they don’t play with and put them in storage boxes, the ones they use go in one box and the extra in snother

I have 2 kallax units in LO’s room. Gamechanger. Whack em all in and boom, tidy bedroom

My daughter has a built in draw in the side of her bed, plastoc storage draws with labels (L.O.L dolls, pens ect) and a toy chest xx

Toybox, ikea trofest, kmart stackable wooden toy cubes & kmart large kids hampers.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do you organize your kids toys?

Different bins labeled with what they are.

You put things away until you’re confident that they have their own place. Your child will pick up on the confidence level and raise hell. Once you start crying about toys being everywhere besides the place you want them, you’ll know that you have successfully failed and all hope will be lost​:upside_down_face::joy: Eventually you’ll come to terms with it and it won’t matter

I used a rotation system. I had bins that you can’t see through and with a good lid on it. Place toys in there, store in a closet. When the kids seem bored with toys that are out, at night switch the toys that are out with ones in bin and then place the ones that were out in a bin to swap again.

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I never allow them to open all the toys they get for their birthday or holidays. I put them all up in the playroom closet. They have to donate before we can even think about opening maybe 1 or 2. I have the organize system from IKEA lined up against the wall in the closet. A large white play tables for LEGO’s that has drawers. A few cube systems and bookshelf.

I have a huge bin full of toys for my son. Plus a cube storage and a small bin.

Declutter and donate