How far along were you when you gave birth?

FTM mom here. My BD is talking about going on a deep sea fishing trip when I would be 38 weeks. I want him to go, but, I am also nervous because things just happen so fast sometimes. He would be about 7.5 hours away. My question is, when did you all go into labor/ how far along we’re you? How fast did you progress from the beginning of labor until baby coming? Did you make it to 40 weeks?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How far along were you when you gave birth?

Personally I wouldn’t be okay with that cause I had to go to the hospital 3 different times between 37.5-38.5 weeks for issues with my pregnancy. That’s a hot minute away if something happens. :sweat_smile:

I went into labour 38+4

I was late with my daughter but every body is different

With my first and second 37 weeks with my 3rd 36

I was over due with both kiddos. At 36 weeks they will start checking your cervix - if you are dilated at all … I would ask him not to go.

Ummmm, nah. At that point anything can happen. I would think he wouldn’t wanna risk missing the birth of his baby. It sucks he will miss the trip but he can always go again.
I wouldn’t be taking chances.


I had a friend who was a first time mom and from the time her labor started to when her child was born was 20 minutes.

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Both were 36 weekers.

1st- 36 weeks 5 hrs. of labor
2nd 38weeks and 30 mins of labor

I was around 36-39 weeks with all of mine though.

I was 38 weeks with my first. My husband was traveling for work but he stopped traveling around 34 weeks. My second I was 39 weeks.

When your water breaks most of the time you have like 12/24 hours before baby is here lol…you will be fine…

42 weeks (natural) 40 weeks 3 days (induced) 38 weeks (induced due to pre eclampsia) 38 weeks 3 days (natural)

38 weeks with my first
38 weeks 4 days with my second
38 weeks 6 days with my 3rd

I had mine at 33.5 weeks and it was emergency c-section

If he is okay with missing the birth then sure he can go as long as you have a way to get to the hospital and a support person.

I had my first two at 39 weeks . Third was 38

first baby took good 12 hrs

33 and 36 weeks. I had preeclampsia both times with my kiddos!

30 weeks that day. But I had twins and a complicated pregnancy

I was 38 weeks with both my kids. My first I was in labor for 22 hr before she was born. The second was 23hrs of labor before finally getting a csection because he wouldn’t turn.

38 weeks to the day with my first. I was admitted at 3pm my son was born at 9pm

I was 40w 3 days with my first, 39 weeks 4 days with my second and 39 with my youngest

I was 39 weeks with my daughter, water broke at 5am I had her at 846am

All three of mine were 39-40 weeks

39 weeks with both kids

41 weeks and 1 day for my first

I had mine at 37 weeks

My first 2 which are girls I had at 39 weeks and my last which was a boy came at 35 weeks.

39 with my first
38 with my second

My first was 39 weeks
My second 38 weeks and 4 days

My SO works 10 hours away he got off work a week before so I was 38 weeks and I was induced the next week at 39.

37w 2d, 22w 3d and 38 weeks.

38 weeks… labour and delivery was about 8 hours.

First had him at 36 weeks
Second had him at 37 weeks
Currently pregnant with my 3rd and already 3 almost 4 cm dilated at 36 weeks 4 days. Each pregnancy is different.

I have 3 kids, two of them were quite a bit late, my last was an emergency C-section a few days before his due date. But anytime 38 weeks+ is full term and they can come at any time, you just never know.

36 weeks with my first. Barely made it to the hospital.

10 days overdue with my second. Barely made it to the hospital lol.

37 weeks with my third, was induced.

39 weeks with my first, 6 hours labor
40 weeks 4 days with my second, 2 hours labor

41 weeks induced
39 weeks induced
39 weeks scheduled section
39 weeks scheduled section
39 weeks scheduled section

I’ve never gone into labor and my water has never broken on its own…so I’m no help to you!

This question will be different for everyone. I wouldn’t rely on other people experience. This is his child birth! Which only happens once. He can go deep sea fishing once. I’d be pissed if he missed our child birth to fish. Call me petty all you want. My first child I had at 36 weeks though.


First: 40 weeks 3 days, 16 hour labor
Second: 38 weeks 6 days, 8.5 hour labor

Bad idea for him to be so far away if it’s not a necessity. Although many first babies are on time or late, some come early too.

