How do your kids manage in school with ADHD?

I have a question for moms/parents who have young kiddos in elementary school as Identified with ADHD. My Kindergartner has been Identified this year (primarily by the school)! I reached out to the pediatrician myself to have it ruled out because of family history on the father’s side (the father’s mental disorders) and ADHD. So the Dr. viewed the paperwork that the school filled out and said yes, it is ADHD from that. From there, she was placed on the typical ADHD medication and was given the IEP/504 plan. She’s a very smart child; her state test scores are super high-but sitting and focus are a real issue. The meds are still not right at this point, and I find I am spending hours either e-mailing, talking on the phone with Drs or the school or picking her up early from school-or her not going at all because of this problem. If she can’t sit quietly at a desk and complete her work, the teacher sends her to the office. The thing is, although she can, she dislikes writing! She is capable; however, they are pushing KG! Many sentences with proper nouns, adj, verbs, etc., and proper punctuation. Again, she can-it’s just the chore of the task she hates! And gets bored with the completion of writing. She knows what compound words are what’s the diff. Between an airplane and a jet, all the planets, etc., and tons of smart things. What are accommodations for some of your kids with ADHD? I know this is not following the law! I am going nuts here. I have done everything that has been asked. And more! What is working well for your kids? I need advice, please!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do your kids manage in school with ADHD?

Is switching teachers an option? I got into trouble because I was bored so I didn’t pay attention. Second and third grade were the worst and most of it was the teachers. Fourth grade kind of just redirected after I got my work done, like here read a book. I remember being annoyed in probably third grade because we had to read Mouse and a Motorcycle, which I think I read in kindergarten.

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My daughter , now 16, was diagnosed in 1st grade. With medication, we also had her in developmental therapy. Combined , it worked wonders. You may need to try a few different meds before you find one that works. My 12 year old son also has ADHD and has movement breaks worked into his IEP. He doesn’t use them often but it seems to help. And maybe she’s bored bc she needs to be challenged.


He’s always in trouble :disappointed:

My son was diagnosed in kindergarten too we waited till this year(1st grade) and started medication and his teacher said he is very smart but he was struggling with the focusing and it’s been better

medicating children for add is very questionable.


Sounds exactly like my son. He was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade. The school offered him an exercise ball for a chair. It’s sounds crazy I know but I swear to God it helps. They don’t let him bounce all over the place or basically play with it in class but he can do a simple bounce and wobble on it at his desk. It allows him to fidget and move but still remain seated. My son HATES writing with a passion. It’s “so boring” he says. I asked the school for an occupational therapist. My sons handwriting is terrible tho. He knows the letters and all he just is so uninterested that it’s hardly readable. The OT has helped. I don’t medicate my son. Good diet and strict routine have been what actually helps my son the most. I look at it as we are learning to cope with life together and I’ve studied my son’s behavior. Knowing the signs has helped. Just remember your kids is as confused as you are.


Every kid is different. The meds…it’s hit and miss. What works for one may not work for another. Guinea pigs actually. Be patient. This is life long. There are good rsp teachers out there and are a God send. The other kids are the worst. Mean bullies. My girl is now 26 and a blessing. Hang in there

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Developmental therapy works wonders in addition to medications. You really just need to find the best approach to address all of it. The problem with ADHD, is that teachers are still not equipped with the necessary resources needed to accommodate the needs of those students. ADHD is different in every case, in that, what each student needs differs greatly.

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It is against the law for a school to diagnose a child!! I would seek a second opinion besides the pediatrician you have… All the pediatrician did was review the school’s paperwork? And determined that the child did have ADHD instead of running his own test?
That doesn’t sound very responsible at all of the doctor.


My son is adhd he needs structure and a consistent teacher he knows he acts out this will occur he also has desk bands and when he’s not being still hes sent go run a lap come back and retry pr he can go sit in another room privately to get his work done. He also is in sports as an outlet for energy but he knows if he acts up in class or just refuses to do his work hes not going to get to do things he wants to. I don’t allow it to be an excuse to act up or not do his work he just needs to do things a lil different I also hired a tutor to assist with hw.

