How far along am I?

Hi there ladies. So iam abit confused rn
On the 22nd of Jan I found out I was pregnant and according to me I should be about 7 weeks pregnant now.
But the 6th of Feb I went to the doc and they calculated me at 11 weeks today but in December I had a period?
So iam kinda very much confused. I’m scheduled for a scan in March but I cant wait that long?
Anyone have the same problem?


They should’ve done a scan of they said your 11 weeks. If they don’t go to a woman’s resource center and request an ultrasound. They can look and see size of the baby.

So did they or didn’t they do a first US? Those are usually pretty accurate. That may have just been implantation bleeding or spotting, which is normal. They typically only do 3 US unless your insurance covers more than that.

I know when I got a blood test to check for pregnancy they were able to to tell me what my hormone level was and what week it correlated with.

11 weeks sounds about right to me. Based off your last period

How long does one usually wait for blood results?

You can still have a period at the beginning of your pregnancy. It’s not really a full blown “period” but some may not notice a difference.

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You could have spotted. That happened with me and my daughter we went in for our first ultra sound and we were 12 weeks instead of the expected 7. I had what I thought was a period, it wasn’t

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According to the doctor. My last period was the 27th of November but according to me it was the 24th of December.
Also please note the 1st of November i removed my implant after having it in for 2 months

They go by the last date of your last period. So you can pretty much have 2 weeks extra in there.

I had a period dec 9th. I’m 9 weeks pregnant now and that was confirmed by a sono. Sometimes your implantation bleeding seems like a period though.

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They told me according to the information I provided about my cycle that I was 9 weeks but when they did the ultrasound I was 16 weeks. Some women have cycles during pregnancy or it could have been implantation bleeding? An ultrasound will give exact measurements! :blush:

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I had a period for the first 2 months.

What date was your last period

I got pregnant in October I’m turning 18 weeks on Saturday

:+1: youll prab get 2 more new dates lol abd a conpletely diff actual date!

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I had my last period a week after thanksgiving and i was 8 weeks when i talked to the nurse and then i had my first ultrasound at 10+5 and my due date was August 31st

Some babies measure bigger then others, I’m currently 36 weeks but my boy is measuring 39 weeks so my ob is sending me for an ultrasound to double check.

You can have a light period and still be pregnant. The scan will tell for sure how far you are exactly…

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In December I while on my period i went to the doctor bc i had a Uti and when they tested me i was negative?
So i couldnt possibly fall pregnant in November

That looked and felt like a period but it wasn’t my stir explained that to me cause I was also curious

Me Mere Bebine is coming home soon hold on little one!:hugs::heart:

You start counting your pregnancy by the 1st day of your last period! So if u had a period in December then start counting from December (…) the day your period started.

My mom had her period the whole pregnancy with 3kids…

I had my period 3 months in a row with negative pregnancy tests but I was in fact pregnant with my now 8 year old son. It can happen!

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I had a period when I
Right before I found out I was 5 weeks along . Some people just get them . I couldn’t go off that date I had to go off size of baby

My youngest son had a due date based off of a positive pregnancy test (I was on birth control and not having periods when I got pregnant). He was born 2 days after his due date and I qas told he was nearly 6 weeks early…sometimes things are just weird.

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Had a friend that had her period till she was six months pregnant

My mom and i both had a couple periods during our pregnancy. Its possible that you were pregnant the month before your last period.

You can have a light period n still be pregnant. And it can continue through the whole pregnancy…

they go from first day of last period so if you’re period was at the beginning of Dec then calculations would correct

I did through my last pregnancy for the whole 9 months. Had a healthy son
Also negative on pregnancy tests