With my first earth side baby I gave birth at 35 weeks (my water broke at 33 weeks with him and once I was in labour contractions only lasted 6hours and they partially broke my water, my second earthside baby was born at 39 weeks and labour was about 8 hours and they had to break my water with her aswell. I personally would ask my hunny not to go so far away until baby is here especially since you will be so far along when he is planning on going.

38 weeks for my son, I was induced, but labor was 9 hours. 39 weeks, 5 days with my daughter and labor was 12 hours long.

Everyone is different. 38 weeks is definitely pushing it. For me, I’d be like, “you wanna go and risk missing it, that’s on you”. I didn’t neeeeeeed either of my kids’ dads in the room when I gave birth.

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My son came 1 week early started feeling contract at 11am had him at 10 pm

37 weeks and 2 days when I had my son. It took him a while to come out. But everyone’s body and birth experience is different.

FTM too. I was 39 weeks, 3 and a half hours total labor and delivery.

I was 39 weeks and 4 days. I spent the first day at home with contractions. I started Monday night, went to hospital Tuesday night around 11 and had her via csection at 6am

I had all 3 of mine during week 38. First labor was 5.5 hours, second labor was 14 hours and third labor was 6 hours. I wouldn’t want him being more than 30 minutes away at most just in case.

If your mom was prone to go early more than likely so will you. If your mom went past her due date more than likely so will you. There are always exceptions but for the most part it holds true.

My first I was 41w3d with my first and 2nd was 37w
Every pregnancy is different maybe you could consult your dr see where you are and if they think it would be a good plan for him to leave at that point

1st 40+10
2nd 36
3rd 38+3

40 for my first 38 for my second and both of my labors were quick… both under 7 hours

Everyone is different especially depending on your pregnancy. I hear most first born babies are late. My boy was 3 days after my due date. But anything can happen so I wouldn’t chance it

I didn’t make it to 40 weeks with any of my 3. My oldest I made it to 39 weeks. My middle one I made it to 37 weeks and my youngest I made it to 39 weeks my oldest I was in labor for 7 hrs 44 mins my middle child 10 hours my youngest 59 minutes and she was born in the car. But everybody’s different

2 weeks late on my daughter. I started labor on a Thursday, work the entire week and then told them Friday evening I would not be back Monday. I had her on Sunday

My son…47.5 weeks

My first born came only 5 days early my second came 4 weeks it’s so different with everyone

I made it to 40 weeks and was in labor for 24 hours with my first. Let him go, just have a backup just in case you do go into labor, he has a good chance of making it for the birth but he should be with you through the whole process not just for the birth :woman_shrugging:

I was 35 weeks . 38 weeks is not considered “early” or premature. I say it’s a big risk

Are you sure he is going on a fishing trip

Labor can happen at any time. My husband was going off roading when I was 33 weeks. I didn’t feel good, but insisted he go anyways. 4 hours later, I’m in full blown labor in the hospital and he is without cell reception. Thankfully my labor was able to be stopped, but he didn’t find out until about 12 hours later, when he saw 120 missed calls from me and the nurses lol. It really depends on your own body.

Mine are different than most so heck no would he be going if it were me, lol. My first, my water broke at 31 & 6 & I had to stay in the hospital till they induced me at 34 weeks. Took 2-3 days all together after the process. My second, I went into labor on my own at 35 weeks

My son was born 6 days early. But most of the time first pregnancies are overdue by a wee bit.

He probably shouldn’t go, just in case.

Idk about other men but I wouldn’t leave my wife/gf at 38 weeks unless it was work related or something like that. Too close in my opinion but I will admit I am a worrywart.

My first came at 35 weeks (complicated labor issues) my second came at 38 weeks and

With my oldest who is 18 today I went 5 days late and it was 21 hours. After that I never made it to 40 weeks with the other 5 and it went a lot faster. They say you often follow your mom. I am the oldest and she was 2 days late with me. Also my husband went 3 hours away when I was 2 days overdue and it was ok but I was mad at the time.

40+6 I had my first naturally, 2 days of contractions but the last 7 hours of labor progressed fast and I had her.