My son is 5 and he’s super smart. He’s also ADHD and can’t sit still or stop talking while at school. I had the diagnoses done before he had to start school and we tried meds but after so long they made his behavior worse. His teachers were well aware of his diagnosis and never push him to do more then he wants and have lots of resources to help him (fidget toys and more). He went to occupational therapy for awhile and that definitely helped.

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My struggles with my 1st grader. He’s always in trouble loves work but gets bored easy when it comes to writing he hates it. He’s very smart picks up pretty fast. He talks a lot and is always asking questions about something . He can’t stay still at all not even at home unless he’s watching something interesting or drawing.

We chose not to give meds. It’s a hard time for you, a lot t of work but it turned out ok. Just be honest with your child and tell her this is the way it is.
I was not my son’s favorite person but he is now an engineer. Thanks for caring so much…most parents just give up.


They are sending a kindergartner to the office??? For not sitting still for 8 hours??? Sounds like the teacher and the school might be a part of the issue. Most kids don’t even know how to write at that age and their attention and focus are short lived. That’s all biologically normal. Kids are more interested in playing at that age so her not wanting to write is normal as well


My son had an IEP and 504. He has a “buddy” when the teacher notices he is getting bored with the situation atm or getting frustrated she calls his buddy. His buddy will take him out of class for about 5 min to “reset” and that usually works for him and he’s able to get back on track.

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Does she have an IEP or a 504? My son who is 10 with ADHD(school diagnosed) gets small breaks through the day as needed. He goes to the resource room where there is less going on to complete his work. Is the school social worker involved? Maybe they can assist?

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Try a weighted vest…also one on one aide may help

Kids are not meant to sit still. And every child is different on how they complete tasks, just the same as adults. To expect all kids to conform to a certain way of doing things is not ok. I would look at other teachers / schools that are more likely to work with your child’s diagnosis rather than expecting the child to fit in with medication.

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Sounds like my daughter. I don’t have her on meds, but the school is very accommodating. They let her have something to play with at the desk, they allow her to use her Chromebook to do her work instead of writing, they have a quiet area she can go to if she feels overwhelmed and they have a ball chair for her. They also have 6 counselors/teachers involved in her IEP to figure out other accommodations/recommendations to help her overcome the problems associated with it. The best thing to do is maybe all the school if there is outside resources

First of all if they are asking you to pick your child up early you need to ask for them to code it as a suspension every time. After ten days of suspension they have to hold a manifestation determination and provide your child with compensatory services.

Honestly, my son was diagnosed at 5, right before he left preschool. In kindergarten, he was getting sent to the office everyday and constantly in trouble. They just did not do well with redirecting him or following his iep. In first grade, he transferred schools and during NTI, he had 1 on 1 attention not only from me but with his teachers also, and he did a lot better. When they first went back to in person learning, he struggled a bit, but his new school was INCREDIBLE about helping him through it and he strived! We’re currently having some issues with his medication, as he’s been on this one a while and it’s not as helpful as it once was, but his school is still doing a remarkable job with his iep. The most beneficial things I’ve noticed are 1)a school and staff that is truly committed and prepared to handle ‘difficult’ children without making them feel ashamed 2) ROUTINE! schedule out as much of their day as you can and make it visual for them and stick to it always 3) confidence! if adults are making your child feel like a problem, your child will behave that way. make sure your child feels like a total rockstar who is capable of anything they set their mind to. When my son switched schools and was treated with firm love and respect instead of like a problem child, his confidence sky rocketed and his behavior changed drastically 4) DAILY communication with your child’s teacher. I have my son’s teacher send a daily report broken down in sections of the day with notes about what he did well or what he struggled with, specifics. And when he gets home, we talk thoroughly about his report and what he may have been feeling or thinking throughout parts of the day that he struggled with and we set small goals for the following day. Those daily reports also help me to inform his doctors so we can adjust his meds when needed.
Good luck, mama. It gets discouraging at times and can be hard but just be patient but firm and make sure they know they are capable but you understand their struggle. Sending love to you❤


Just reading this is awesome I’m have the same issue with my 6 year old but it’s taking forever bc of dads visit rights

Tell those teachers that “fidgeting” is something kids do with or without adhd and if that is an issue for them, they need to figure out that personal problem.
I’ve dealt with this since my little has been in Pre K and it’s a battle to get teachers to understand their irritation about fidgeting is really a THEM problem and should maybe figure out how to control THEIR emotions about it, they are the adults after all.

