How do you treat isomnia while pregnant?

No hateful or rude comments please.

I am having my first pregnancy and I have an insomnia disorder. I can’t take my sleeping meds anymore. I was wondering some things other insomnic mommas used during their pregnancy? And before I get rude comments of “go to the doctor” I’m just curious. This is my first pregnancy. I just like to know what you guys did for insomnia.


U can take unisom but only 25 mg

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I had the same problem. I use to have a diffuser with lavender essential oils. Pinterest has lots of ideas to combine essential oils to help you sleep. Goodluck mom and congrats!

My psych told me i could take my trazeodne, but at a much smaller dosage. (Nothing but that works for my insomnia)

You can take Benadryl or unisom.

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Don’t take melatonin. Unisom is safe to take.

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Benadryl… I had severe allergies during my pregnancy. The only time I could sleep during the last 2 months was when I took benadryl.

Benadryl! Or melatonin.

Unisom worked wonders for me

Remron 15 mg
Talk to ya doctor.

Chamomile tea, watered down

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Get lots of fresh air. Go for a walk a few times a day

… I was afraid to take anything so I “toughed it out” with warm milk or chamomile tea and a banana or cheese at bedtime, and reading in bed. It sucked, but my 3 babies were all fine.

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Try vibration meditations for sleep

Tea and a soak helps right before bed but everyone is different, I hope you find something that works for you :heart:

FYI during the end of your pregnancy, you will not sleep at all no matter what you take.

Benadryl or melatomin

Benadryl. No melatonin. Bemadryl is the safest to use.

You can take ambien. Ask your dr they can prescribe it

Is this how you got pregnant?:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Benadryl really helps!
I have noticed that about this specific page a lot of ppl are rude…


They gave me ambain while I was pregnant with my kids to help me sleep

I took b6 and unisom it was amazing and helped with sickness! (This was from my doctor)

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Tylenol pm helped me with my first.

Don’t get hooked on sleep aides.

My OB suggested Unisom. I have horrible insomnia and it helped.

Also, quiet dark room no tv at bedtime.

Nothing worked other then smoking or eating edibles.
I tried melatonin but ir didnt work but everyone is different ceraquil didnt work for me even on the highest doasage they could write for me so it mostly depends case to case on what will work best i did everything i could to keep busy during the day to tire my body put and i would take 3 melatonin(doctor recommend) i took them throuhh out the day to hope it would help me settle down


My OB recommended Benadryl/ unisom (same active ingredient)

I was told to take b6 and unisom.

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My doctor told me to take Benadryl

You can take the sleep aid Unisom. I took a half of one as a combination for morning sickness. I’ve always been very resistant to most sleep aids but that crap knocked me tf out

Don’t drink nothing unless prescribed by a doctor it could harm your baby

Unisom, Benadryl, melatonin

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Melotonin works wonders for me


You can take benadryl or unisom. Melatonin too


They told me to try UNISOM but I’m currently pregnant with my third and have been on Trazadone for probably 8 years now. I started with herbal stuff then over the counter stuff but I suffer from PTSD and have very bad usually physical night terrors and the only thing that has ever helped was my pills. I am prescribed 50mg pills and can take up to 4 a night as with my last pregnancy I cut down to anywhere from 1 to 3 if needed. Usually only need 3 but I like the safety net of a couple extra if it’s a bad night.

Maybe try a weekly prenatal massage. It helps relax you and releases serotonin which converts to melatonin.

Unisom is amazinggggg

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We use Ambien at the hospital, ask your doctor.

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my first pregnancy i had insomnia i didnt take anything i just rolled with it.until it was overbut with it got stuff done tried to anyway.

From my doctor’s office


Ask your dr to be safe

Benadryl was the only thing that helped me!

Lavender essential oils

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Weed!!! It was a life saver!


Sleepy time tea, Benadryl

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I suffered really bad with it, I went into LUSH one day and they do the usual, follow you around :roll_eyes::joy: but I explained I was looking for something that would help me sleep, she gave me a lavender body wash, body oil and face scrub. I have never slept better and it costs a little more but it lasts ages!!

