How do you wean a child from forumla?

I need some advice!

My daughter will be One on the 21st and needs weaned from formula! I’ve been trying everything and she is giving me such a hard time! If she even tastes a drop of milk in her formula she freaks out! I need some other ideas on how to wean her!
Thanks mamas!


I used a little ovaltine in whole milk

Have you tried doing soy milk or almond milk instead?

My girls.were easy and their bday the 20 and 22 lol this month. My girls had no problem and my youngest who will be one on the 20 already been on milk for like a month doing great.

Who says she HAS to be weaned by 1? I began introducing milk very slowly at 1, but I upgraded my daughter to step 2 formula and weaned her very slowly off. It took her until she was 18 months to be completely off formula and onto milk.


Did you try it warm? My niece won’t touch it if it’s cold. And then my nephew never touched it if it was warmed. :woman_shrugging: just gotta wait and try again


Some kids just don’t like milk. And that’s ok. My daughter has never liked milk. I tried everything. While, 2%, 1%, organic, non organic, almond, you name it it tried it. She is 2 now and still won’t drink milk. She will sometimes ask for a sip of ours and immediately spit it out and say yucky. I just make sure she gets her calcium in other areas, a good multivitamin and lots of cheeses and yogurt!


Try warming it a touch or soy or almond milk dont worry to much about rushing into it and if you do try adding things into the milk remember that will be the only way she will ever drink it

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I took the milk and mixed in strawberry flavoring. And little by little decreased the flavor till she had plain milk.

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I gave almond milk to start it’s sweeter then slowly add real milk


Mix it add some chocolate syrup

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My son was the same way and I started him out with Vanilla Almond milk. Then I switched to unsweetened almond milk the month after that, and then finally to regular milk. I also second Olvaltine. My toddlers love it

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Sometimes with babies I have found that going cold turkey helps. She might be super cranky for a couple days but I promise she will drink it when she is thirsty/hungry and she isn’t going to starve to death. This works for bottles and pacifiers too! This is not for everyone! And I agree that just because she’s turning one doesn’t mean she is ready. Listen to your instincts.


McD in her Happy Meal call it magic go juice or something. My daughter ended up with a feeding tube and refused Water. So I changed it to Magic H2O it make you grow and made up a song with a little dance. So if it is something she has to drink or go down her tube I change the name that means the same I never lie to her sing a tune and dance.

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I started out with a Nuby cup with the soft spout and put formula in it to get her to take it once she got use to it I started slowly giving her less and less formula.

This one pictured is about $20 for about 4kilos if it, and it is sold at Sam’s and walmart, Walmart is in the ethnic section .

My son couldnt have full fat cows milk so was advised to change to stage 2 formula then gradually add premade milshake to the formular then gradually add more semiskimmed to the milkshake and then after 4 months he was on milk no problem

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I cut my daughter off cold Turkey and just started warming up her milk

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We did formula until 18 months. Just bought the transitions formula and started giving less and less bottles of formula a day. They don’t “need” whole milk as long as they are getting their calcium elsewhere

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They dont have to be fully weaned at a year. Even if wic doeant provide the foemula you can still give her toddler formula up to age 3.


I started giving my daughter milk and formula mixed together when she was 11months so she didnt need the formula after 1. I didnt give her specific milk. I gave her whatever kind of milk and she loved it and she did fine

I agree about warming a touch, some take time to adjust to cold milk. Also whatever your putting in the bottle drop back an oz. Week at a time pretty soon the last oz. Will make her realize bottle is not giving her what she wants. Start giving her a cup of your choice of milk ,not ice cold yet to take to bed when you are ready to stop cup in the bed do the same but give her milk before bed to satisfy maybe with small snack. She will eventually stop associating milk and bottle with bed. It’s a process no need to do abruptly. Preferably have her broken of in bed milk about 1 1/2 as not to harm teeth.

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Try to avoid adding chocolate or strawberry flavoring. Vanilla almond milk is a touch sweet, but starting her on sweet flavors will just mean you’ll have to deal with trying to wean a kid off sugar.


I switched my daughter from formula to toddler formula at a year and gave her it until she was about 15 months… it’s more milk based and then I switched her to regular milk after that and she did just fine!


I wouldn’t mix the two. Try giving her a cup of milk without mixing.