Now my little is on a none stimulating medication that is a triple whammy, add, anxiety and depression this pill is for. So that has made a world of difference.

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Request another teacher and sensory breaks. There’s a real good book called adhd now. Reward good behavior. I do a lot of list to help keep our 9 year old on track. ADHD is different in every one. Its a struggle for everyone around. Your child needs patience at home and at school. Try to make writing fun it’ll make a world of difference. The teacher seems to not be a good fit for your child. You may have to raise hell with the school lol

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Take your child to a pediatric psychologist. The school should be providing modified education methods. Advocate for your family. Or they will run over you completely.


Kids aren’t meant to sit all day, kids are busy. These kids need outlets not medication. I’m sorry your going thru this


Research unschooling. Best decision I’ve ever made for my family. It may work for you, it may not but it sounds like your daughter could thrive with it. It’s outside of the box and not a mainstream idea yet. Look into it and good luck mama❤️

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Is your child ib a special needs class? They can use her IEP to create an education plan that suits the childs needs. If they wont cooperate,try to find a new school. Most states have a law that enables the student to attend school anywhere in the county,with them transporting if you wish. I would look into it.

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See if maybe she would like to type out the answers instead of writing them. Most assignments are available via ipad.


And get her wiggle breaks. When she’s frustrated or needs to move, she can go in the hall and wiggle, jump n jacks, walk. Whatever. It helps my son so much.

Sound like my son. He in the 4th grade. They school should be working better with her. Than just sending her home. My son had the same writing issue. I asked to test him for Dyslexia. There are different forms and it does run in families. Alot of times it goes undiagnosed. Or try getting Neurologist test as well. And maybe the meds she on could be wrong. Every child is different. Adjustment & adjustments all over the place. What works now may not work next year. There little bodys are changing & developing all the time. Patience is all new to you.

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I don’t have my son on any medication for his I give him a little bit of black coffee it brings him down just enough to handle himself people say it don’t work but all kids r different no sugar u can add t little creamer but black coffee is best

All this is kindergarten?!? That’s too much! My son is in 4th grade and they make accommodations foe him. And he isn’t a fan of writing. But he’s never been sent out of class or anything. School sounds horrible tbh!


I refused meds for my son. We got a therapist, a trampoline, an indoor swing, built obstacle courses, got him into hiking, skiing and Boy Scouts and struggled through until he was about 10 when his learning took off and he’s never looked back. He’s graduating in the honor roll this year with almost no accommodations except check ins.


Do they not do a reward program? Or shit even positive reinforcement ?

I had ALOT of problems in kindergarten with my little girl. Like it was rough. Just like you say ur constantly on the phone with doctors, teachers, etc… so was I. Nothing seemed to work and the only things that did got her HIGH AS A KITE. I refused fir my kid to be high. I didn’t want meds in the first place but she was seriously struggling. Her first teacher was a big problem also she was literally pointing out every problem in her so I would put her on meds come to find out… my friend knew the assistant teacher and she said she was just targeting her she felt like. This year first grade… she has a great teacher. But she was still struggling… They put her on Procentra 5mg once a day. I seriously can’t even really tell she is on anything. The only difference is she focuses at school. I absolutely love it. She has went from the 3rd stage of behavior program to the 2nd within 2 weeks of using it.


ADHD kids can be gifted… maybe she’s bored…

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YOU allowed the school to evaluate your child and diagnose him? Because if NOT it’s illegal! I had to sign papers to have my son evaluated for speech therapy then I had to approve the diagnosis then I had to approve him going to speech therapy twice a week at the school.

