How fast did you dilate?

I am currently 35+2 with my second child (a boy). I am dilated 1cm with a soft cervix. I know that this isn’t a huge sign of labor as it can be days or weeks until then. But I feel so much pressure and wonder how fast I am going to dilate further. Just curious to see any other similar experiences. Please post anon


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How fast did you dilate?

With each pregnancy you’ll feel more of the pressure. Pressure doesn’t mean dilation. With my second I was at a 2 for weeks and then out of nowhere she broke my water on her own. I’m pregnant with my 5th… 37+3 and she’s taking her good old time, so much pressure and she’s super low but thats about it.

My second was the fastest of all mine, but my third I was a one for almost two weeks!! I had a lot of pressure and my hips were so soft I could hardly stand but when I went to have her it took forever hahaha! So I think it’s a crap shoot lol :joy:!

I was 3cm from 29 weeks to 35 weeks My son was delivered by emergency section
I had a lot of pressure… 

I dilated 1 a month till the end