I just stayed up. Good practice for when baby comes lol


You might discuss melatonin with your doctor and see which milligram I think it comes in 3 5 and 10 please please please discuss with your doctor first because I don’t know if it’s pregnancy friendly and it will make you super light sensitive you will sunburn very easily

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I used the TV or radio to lull me to sleep.

Ask your dr about unisom. It’s a sleep aid. They gave it to my ex sister in law when she was pregnant. She took half or a whole one with vitamins and it also helps with nausea. It does work

Benadryl was a life saver for me.

Benadryl and sleepy time tea :coffee: it helps relax you and your muscles , also try hot bath bomb bath :bathtub: before bed that’ll relax and calm you .

Melatonin! Or maybe some warm tea with honey in the evening when you’re winding down. Also since you’re nesting you can expend a lot of that energy cleaning and it might make you feel more at peace to be able to sleep at night too.


My doctor gave me ambian.

I took my sleeping med Ambien both pregnancies… ambien is prescribed for pregnant women

Talk to your dr about Unisom. My dr recommended it to me when I was pregnant for two reasons. My insomnia and half a tablet for nausea.

Tart cherry juice right before bed.

Tylenol PM or unisom. Yoga and meditation before bed helped too

I used a very strict sleeping schedule until birth, then i crashed out from exhaustion once the baby arrived. Never need a sleep aid from that point on.

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I have an insomnia disorder due to my PTSD. I was prescribed the lowest dose of Ambien during my pregnancy. I was on lunesta prior to becoming pregnant, but that medication had higher risks than Ambien.

Magnesium just before bed time. Worked for me.

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Sleepy teas or natural melatonin. I wouldn’t take any sleeping meds or over the counter meds. Natural is the way to go! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:


I use sleep meditations from you tube.

My son was active 24/7 for the last 8+ weeks of my pregnancy. My doctor said that there were over the counter sleep aids (I believe she mentioned unisom) which are widely considered safe to take during pregnancy. I wasn’t big on taking meds other than Tylenol so I tried lavender lotions and essential oils. Good luck momma.

Just rode it out :woman_shrugging:t2: I just always told myself it was my body preparing me for sleepless nights with a newborn baby

Go to Super Supplements or a vitamin shop. They have a lot of natural stuff that’s great! Take Magnesium but ask them which one is best. Don’t get it from Walmart or places like that. It’s no good. One natural supplement they have that I love is called Sleep Fix. Valerian is great too. I believe that’s one of the ingredients in Sleep Fix otherwise you can buy it as a single ingredient. Lavender on the bottom of your feet before bed. Melatonin is good. No more than 3 milligrams. More than that isn’t recommended in general. Always be sure to research them first to see if it’s ok to take while pregnant. You can ask the people at the vitamin shops what’s best to take for sleep while pregnant.

Tylenol pm if sores too but otherwise a simple sleep aid like unisom

I had insomnia AND sleep paralysis. The doctors took my off my Klonopin when I got pregnant. I couldn’t sleep and didn’t UNTIL I got ZzZQuil and Unisom and would switch back n forth. Helped me. And it takes a lot for me to sleep.

Benadryl, tylenol PM
Doctor recommended.

I always had mommies from
Another group mention their doctors recommend unisom.

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Depending on what trimester your in the doc can give you other stuff. I was prescribed hydroxizine for a while. But it is a strong antihistamine and can leave you groggy. Most over the counter sleep aids are fine. Like unisom. And if it is still a huge problem ambien is still an option.