Have your pediatrician send your child for an official evaluation!!! My middle son is ADD, no meds, therapist recommended no meds unless grades dropped…they didn’t. Youngest son’s kindergarten teacher tried to convince me (brought in for consultation with her, principal, counselor, and “autism expert”) he was autistic…what a joke, because most of what they used as “evidence” not only applied to ADHD but also high IQ. I had him tested on my own, definitely not through the school. Guess what? He was neither…just highly stressed…due to the teacher! My advice is don’t just go by what the school says… have your pediatrician send your child for an evaluation and go with the expert’s suggestions. I trust my pediatrician but he isn’t as qualified as a licensed professional psychologist, and that is what I would go with.


This BS of a Kindergartener expected to sit quietly and do work for hrs is why I’m now homeschooling my Kindergartener. We do 30 mins-1 hr of work 4-5 days a week. He’s learned more in the couple of months of homeschool then he did in Pre K and the 2 wks of Kindergarten. A 5 yr old can’t sit for hrs at a time. Doesn’t mean they have ADHD. It means they are 5!


One of my soldiers had her daughter in specialized therapy. She also worked with the teacher’s and staff. She did everything she could to avoid meds as long as she could. Her daughter started on meds in 3rd grade. Lowest dose. That was several years ago and she’s doing really great.

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We are homeschooling bc we can educate on our terms and not medicate.

See if the school or your doctor can connect you with a family advocate or an educational advocate.

What helped my boy was eliminating ALL red dye from his diet. I then made sure he had lower amounts of sugar in his diet, and more B vitamins. Once my boy was 7 I let him drink a little coffee (no sugar) before school and it helped a little. But that is what worked for us. He is 16 now and on principal’s list in school. Before in Kindergarten Drs put him on Adderall, therapy,and many things…nothing was working til I started changing things.

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My son has ADHD he is now 40. We had a actual psychiatrist diagnose him not his pediatrician. From there it went to hit and Miss until the right medication was found . About 3 months to get it right . He was thsn able to focus on his work . If your daughter can do the work maybe it’s to easy for her and bores her . Get her evaluated from a professional not the school or pediatrician.


My 13 year old 7th grader has ADHD he is not on a IEP he does not have any issues with classwork if he just does it. He was diagnosed in 3rd grade. It takes time meds will take time to find the right one or combo. He HATES reading to him its boring. He has never been able to sit still the school tried the balls to sit on other kids wanted them and started throwing them in the class and they were taken away. The teachers pretty much said that he can stand at his desk as long as he isnt disruptive. Some teachers let him have fidgets something to keep his hands busy. Sounds to me the twacher needs to take classes on ADHD/ADD so maybe she can find ways to help your daughter in the classroom. Its not just meds its alot of different things. Maybe find ways to get up and move maybe just stretching it can benifit the whole class and the teacher not just your daughter. My son thrives on structure and routines. I am the oposite i had to change to help him still struggling but its a work in progress. I had to talk to him to figure out what he wants. Some people are saying they give their kid coffee and it calms them well Mountain Dew calms my son. I dont let him have it much. But i noticed when he was little that if he had mountain dew it seemed to help him. I keep getting told im crazy but whatever. Maybe the teacher school can get things to help like not sure what its called but its like a big rubberband that goes on the legs of the chairs and the kids get some fidgets out that way. One teacher 4th grade bought her students a fidget to use in the classroom rule was they could not be disruptive. This year 7th grade teacher let the kids bring in pop its and other fidgets as long as they were not disruptive. Then a teacher who is a witch seen them in the classroom and got all fidgets banned unless the student needs it. But the younger classes still have the wobble chairs and rubber bands on the chairs but the older kids cant. :woman_shrugging:t3: but hey slime is not a fidget playdough is not a fidget clicky pens are not fidgets i told both my 7th graders (twins) bring them and my fat ass will be up with documentation saying how they work for all kids not just children with a diagnosed mental issue. My son has ADHD and i believe my daughter has anxiety. For awhile my son carried a stone\small toy in his pocket that he played with when he needed to get some fidgets out. Rule was it stayed in his pocket and did not come out. It got washed aloy.

I decided not to go w pediatrician we went straight to a therapy and a psychiatrist because I felt like mental health diagnosis are not a peds job. If your child is diagnosed w adhd, please research your child’s rights as a student, get an advocate if you can, as well as educate yourself on iep and 504 plans. If you see a psychiatrist they can help you find an advocate in your area.
You can choose not to medicate, change diet, etc. for my son, he also suffers from high anxiety and depression along w his adhd.