I made it to 28 weeks with my first. I was sick with preeclampsia and they had to do an emergency c section. My second, I was over due lol.

:grimacing: Close call. Everyone is different. First was 37w3days 2nd 39 3rd 40 and 2 days.

First one was 41 weeks 4 days - 3 days of induced labor
Second was 40 weeks exactly one day before due date and 4 hours total from arriving at hospital

While normally I would encourage him to go, if he really shouldn’t even ask.

My eldest was 10 days late, my 2nd was a planned c-section on due date and my younger 2 were both planned c-section at 38 weeks.

Every person’s experience is unique to them, I recommend using your gut feeling. If he wants to go, let him, but also have a back up plan in case he can’t back in time.

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41 weeks with the first child
2nd and 3rd child are 5 years 5 days apart both came at 38 weeks

My babies where 38, 37,36 and 37 weeks

37w5d with my son. I went to the hospital at 3:30am, had him at 6:04am. And I was only 3cm dilated when I got there. It happened fast. Everyone is different though so you never know.

Everyone is different. My husband wouldn’t be going anywhere if I was close to my due date.


#1 was 10 days early. #2 3 weeks early and #3 was 5 weeks early.

Let him go and just call him if you go in labour, you both get what you want just tel him to bring his own truck k

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First was born at 38+1, was checked at 9am I was a finger tip sent home because the couldn’t pick up contractions, went back in at 3:30pm I was 3cm and he was born at 9:00pm that night.

The truth of the matter is no matter what anyone else experience was your isn’t going to match any person to a T…The questions you need to ask him is would he be okay with possibly missing the birth of his child? Would he even be available to get a hold of in a timely manner if something did happen? Do you have a alternative person to go with you if you do go into labor when he’s gone. Ect because no matter what other peoples experience was yours will be your own you could go into labor at anytime when your that close to your due date or you can go passed your due date. You won’t know unless a induction is scheduled in reality. Then when it comes to labor it can all happen really fast like for a example one woman could go into labor and progress so fast they have their baby in less than a hour other woman progress slower and can be in labour for hours.


Induced at 39 weeks with both of mine.

I was 36 weeks my labors was long lol
I think he should be fine to go you can call him to come back if you start feeling like your going into labor . Do you have other relatives or friends to keep you company meanwhile❤️ I don’t think your immediately gonna pop the baby out lol

38 1/2 weeks labor was 10 hours.

38 weeks labor was 7 hours.

39 weeks induced labor was 3 hours.

37w+6 but was in labor for 36 hours

First baby’s are usually the longest over 40 weeks

All 3 of mine were over a week late

With my first, I went into labor late late into the evening of 40wks 4 days. Labored all day 40wks 5 days. Had her shortly after midnight of 40wks 6 days.
With my second. Started laboring morning of 39 wks 4 days. Had him middle of the night on 39 wks 5 days
Lost my 3rd to a late miscarriage at 16wks 4d
With my fourth, starting laboring middle of the night at 40wks 6 days. Had her later that night at 40wks 6days

There’s no way to know. All 3 of mine came at around 39 weeks but you never know from person to person, or pregnancy to pregnancy…same wjth labor and delivery. Literally all 3 of mine were totally different. best he schedule it sooner rather than later

Everyone is different, and you never know what may happen. But I have 4, the 1st 3 were born between 37 and 38 weeks. #4 was born 5 days before due date.

My first actually had to be evicted. Labor started a day after due date BUT her head was too big for my pelvis so we all decided to go with a C section. But it’s different for every woman and every pregnancy. My 2nd had to be taken by C section a week early due to being the worst breech possible & she wasn’t doing to good. Still stubborn today. Lol

First 38+3, Second 22+5, and Third 37+4.

41 weeks and 4 days and had to be induced with 2 days of labor

38&4 and exactly 40 weeks

All three of mine were born at almost 42 weeks.

If my boyfriend ever asked to go away that close to my date I’d tell him to stay there for good. I get you want him to go but if he’s willing to possibly risk missing out on that is he really invested at all?

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I was due June 27th, had him July 8th. Second pregnancy I was 4 days past the due date, third one I was early. My mom was late with me and my brothers, not sure about my sister. I would check with your mom if you can.