Hot Baths, no electronic devices before bed roughly an hour

Melatonin is what I took, it’s a natural supplement

Try taking a warm bath before bed. And ask Dr if goodnight tea is ok with honey. Read books that always puts me to sleep lol. A therapist once taught me a breathing exercise you take a 4 count breath in then hold for a 4 count breath out for a 4 count hold out 4 count. If you want try 3 or 2 counts. It is calming and relaxing. I use it for my anxiety when my heart starts to race I do that a could times. But if it hits me when I lay down for bed I just close my eyes and do the breathing and I wake up in the morning lol. once you have baby if you chose to breastfeed the feeling makes you so tired. At first it’s hard not to fall asleep from how relaxing it is.

im prescribed amatrypline for mine and am pregnant. they said its safe

Melatonin is safe to take during pregnancy, also my Dr told me to take a combination of unisom and b6 for my morning sickness. Unisom is a sleep aid too

Lavender candles or body wash and lotions

Coms forta all natural big chain pharmacy like wal greens CVS

Weed!!! It was a life saver!


Unisoms my dr said were okay to take but dont take a lot

Sleepytime tea! I also drank it while breastfeeding and I would pump and lable that milk as Sleepytime milk. It worked on me and my babies.

First. Telling someone to go to the doctor is not rude; it’s sound common sense advice for people looking for Facebook medical care( boy is that an oxymoron). Second. Insomnia is caused by many things, anxiety, hormonal changes, etc. you are experiencing all of them. Insomnia is not harmful to the baby and 78% of pregnant women experience insomnia. DO NOT take any medication or herbal remedy unless prescribed by your physician. You can take soothing teas, such as camomile teas which are soothing on your digestion and yourself. Pregnancy Insomnia: Snooze Or Lose! - American Pregnancy Association

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Essential oil for calming really helped me. My OB knew and said they were ok

Doctor told me unisom…but it has to be the one with active ingredient doxylamine 12.5-25 mg

Tylenol PM is recommended by doctors during pregnancy.

On the supportive side of your unborn baby, try to avoid medication, additive supplements, “smoking” and edibles. It’s unfortunate that their has been an increase in SIDS, to be on the safe side… relax more throughout the day, let your body tell you when it’s tired… that is if you’re able to be home most of the day. Enjoy your pregnancy, nurture yourself and your little one. This is an experience for you and you should make it a great one :hugs: good luck momma you got this

I took unisom per drs orders for my nausea and it’s a sleeping medication so it helped me sleep too

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Melatonin and possibly try some natural herbal tea before bed.

I’m an insomniac too and always have been. I clean until I’m relaxed enough to sleep. I also was obsessed with infomercials while pregnant with my second. I would watch for a few hours and fall asleep and only sleep while they were on. I was much younger with my first and only slept 3hrs a day. Never had a problem not hearing him because I’m a light sleeper as well.
Things I’ve tried:
Aroma candles
Sleepy time tea plain no sugar added
Baby sleepy time bath wash as a bubble bath…that worked but as it turns out I’m allergic to lavender, tried the lotion the same day too. Hives everywhere lol.
Back massage, worked well
Having my hair brushed, worked after about an hour.

Benadryl is safe during pregnancy… My doctor told me it won’t harm the baby at all. If you look it up, it’s on the safe med list :blush:

My doctor actually just told me to try Tylenol Pm and Benedryl

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I started using Young Living essential oils. They’re a little more expensive than store bought oils, but they aren’t filled with fillers like ones from stores or amazon

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Tranquil roller from Young Living helped relax me enough to fall asleep with both my pregnancy’s & it is great for both my girls now! :sparkling_heart:
Good luck mama :heart_eyes:

You can take unisom it’s over the counter and also helps with morning sickness and nausea. It’s safe for pregnancy.

Sleepy Time tea by Celestial Seasonings I would stay away from Benedryl as there is a link between that and Alzhimers (spelling) Melatonin is useless, Valerian is good also

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They switched me to Ambien. I couldn’t take it while nursing though. But it did help. So did edibles. Also recommended by my Dr but I also had severe nausea.

Melatonin, Benadryl or Tylenol PM

My doctor told me to take unisom it’s over the counter sleep aid and is safe during pregnancy

Iv had it since i was a child i use a fan as got on a routine once i had my oldest i slept a bit better even now i can run on 5 hours and be fine only time im super tired and want to sleep all the time is in pregnacy