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My daughter’s teacher has this thing called a wobble chair for kids who can’t sit still. I’ll see if I can find one on google. She will switch out her students chairs with the wobble chair and they can kinda rock back and forth/side to side while they work… She said it works amazing! Maybe you could talk to the school about one of these?

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It is the schools job to figure this out. Make them do their job, especially if she has an iep.

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My son had adha from the age of 5 and our school system is awesome. They created a school for kids with adhd and other disabilities and my son loved school. They were more able to focus on each student which made his learning easier.

Your kindergartener is on medication because of not being able to focus or being too hyper?

Idk… I have ADHD and so does my brother… medication that young is gonna mess with your kid and being able to self regulate… but to each their own I guess


Are you kidding me !!! She’s In kindergarten ! Why the hell would you be drugging your child. This is so out of hand. The schools are so fast to slap the ADHD label on these babies when the teachers have NO patience, are to young without experience to handle the class. Kindergarten was to teach colors, shapes , counting, learning days of the week, the very start of how to sit still for short periods , follow directions and getting along with others. When they decided to make kindergarten like a 2 and 3 grade ,that’s when all these problems started. A child goes from being a playful child a home to being hit with all kinds of rules ,regulations and expected to sit still for hours. It’s bull. Theres so so many children being slapped with this label and drugged now a days. Maybe your child is bored because she’s smarter than the work she’s being given. I would have her tested for food allergies before moving forward. Good luck


Took me 3 years to get my son diagnosed with adhd which we knew he had. We’re still finding a happy medium. He’s a 1st grader.

Why was she given and IEP/504? My son has adhd bad as well. We’ve gone with and without medication to find the right path. He’s in 5th grade now. Without medication he cannot focus and needs constant redirecting. The school would not give him any special accommodations. He also gets overwhelmed with too much noise and teachers know this but still we just work through it with him. The teachers have to be willing to work with the child a little more than other students possibly because their brain is working very different than the other students. Keep her in the everyday routine that the class is doing and it will help seeing the other kids doing the things expected of her. Be honest with her and ask her about how she feels. Also therapy and other outside help can do wonders we did family based therapy when he was younger and then he graduated to a in school group that helps him learn how to function with or without medication.

Get a proper diagnosis from an actual psychologist. They are the only ones who can give a proper diagnosis. And they can help with accommodations and recommendations and other supports for at school and such depending on the specific needs of the child. No child’s the same, everyone is effected differently from adhd. And they may possibly havenkther mental issues going on that you arent aware of. No school staff or pediatrician is properly trained in making those types of diagnosis. Is scares me that they did that and pushed Medications anyways before knowing what they are truly dealing with.
You jumped a whole step in the process and need to go back and start over with a properly trained professional for this area.

See about getting her a aide provided by the school. My son has ADHD and ODD. Under his IEP if he is feeling over whelmed or can’t concentrate he’s able to leave the class room and go to his aide to have help finishing the assignment. They should not be sending the child home.


My 9 yr old son has ADHD hes been on Ritalin for a yr now and it has helped him alot. He used to ha e same issue not fidgeting in class now he is able to just sit and focus and complete all working tasks.
Hasnt been in trounle at school his receiving rewards and also enjoys doing his work now his able to focus

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My adhd child in K HATES writing! I’ve been trying different things with him, and what I’ve found is the black and white printed lines on paper and bookwork bother him. Don’t know why. But, using colored dry erase markers on a little paper sized white board gives him lots of choices to be slef driven as we follow along the homeschooling computer prompts. We also have been using Brillia instead of an rx. It took 2 months to start working but helps immensely.

My sons teacher lets him have “fidget breaks” with pop it’s, fidget spinners, etc. and also has put a rubber band around the bottom of his desk so he can keep his feet busy so he can focus on his work. It’s all about communication with the teacher and figuring out what works best with the child. He still has his days but it’s gotten better since they’ve started working with me!

