How do you potty train a toddler?

Hi mamas, so my son is going to be 3 in a couple months and we’re trying to potty train. He’ll go pee/poop in the potty but only when we send him. We send him every 30 minutes to pee and about 45 minutes after he eats and he’ll stay dry as long as we stay on it. However, if we forget to send him, he’ll go in his diaper. Any tips on how to get him to go on his own? Family has told us to just keep doing what we’re doing and he’ll eventually get it or to put undies over his diaper to get him excited for underwear?


Take the diaper off. My kids would never use the potty if they had a diaper on.

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Loose the diaper all together it’s a crutch…no pullups either let him pee on himself most likely he wont like it. And get the hang of it


Take the diaper away and continue what you’re doing.

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My two-year-old is just starting to go PP but only when we tell him to…So any ideas will help me also​:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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remove the diaper and use just undies my 3 year old was trained by 2 1/2 years they will use the diaper as long as you have it on them

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My son is 3 and a half nd just got potty train he fought me at first then wen he was ready he did it

Take the diaper off… he won’t like that feeling of having it in his undies

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Get rid of diaper. No paper pull ups either Cloth trainers only. Keep using the timer. Over time stretch it out to 45 min. Then 60 minutes.

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Put underwear on! No diaper

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No diaper and set an alarm for him to respond to.

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I would put the diaper on only for bedtime.

Also ask him if he has a pee/poo before you take him, he’ll get used to telling that he has to go. Let him be naked most of the time,he’ll grow tired of messing on himself, or put on his undies(cheap ones,for practice) and let him go in it,he’ll start to understand the reason for the toilet

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I took a weekend to potty train my son. Kept him naked and he was pretty good by the second day! He only peed on the floor once and felt so bad he didn’t do it again.

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My son is 3 and we are still trying to potty train… I’ve been told not to push it when he is ready he will do it on his own… we do let him run around naked while at home and he will run to his potty everytime…

In addition to telling him, you can add a timer (like a kitchen timer) so that eventually he will hear the timer and just go. It sounds like he’s doing a great job and he will start prompting himself eventually. He’s a little young to really care if he has an accident, so it makes sense that he only goes when reminded at that age.

They make potty watches you could get him!

Just let him wear underwear. It’s messy, but it worked for mine.

My little one was day time potty trained in about a week, I let him run around naked. I put Cherrios in the toilet for him to hit when he peed. He loves Jelly Beans, so I used that as his treat. He received one jelly beans for peeing in the potty and two for pooping. Night time took a little longer, I put him in the Huggies Cool pull ups. If he peed in it he got a cool sensation and he didn’t like that at all. Good luck momma, you’ve got this!

Take his diaper off. Diapers are meant to wick away moisture so the don’t feel the pee. When they pee in their underwear/pants, they’re more aware of it since they can actually feel wet

I would take him out of the diapers entirely. Accidents will happen but that’s also how they learn. With the diaper on, your little one knows he doesn’t need to go on the potty if you dont tell him so he likely won’t. Pick a weekend to hang out at home most of the time, put him in undies and go full force. My guy was trained in a weekend, went to daycare the Monday in his undies and we never looked back. Night time and naps he is still in diapers but that’s it. He was just under 2.5 by the time he was trained

Yah it took my son until the last month or so to get it. Hes gonna be 4 in July.

Well well ditch the diapers first of all and put him in Pull-Ups make him feel like a big boy

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Put him in underwear that’s what I had to do with my daughter now she is fully potty trained even at bedtime and is almost 4

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Just get rid of the diaper. He’ll get it.

Just keep at it…put him in underwear so he can get used to the feeling of when he needs to go…buy a bunch cause he will have accidents…

Left my son naked let him do it in his time we didn’t bother him to much about it, maybe if we didn’t notice he had went recent would just remind him don’t forget your big now!!! He’s been potty trained completely about 2 weeks befor his second B-Day!

Go straight to undies. I had go straight to panties with my granddaughter. I still have remind her go potty she 4. She will tell me sometimes she gotta go. Kids get busy playing and forget they gotta go potty. Plus their bladders still developing. Keep doing what u are doing.

When he’s ready it will hit just hang in there he at least goes. You can try big boy underwear but be ready 4 puddle

No more diapers. Set a timer that he knows is for him to go potty. Stay on top of it and he’ll get there.

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Put the pull up over the underwear

Pull ups I got 7 kids and my 3 year old do pull ups during the day and at night diapers use the gift system as well or put his favorite pic in the bathroom over the toilet

Just ditch the diaper… go straight to undies if he is actually using the potty… he won’t like the feeling of going in his underwear
Pull ups at bedtime

Get rid of the diaper or pull ups and use just undies.

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Put him in underwear an let him wet him himself he will not do it more than a few times

You can put underwear under his diaper so that he feels the wetness and hopefully not like it…but you will still have the security of the diaper so nothing leaks out…just may have to get some cheap ones in the beginning because you may need to throw them out. Good luck Mama

I got rid of the diaper all together, we only used diapers at night. We had a few accidents but she hated the feeling of wet undies so she caught on fast

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Take the diaper away.

get rid of the diapers

Throw the diapers away

I got rid of the diaper/pull-up all together. My son peed all over himself once I told him to clean it up and he did than never had an accident since. He’s been potty trained since 3 :woman_shrugging:t2: it was cruel but it worked

Get rid of the diapers

No diapers pull only when you’re not home

Never going to work if he’s still in nappies you need to get rid.

