How do you potty train a toddler?

I have a 3 year old grandson that refuses to go poop on the potty we tried rewarding him with his favorite candy, and even buying his favorite toy nothing is working please , any ideas that would help thanks


Don’t push or it will be harder in the long run. He won’t go to college in diapers…he’ll get it


Following cause my 3 year old daughter doesn’t wanna poop on potty


Honestly it will happen when he’s ready! My son was the worst, wouldn’t poop either! :sob: But a couple days before his first day of pre-k age 4 he did it!! Give him time, try to catch him as he going and put him on potty!

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He’s just not ready yet
Every child develops on their own schedule


He’s ready when he’s ready

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It took my daughter 4 months of peeing in the potty, before she decided she wanted to poop in the potty. Give it time!

When my daughter would she went in her undies. i took her with me and the undies a dumped it in the toilet. showed her it was ok to go in the potty .she just turned three and now goes in the potty

My 3 year old was doing so good around 2 then just stopped and then refused pretty much until recently hes now 3.5 and is almost fully potty trained but hes only been doing it for approx a month or so.

My daughter pooped in the potty once. She got scared when. The water splashed back up on her butt and hasn’t pooped in the potty since. Give it time.


Make him clean himself. Done this with two children and succeeded with both. He’ll get tired of having to clean himself and he’ll understand what you go though and will start pooping on the potty. It won’t be easy at first but get a chair and set it next to the toilet. Put wipes on chair so he can reach them then get a bag (for the dirty wipes) and put it on the chair as well.

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I used pennies. If she peed she got one penny and she got two pennies for pooping. She collected them in a small container and she knew that when it was full she got to get a fish. Worked great because she was trained before the container was full.

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I used food coloring… let him choose which color to drop in the potty. “I’m gunna poop on green today, mom!” Is what my oldest use to say lol no sweets, cheap instant satisfaction.


Try sitting them on the potty backwards with dry erase markers and let the draw on potty lid

Is he a stubborn/independent child? I told my sisters the potty is only for big kids that they were too little and had to use diapers :woman_shrugging:t2: then they were mad when they didn’t have to use the potty :joy::joy::joy::joy:

ETA: I was around 8/9 years old when I used this :joy: they were around 3

My son was afraid to poop in the toilet as well. i would let him go in his pull up in the bathroom by the toilet and he would put it in the toilet from the pull up, he washed his hands when done and made a big deal.Did that for a week to show him there was nothing to be afraid of.After a week he tried sitting on the toilet to do it and then the issue was over.Good luck!!

My son was the opposite he would only poop on the potty and would never wanna go pee! That was at age 2 and I just gave up pushing it because I knew when he was ready he would. Now 6 months later and We are on day 7 of potty training and we’ve had no accidents the past 4days :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I’ve done absolutely no rewards no begging just positive reinforcement and made it fun while reading a couple different potty books. I found if he had a toy in his hand or a book that it kept him busy long enough to sit there and go potty and it worked like a dream. We clapped and said good job with high fives, letting him flush the potty. (It really seemed to help when he saw his older (by 2 years) cousins go potty at Christmas time then that was the key I knew he was starting to get ready because he saw kids around his age doing it!!

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He’ll poop when when he’s ready. I have never forced my children. It does nothing but upset both of you. When he’s ready he’ll do it!


If he envies the big kids going on the big bus to school, tell him he can’t go on the big bus, unless he learns to poop on the potty. NO diapers on the bus !