My son has adhd diagnosed since age 4. Our districts have always had him in a special setting with a special Ed teacher. He has special accommodations to help. He also has a reward system in place, special test taking, homework etc. it is up to the school especially
With an iep in place to have accommodations for him
& to figure out what works for him. Maybe that teacher isn’t the right one or it’s not the right class setting for

That’s weird so your kid has had no assessments or nothing there just going on family background I wouldn’t accept that I have adhd and I kmow you can’t just diagnose it like that

First things first you have to find a balance in her meds, it took us many times, several dosage changes, until we found what worked for my daughter, after that it just fell into place… My daughter is 8, and she has an IEP for speech( she had some hearing loss when she was baby) but her school, they are so good with her, and they always give her the time she needs, if she needs extra time and her Assistant Teacher will sit with her to help her finish if needed… And she is thriving and making good grades( although math is a struggle) but there is more her school could be doing for sure

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I am so sorry for what you’re going through because we have gone through that. Having a d h d does not mean that you’re not smart it’s a focus thing. I hope the best for your daughter but don’t ever I think she is not smart because she was diagnosed with ADHD that’s not what that is hugs and I hope everything goes great with her in the future

My son was diagnosed with ADHD AND ODD when he is 5. He has only got worse and he has been on medication. He is now 8 and I am at my wits end.

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My daughter has 3 teachers she sees. Her normal 3rd grade teacher, math teacher, because she excells there and reading bc she doesn’t do well. Medication took awhile to balance out. I refused from the beginning to pick her up for anything that wasn’t sick. I sent her to school unless sick. She has a counselor that gives her breaks. But its only as needed. Than my 12 year old. He is not medicated sees 4 counselors and gets in trouble a lot because of boredom. If I was bio mom he would be on something. Anyway deep breathe and refusing to pick him up because the more he acts up and comes home the more he will. He has free access to his counselors and the school counselors. He has a break pass. All to get through the day. But adhd isn’t a quick fix it’s a slow process to sort everything out. Call the doctor explain the medication is not working.

My oldest son was only allowed at school an hour a day in preschool. He had such a hard time. I waited until kindergarten to put him on meds to see if he’d grow out of it. He didn’t. Now he’s a freshman in highschool. The school wouldn’t allow me to put him on an IEP because they claimed he was too smart. They didnt understand that it was the overstimulation and the boredom that was the problem. His intelligence was never in question. He’s been on multiple meds since he started. He’s on a combo right now that helps. He takes Focalin XR and Lamictal in the mornings and then a regular Focalin at lunch at school. Hes on sleeping meds as well. All three of my children have ADHD and they all have some form of trouble with sleep. I learned that the more tired he is the harder he struggles with his behavior. If the school you’re in right now doesn’t accommodate or know how to handle your child you can research other schools in your area. Some schools just don’t know how to handle children that are different. They forget that its an actual condition and not just the kids behaving badly.

Instead of using medication have you tried changing her diet or eliminating sugar from her diet. My daughter also was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid and I changed her diet and it helped a lot. Turned out she was also bored in the classroom and the teacher would give her coloring pages or an extra assignment to keep her busy. Now she is 33 and has 3 children and her diagnosis has been changed to being bipolar/anxiety. Wish you luck!

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My son has adhd and he’s allowed fidget toys and he gets 30 minutes a day to go to the guidance counselor office or another teachers class to get up and move around so he’s not sitting a day and sometimes another teacher or teacher aid will take him for a walk around the school to get his energy out and let him move

We chose to homeschool(and online school) my almost 10yr old. The only year he attended a brick and mortar school was 1st grade and he was so bored cause he is way ahead and gets bored easily and cant sit still. It allows us to take breaks as needed or move around while teaching and learning. We do minimal sit down work. I know that isnt an option for every family but glad it works for ours.

My kiddo was diagnosed last year with ADHD. He’s 7. He’s on a 1mg non stimulant and his focus is a lot better. He’ll sit down and do his work while staying on task where as before, he would be eating breakfast and then get up and walk across the room to something else. It’s honestly trial and error with medication. You just have to find the right one for her. Also, have her write so much, then move on to something else for a few or take a small break . She can always come back to it as many times as needed as long as it gets done.