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Do the naked weekend. Get rid Of the diapers and let him hang around without anything on his bottom half. (If it’s warm enough, this is definitely easier in warmer months). Otherwise undies. No more diapers.

You need to do away with the diaper all together, and don’t use pull up either cuz they feel too much like a diaper. I had to buy regular underwear for my son even though he may have peed or puked a few more times than I would like to have had him do. He was completely broke within 3 weeks, because I had to explain it to him that he was a big boy and these were Big Boy underwear. And if he wanted to keep wearing them he had to start using the potty like the big like a big boy.

Get rid of the road diapers

Every kid is so different but with my youngest we were having similar issues so we just put him in underwear at home and save pull ups only for bed and the car. He quickly learned he didn’t like being wet in underwear and it helped.

Sometimes he still needs a gentle reminder to go and try if it’s been awhile and he’s too focused on playing outside or something, but it’s helped a whole lot with getting him willing to go on his own rather than needing a timer or reminder.

Good luck mama! Every kid is different so remember that! If something doesn’t work for your kiddo, it’s no reflection of your parenting. Just a reflection of their personality. Keep up the good work! :wink:

– Tori :four_leaf_clover:


We gave our son a toy for peeing and another one for pooping. If he didn’t use the potty then the toy that correspond with the accident would be taken away until he did it in the potty again. Sometimes that would be 5mins. Those big boy toys are very special to him and he is great about going now. Also we went to pull-ups with his favorite characters on them, walmart has paw patrol and walgreens has transformers. Good luck.

My own personal opinion is take the diaper off and put underwear on. He will have accidents, occasionally pee or poo his pants, but he will come to understand that the underwear do not absorb it. That may not work for you but I had my oldest boy potty trained right before he turned two. He didn’t wanna mess in his undies.


Use underwear instead of diapers. Pull ups for bedtime.

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Put underware on him and ditch the diapers

Get rid of the diapers…

let him run naked at home an he will

Just get rid of the diapers completely and put him in underwear. Don’t bother with pull ups. They are just overpriced diapers. I think having them run around naked is ridiculous and unnecessary. Just underwear and normal clothes are fine. Have him try to go every 30 minutes like you are doing. When he’s consistently not having accidents drop it to having him go every hour. You can slowly decrease the frequency of sending him and he will eventually go on his own but it’s normal to need to send them for quite awhile. Kids tend to be too onto what they are doing to stop and go potty until its too late. The longer you keep him in diapers the longer he’s going to continue to have accidents. Even when going out take changes of clothes. Puppy pads with a hole cut for the seatbelt work GREAT for protecting the car seat while potty training.

As long as you are still putting diapers on him it will never happen tho…

We have the same exact thing going on. My son will be 3 in may. We “ditched the diaper” and he just pees in his pants if I don’t take him every 30-45 minutes. Like he won’t full on flood it but we do have to change his pants because he will pee and little, stop and say I pee, and then go to the potty. So we have to use diapers in public if I know we are going to be gone to long or he pees in his car seat and at night/nap we use them.

Go straight from diaper to underwear do not use pull ups they’re too much like diapers

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Stop confusing him
Pants or nappy

Get rid of the diapers

My son is 3 too. Every time he uses the potty we make big deal about it. We’ll cheer and clap our hands, but when he goes on his own we’ll give him a treat such as a m&m or a cookie. He’s been doing great the last two weeks, but the second a pull-up go on he’ll start peeing in it, so we completely stopped using pull-ups. Good luck to you.

We just stopped putting diapers on him. When he begged for one we just said, “Nope they’re all gone”. Suprisingly he accepted that answer. We’re on week 3 of potty training (hes 2.5) and now we’re not letting him be naked this week lol. We’re having him practice with clothes on. So far so good! We reward with money (change for his piggy) or candies (twislers licorace).

Without me having a son I cant really give much advice but from what I heard, cheerios do wonders by telling him to dunk them and making into a game. With my daughter I gave her stickers. And she would put them on her potty.

ditch the diaper let him pick big noy undies hes proud of he would wanna wet them if hes proud of them but for real throw every diaper out and decide your done with them. then there is no going back

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Rid the diapers. Be patient .

We got my son a frog urinal and it did wonders. He loved going to the toilet on his own.

Get him out of that diaper

Get rid of the diapers! He gets the concept, now he needs to feel the consequence of not going. Eaxh week start turning to 30 mins to 1 hr, 1.5 hrs then 2 hrs.

Graduate to underwear he wont like the wet feeling

Okay, so you know you have 30 minutes after they are relieved. Put the underwear on them right afterward and tell them that this is something big kids get to wear if they keep doing their business in the toilet. Having those diapers against the skin isn’t as comfortable as underwear. He will quickly decide his preference. Keep on top of the schedule though… habits take precedence over preference for about 2 weeks usually.

Undies!!! I am a full believer in undies with potty training rather than pull ups and diapers.

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Another thing is to wake it fun: if you have Cheerios, froot loops, or apple Jack’s have him aim for them in the toilet…my son loved it he was using the toilet cause he wanted to play that “game”

Throw the diapers away

Get him to tell u wheb he needs to go or one day on the weekend or something when you can stay home all day take the diapers away. He isn’t going to want to go with no diaper

I agree to toss the diapers and only use pullups at night if absolutely necessary. Once he realizes he has to go in the potty or make a mess things will click for him.

Don’t use diapers it’ll confuse him. Pull ups at night and only undies during the day.

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