Try using a different milk

my daughter is breastfed, but we tried to get her on cows milk for daycare at 1. she wasn’t really into it, so she eats 1 whole milk yogurt a day at daycare. then nurses 1 time in the morning and 1-2 times in evening, usually 1 time. so she doesn’t get much milk anymore and is still doing fine

Try again at 18 months

I done the walmart brand of transition formula which is flavored vanilla then switched to milk about15 months the cans are huge for 13.00 two cans lasted all month

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Try almond milk! Also, they have toddler formula!

I had to warm it up and do oatmeal cereal in it

Try in a cup instead of bottle

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Try Enfamil toddler milk try putting it in a sippy cup

Formula is better for her, stop rushing.

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Add chocolate or strawberry flavoring

There’s toddlers formula. I never had any problem get them off formula and they love cow milk.

Transition, take away an oz. Of formula and add milk, do that either every few days or weeks, until it’s full milk, done his with all my kids, also if it’s because the milk is cold start making the bottles colder.

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Were doing stage 2 toddler formula she has 3 bottles at 15 months… we did with my older child who is 17 yrs now but had bowel issues so we did formula till right before age 2

If you give her almond milk make sure it’s unsweetened otherwise she’ll just get a bunch of sugar

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My littlest won’t drink it unless it’s warmed up just a little bit

Just slowly keep giving her more and more. Eventually she’ll be just on cows milk. Maybe try putting in a sippy cup and add a little strawberry or chocolate syrup . My daughter wasn’t sure about it then I started warming it up and she loved it. Now she loves it cold too. I had her switched over in less than a week.

How does she like her formula? Warm? Cold? Maybe the temperature could Be a factor? I never really did the mixing of the formula… I always just switched. I did the mixing for my first and she didn’t like it but she liked just the regular milk. But if nothing works you might have to get toddler formula.

Do you warm her bottle? If so, stop warming it, and slowly transition into make cold bottles of formula. It could take several tries and eventually getting her to drink it the same temp as cold milk from the fridge. I also found the more real food my daughter ate, when she became thirsty she really didn’t care what was in her bottle, so try giving her some teething crackers that will make her thirsty enough to drink milk.

I give mine enfagrow toddler milk. Smells and tastes just like formula, but for toddlers.

I tried powder milk n half formula it worked with both kids

I just stopped giving formula the day they turned 1. I didn’t wean. They loved it. Maybe mixing causes it to have a bad flavor?

I started eith putting normal milk in my daughters foods like cereals and porridge and then putting it in a sippy cup with a little bit of milo worked a treat :slight_smile:

They have toddler formula. It’s good for picky eaters. If not, see if she won’t just drink water :slight_smile: you can sub her dairy intake with yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese ect.)

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Try 1/2 and 1/2, milk and formula. Can’t get on WIC?

My daughter stopped herself and then I got her to drink normal full cow milk with a tiny bit of nesquick in it to give it a little flavour

I had gotten my daughter toddler milk/formula then slowly added cows milk…

Ok heres the deal…I used WIC when my son was born and I had some issues because at first they weren’t giving him the proper formula. (My son had bowel problems (Still does) and his poo was rock hard. No joke you could hit it on a table and it would still be round and hard. Ever since the day he was discharged from the hospital hes been like that, nurses said they’ve never seen anything like it in a newborn so young. - Btw if anyone sees this and is having the same problem prune juice works for him.) - Anywho to make the change from the formula to another all I had to do was get a written doctor’s note saying it needed to be changed and went into the WIC office for them to make the change. SO… explain to your doctor that shes having a problem and ask them to write out a “Perscription” of sorts just saying that she needs more formula or to be switched to a 2nd step instead of being taken completely off of it. (Make sure its written on a perscription paper/pad or they won’t accept it!)

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Why ween?
It’s cheaper than buying litres and litres of milk a week

Carnations instant breakfast powder in the milk. Like half a packet. Less and less over time

My grandmother used to put a little bit of maple syrup in my cousins milk. Changed the flavor she loved it. Just a little though.

Add a little karo, dark, syrup, it helps with the taste and also with the bowel movements.

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I don’t know why that stuff is nasty​:joy::joy::joy:, make sure she doesn’t see you pour it in there! Lol