How far along were you when you felt the baby move?

Hi mamas, just wondering about which week of pregnancy you felt your baby move? Thanks in advance!


17 weeks 3 days :grin: SUPER early!

I didnt start feeling movement until around 20 weeks

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My first was 22 weeks
Second 13 weeks
Third 16 weeks

With my first pregnancy it was at around 20 weeks. With my son, 12 weeks.

1st about 16 weeks.
2nd around 22 weeks(anterior placenta makes movement less noticeable)

My first was around 20 weeks and my second was about 12 weeks

Depends on how the baby is setting .

18 weeks with anterior placenta

First one was 13, my current one was 9 and I can tell the difference between gas and flutters to anyone who wants to comment on my comment

First was about 16 weeks I believe. I’m currently 11 weeks and I’m pretty sure I’ve felt movement atleast twice when I’m laying down.

I was 26 weeks with my son and 18+ weeks with my daughter

First 16 weeks, second 10 weeks

16 weeks. Fluttering at least. Noticeable, “This is a kick” motion was about 19.

I’m a FTM and I felt a movement once or twice early on but I have just started feeling semi regular movement for the past week or so and I’m 19 + 4.

1st- 20-21 weeks
2nd- 17 weeks
3rd- 19 weeks (anterior placenta)

Around 20 weeks with 1 and 2. 18 weeks with 3 and 15 with baby# 4

18 - 19 weeks and felt her from the outside 22 weeks.

16 wks for first two, around 19-20 weeks with my last one

4 months, felt like gas bubbles but in the wrong place…lol

20 weeks with 1st one, earlier with the next 2 because I knew what it felt like. Lol

14 weeks - 2nd pregnancy
Around 20 weeks with first

I felt some flutter at about 13 or 14 weeks but no real movement until about 20

My first baby I was about 28w. The more you have the sooner you can usually feel them. My 2nd I was about 22w.soonest I’ve felt a baby was my 4th at about 14w but it was flutters and nothing like the first kicks I felt with my 1st 2.

With my first 17 weeks and with my second I was almost 15 weeks

The end of 17 weeks for all three of my babies

Around 16-18 with my first 2. My third I didn’t feel much at all until well after 20 weeks. Even then it was very subtle. Around 32 weeks I felt more. This was due to where placenta was :slightly_smiling_face:

14 weeks 4th baby the earliest I ever felt baby move like having butterflies

My first pregnancy till 27 weeks. And on my second arounf 13 weeks .

My first 20 weeks second16 weeks

18 weeks for my first and my husband could fee him around 22 weeks

Pregnant now and I didn’t feel anything hardly until like 21 weeks

With my first like 23-24 weeks. Earlier with my second. Both times I had an anterior placenta blocking a lot of the feelings of movement

Around 20 weeks or so bc my placenta was in the front so it was cushioning her movement

1st- 26 weeks, 2nd- 15 weeks and current pregnancy 19 weeks.

My 1st i was 20ish weeks i felt some before but wasn’t sure she moved a lot
My 2nd was 24 ish weeks i had anterior placenta with him so it was harder to feel movements but once i did he was a mover n hit hard

1st baby, I felt her at 16 weeks. 2nd baby was much sooner, I felt him at 12-13 weeks.

16 wks with my first and 12 with my second

14 weeks first baby and close to 20 weeks for second

I was about 20 weeks, this is my first pregnancy and I feel like he is moving more and more everyday

I was around 20 I believe

I started feeling flutters at about 9 or 10 weeks. I didn’t feel actual kicks until more like 20 weeks.

I felt flutters around 15 weeks and actual kicks around 18 weeks! And now I feel like he’s moving more and more and I’m 27 weeks now!

15 weeks was the first time but I only felt him once a week until about 18 weeks and he won’t stop moving lol. I’m almost 22 weeks now.

First, was 20 weeks, my second pregnancy now I felt at 11 weeks

It all depends. With my 1st at about 18 wks my 2nd at 15 wks and now 13.5 wks

I only have one for now and I started at 16 only laying down and then I started to feel more later on when doing other things I had helped my sister in law start to feel her baby about the same time it’s her first baby but the way I did with her was I put a cold pop can on her belly and that got him moving then I would giggle her belly to see if he would wake up to try to kick me and when he did that I should her what it felt like and ever since he doesn’t really stop but she is able to feel it more

Depends. 4+ months onwards.
Apparently u feel them sooner with 2nd though

I was 20 weeks with all 3 of my kiddos

My first pregnancy was like 20 weeks but I had anterior placenta and was on the bigger side. Second baby about 17 weeks

Was 16 weeks I felt the flutters with my 2nd

My first 16 weeks. My second was closer to 20 weeks but I had an anterior placenta so that’s why it took longer.

First pregnancy I had anterior placenta so if I remember right I didn’t feel her move till 28 weeks this pregnancy I had anterior placenta again but I felt her move at 14 weeks

I’ll be 16 wks Monday and can sometimes feel her slightly. (2nd)

First was about 17 weeks, second was 20 weeks or so my 3rd tho I had convinced myself by 15 weeks I was imaging it and must just be a twitch, but by 16-17 weeks there was no doubt it was kicks I was feeling!

I was 21 weeks. I felt something at 19-20 weeks but I wasn’t for sure. 21 was very distinct

20 weeks with my first and 16-17 with my second.

15-20 weeks all of my
Four babies :heart:

My first was 16 wks and second was 11 wks

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My first around 20 weeks, my second around 14 weeks.

My first I was 14 weeks!!

I was around 22 weeks bc with both my girls, but every pregnancy is different.

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With my youngest, I swear I felt him around 12 weeks, but I was apparently just crazy lol. Full kicks were 18 weeks

First was 19weeks second was around 12.5 weeks

My first I was about 20, this time I’ve been feeling since 17. (Just hit 18)

My first 18 weeks my second 14 weeks

I felt my son from 15 weeks…he moved alot…still moves alot :sweat_smile:

First was around 16 weeks the other 2 pregnancies was around 20 weeks

Around 24 weeks. She went from 0-100 :joy:

27 weeks… anterior placenta

First 23 weeks, second 20 weeks

19 weeks for the first, 16 weeks for the second.

1st-at 20 weeks… current at 17 weeks

22 weeks first
17 weeks second

Around 18/19 weeks, usually in the evening x

I didn’t feel my baby kick nothing throughout the 9 month at all nothing very scary but she was fine and healthy throughout

12 weeks but it was because I carried extremely low

First one I was like 23 weeks or so and second was about 12 or 13 weeks.

16 weeks with my first, 11 weeks with my second

My first baby 20 weeks, after that it varied.