It took about a year to find the proper meds for my girls, it’s trial and error but proper meds could fix most of the issues.

My son is 13 now and some we’ve had for years are reduced work load (he only has to show mastery of a skill vs 4 busy sheets for example), separate testing with distraction modification, 2 extra days on all assignments (mainly bc he forgets to turn them in), preferential seating by the teacher, reminders/ques to stay on task, etc

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We sent our child to a small private school. When he did go to public school I volunteered to be an assistant in his class. This help me see what he was doing and work with the school to find solutions. And medication really helped, but it had to be adjusted and sometimes changed.

She needs to be allowed flexible seating, change of location, fidget, chunked assignments, positive reward system or a computer to type work. As a special Ed teacher these are all options in my classroom.


My son was diagnosed years ago with adhd and anxiety. He is now in middle school, 7th grade. He is in regular classes and has a 504 plan. He chews gum a lot of gum in school! In elementary he struggled a bit but teachers were awesome and allowed him to take frequent bathroom breaks so he could walk around and he had flexible seating. He loves his huge yoga ball! He has one at home as well cuz he kept breaking our sofas with his constant bouncing and jumping! And he was in smaller groups. He too hates writing tho. Math is his strong suit. I would definitely get ur child properly assessed and diagnosed. It also took us a while to find the proper meds and dosage. He gets a small dose at school as well to get him thru the afternoon.

I have a 10 yo grandson who has AD/HD. Before we found out and got meds, he was bouncing off the wall and my daughter was getting bad reports from school and he was really misbehaving at home. She tried punishment to no avail. He was tested by his Dr and found to have AD/HD. He was tried on different meds and finally takes Cotempla and it works.The only thing is if he becomes immune to it, we have to start over with trials again as there is no certainty that any one medication will work and there is no higher dosage of this one. He can have it twice per day. We normally do it once and on weekends unless there is something important we have to do that we need him to be calm and quiet, we let him go without, You can definitely tell a difference when he’s not taking it. Good Luck, it’s not an easy road.

You have to work through it, find the right meds and dosage…get them active in a sport or something in the martial arts field. I have had 3 out of 6 diagnosed and by the time they hit middle school they were taken off meds and have learned self calming techniques or extra chores got done, without me asking…lol

Have you looked into the foods she is eating? Red dye and banana process meats and high sugar is a big issue for children with adhd. And sitting still in kindergarten is absolutely a chore for anyone especially one with add. Sounds like she needs time to focus and learn that this is necessary for the next 13 years and beyond if she plans on move forward to college. So it’s a tasks she must over come regardless whether she likes it or not. We all do thi go we don’t llike. So now you must teach her we all are with her and just learn to adjust and move forward. Then when it her time to enjoy free time she gets to play and be let alone to do the things qhe wants. But in class there’s rules. This is the hardest part of parenting. No one wants to have to be mean and force our children to do things they don’t want/like to do. Happy parenting :star_struck:

One of the ways that has helped my granddaughter is behavioral therapy. Also get a fidgit CUBE NOT a spinner It will help keep her hand busy and is small enough for the palm of her hand. I say this because she can mess with it discreetly so other kids don’t think she is playing with a toy. You can find them on Amazon not expensive. It does help my granddaughter and the teacher has to allow it. Also depending on the medication she may need a midmorning snack. The school has to accommodate. As for sports my granddaughter also has sensory issues and swimming is great for both her ADHD and sensory. It will keep her active and focused and wear her out lol.

Find school that will work with your child. My son started going to a private school this year. They have worked at helping him and working with him all through his school years and have such a wonderful program. They also have a sensory corner for the kids to go to when they feel like they can’t focus and want to disrupt the class. They are still in the room and get to sit there till they are ready to begin working again. They also allow the kids to grab fidget toys and take them to their desk.

My 13yo was dx and tx at 5.5yo so Spring before kindergarten. It’s in his IEP that he’s allowed to quietly pace in the back of classroom and have quiet fidgets. Medication was a God Send for my son! He started with Intuniv and then Spring of Kindergarten we added Adderall only on school mornings. The two together has been amazing. He gets extended time on test and assignments, reduced work load, NO homework, his tests are read to him, he can pace in the back, he has unrestricted bathroom access meaning he can just get up and go without asking and/or a teacher cannot stop him and ask either.