I made my son start changing him self I’d help wipe but he had to do the rest he hated it and started going in the potty also give him a tablet or phone and make him sit there till he goes

It will come in time. My granddaughter is 4yr still poops in her panties at times. Some in potty. Pooping is harder to train. They pick it up in time

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Make him clean himself… make him throw away his diaper, (or better yet dirty undies) give him wipes (cold ones lol) and a garbage bag to throw it all in. Say yuckie and stinky as he does it. It’s a little hassle but it’ll prob only take a few times because cleaning poop isn’t fun! Lol worked for me with my stubborn one

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Ive been trying to figure this out myself. My son is 5 and is scared to go (poop) on the potty.

we went out camping and showed my son how to poop in the trees… ever since then hes been fine. he was 3/3.5 at the time and hes now just a little over 4

be patient! itll come when they’re ready

My nephew was terrified and his Mom punished him and humiliated him. It was so bad that he was in the hospital a few times in his life because of bowel problems, etc. Patience and time. My son was scared, too. I just stood right by him because he was afraid of falling in and the flush. I just made it a huge event and when he asked what happens when you flush, I told him they were going to poopy town. I would also suggest the children’s book, “Everyone Poops”. You’re doing great, Mommy! It’ll come before you know it!

Is there anyone he admires a lot? My mom got my brother to go potty because his pee and poop needed to go with his papas. I know it sounds weird, but it worked.

Tolerance and perseverance and patience. Buying his favourite toy or sweets when he hasn’t done the task is rewarding unacceptable behaviour.

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Weve tried everything but i got tired of giving my son candy or fruitsnack everytime so we did a sticker chart and its working SO GOOD! hes so excited to put a sticker on the chart after he goes or sits on the potty and hes trying more frequently to get stickers. After he wakes up i rip off his diaper as well because hes only going when hes naked. As soon as the diaper goes on he goes in the diaper😞 were working on it though! You should try this !

Boys take long long he may not be ready. Do you have potty. Chair or do you put him on big toliet. If he is on Big toliet do his feet touch the floor. If they don’t touch the floor I
He will never go until his feet touch floor. ,1. You can get little stool to put his feet on while on toliet you will have to take stool with you every where so he can be ground and cancel his fear. If you get potty chair it will have to go every where with you. Then put trash can in where he can take his diaper off and put it in trash himself. Hand them clear diaper make them put it on. Now you are going have still clean messy ones,but he can still put clean one on. Time toliet every hour two hours. After meals give him a chopped up raisen, date, two or more dried fruit press them together. We called them cookies. After he eats them send or take to toliet. While seating on toliet sing songs, practice hunting sounds so he now what to do and it makes his stomach get stomach feel the pressure of what it feelsblikebwhen you need to poop. Also if he does something have potty party. If nothing praise him anyway for trying thank him for going and trying tell him he will do better next time.

My son was the same exact way , just being consistent he will do it on his own time trust me , we tried everything. It didnt help that he suffers from constipation also. He will be 4 next week and poops on the potty for about 7-8 months now.

Thats was my daughter, she kept pooping in her underwear, till i told her next time am gonna throw her undies in the bin that she pooped in, and so i did, and she cried then after that she started realiseing mummy was throwing her favourite undies in the bin she started doing poos in the toilet

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My son didn’t get it until 4, he got wees but it didn’t happen until he was ready. Pushing it can cause more damage, encourage of course but my two eldest just did one day, they just decided.

Poohing is the last thing they will do in my experience. They would all wee. But put a night time nappy on, and it was filled within minutes, like they held it. One would wait til he was in the bath :relaxed: don’t worry…

Why would you buy the toy before he poop or any reward before anything

In my experience peeing in potty was 100% mastered before my son DECIDED he was ready one day and then pooped in the potty as well. That was at age 5, but he is on the spectrum so sometimes these self-help milestones can come a little later than with typical peers. We use both a sticker chart and I have a jar of m&m’s. (Three for a :poop:)

Have you tried giving him a dry erase marker and turning him around to draw.

Don’t rush him or you’ll end up like me, my son didn’t poop on the toilet until he was almost 5 because I wouldn’t stop pushing him to do it. He’s still young, and boys are a lot harder than girls.

Suggestion…buy him a potty chair, so his feet can touch the floor. Be sure he is drinking sufficient water daily. Buy some stick on tatoos and reward him with a tat when he does a good “job.”