I had to teach him myself. No teachers were available. They kept flunking him.

I get crap for this but, but facts are facts…There is no test for ADHD/ADD. It’s just what teacher says compared to what you say. Your kids teacher sees your kids 6 hours a day being disruptive and not paying attention. So she automatically says he’s ADD/ADHD. As a teacher I see this as wrong. If there’s no test it’s just crap. 9 out of 10 of these kids just honestly need a spanking or severe discipline.
I haven’t seen a kid yet, diagnosed with ADD(ADULTS DONT DISCIPLINE)/ADHD that if you are strict with them and MAKE them do what they’re supposed too, they settle down. They know who they can play and who they can’t.

Start with the crap about me being wrong. But do real research. This add ADHD nonsense started the same time parents stopped spanking and started time out.


Get her tested for autism…they have a lot of the same qualities but vastly different meds and ways to deal with having it

The only thing that worked for us is homeschool. Good luck!

One thing to keep in mind is that the school and teachers are NOT doctors.
Absolutely follow up with the appropriate medical professionals for your child. I distinctly remember being sat down in a meeting with my autistic sons principal and teacher, and they tried to push ADHD and medical advice on me regarding medicating him. I looked at them flat in the eyes and said “Could you please provide me your medical credentials that allow you to be giving me medical advice?” They of course could not answer me and that was the end of that business. I did end up going through a behavioral pediatrician and then a psychiatrist who diagnosed both my son and I with autism. So it was eye opening for sure BUT could you imagine the damage I could have caused my son? By allowing people who were NOT doctors to diagnose him and push inappropriate medications on him?
Always speak to a real doctor. Always.

I have a kid in 2nd and K and they both take clonidine (non stimulant) and it works great

She may be bored! My daughter skipped a grade and it improved her behavior and her grades. She had complained that her 3rd grade teacher was treating her like a baby. Within a week or the move to 4th grade she was back to straight A’s.

You can ask help from occupational therapist.

For the mean time, you can try these:

  • Reduce/eliminate sweets in her diet
  • Before class, let her release her energy thru exercise, jumping in trampoline, climbing followed by a relaxing massage and brushing
  • try essential oils (Calm or focus blends)

You demand your child to not be removed from her classroom. My son is in the 7th grade & I have intermittently had that issue. The teacher needs to be educated on ADHD. Whatever 504 she gets formulated you tell them to have it avoid her leaving her classroom. Ugh, handwriting. I gotta say it is one of things that a lot of ADHD kids struggle with. It gets better, maybe not the best, but better over time.
You will have to stay on your daughter and the teacher will have to be more patient. Sending your daughter out of the classroom is because the teacher don’t want to deal with it. It is her job to teach, & you tell that school they should address the teacher about kids with ADHD. My son was smart enough to keep getting sent out of the class. He’d even walk around and visit other teachers. Sitting in class was boring to him. Medication varies, you may go through a couple before you find one that is best (if you choose to medicate.) Also, diet… certain dyes in food can affect ADHD. Talk with your pediatrician about it.

Although my son who is 6 doesn’t have ADHD (or at least not diagnosed) he is borderline autistic and heavily sensory based.

He can write absolutely fine but hates it. It got to the point he refused school because of doing writing and would cry all the time at home because he hated it so much.

We have finally found a solution!! The school have supplied him with a tablet to use for his work rather than manually handwriting. His worries and anxiety around school have now settled. He also has use of a scribe if required - for testing etc and also an audio recorder.

I had this arranged by speaking to the SEN co ordinator at the school. They don’t class him as having special needs because his attainment is absolutely fine, just that he needs the tablet to perform at his best

My son was diagnosed with adhd when he was around 4. It took probably about 2 years or so for him to get properly diagnosed by a developmental pediatrician. We have gone through several medications, the one were are settled on at the moment that seems to be helping th most is concerta 18mg, my son is 7. He has an IEP for school and gets extra help with reading and writing. He also receives behavioral counseling to help as well. He has been involved in the whole schedule process.