How is it being induced?

I’m scheduled to be induced Thursday and she said she is going to put a pill in my cervix and it’s going to get me to have contractions and she then will break my water, has anyone had this done to them? And if so what does it feel like? I’m very nervous!!!


i have but the pill took forever so they gave me some thing through a IV.

I did.they put it in at 830 am and my son was born at 530 pm.

I had that…its supposed to soften your cervix…it causes contractions hard and fast (atleast for me they were) but they didn’t work too well for me

I have. The pill is smaller than the size of the tip of your pinky. At least mine was. It worked awesome for me! They did mine at 7:30am and my son was here at 8:33pm

I had the pill put in before my inducement with pitocin and it did nothing besides make me have to lay in an uncomfortable position all night

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It’s called cervidil if you want to look it up

The pill took a super long time I didn’t feel anything til they gave me an iv like six hours later and breaking your water won’t hurt at all :blush: just smells weird

Just curious, how far along are you and are you having any complications?? I can’t figure out why doctors want to get babies out so badly lol I was 10 days over with my 1st and 6 days with my 2nd and refused to be induced — I had literally the best pregnancies and was having ZERO issues so I said that they would come when they (and my body) was ready…

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It’s to soften the cervix. They didn’t think it would bring on labor with my second and I would need pitocin. But within the hour contractions started. To me they seemed faster and harder. I went from a 2 to a 10 in three hours. But she was my second and 9lbs lol

I had it at 5pm until 7am and it brought me from 0 to 2cm so I was started on pitocin and a folly balloon put in that brought me to 6 by 1pm. Broke my water which caused a prolapsed cord and a very very emergency c section

They tried Cervidil twice with me in the same pregnancy. 2 days apart. Well the last attempt failed they gave me an IV of Pitocin. From then on labor moved very quickly. So quickly i could barely catch my breath. Ended up needing an emergency c section.

Yes. Induced labor. Took it at 7am at 2pm had my daughter.

I also took that pill because I had a miscarriage, and my body needed to remove the fetus.

Cervadil it’s supposed to stay in for 12 hours it didnt work for me neither did pitocin which is in the iv after ovee 24 hrs of the drs trying to induce and it failing I had to have an emergency c-section because the contractions that the pitocin were causing was putting my daughter in distress .

I honestly felt nothing alittle pressure but no pain.

The breaking of the water is not bag just a big gush of fluid but when I was induced it was and IV of pitocin

I was induced the same way. Not going to lie, the contractions are much more concentrated. I was induced at 10am and water broke at 630, and then baby boy was here at 915. You’ll be alright, and good luck!

I had this done !!! … July 7th I had this inserted at 12 pm dinner time … and July 8th at 2:41pm my son was born … omg :see_no_evil:

I had the oral version. It didn’t do much so they used a foley bulb. I had my son two days after the foley

I had 2 of the pills they didn’t work. Finally they gave me pitocin (sp)


I had it done. They did 3 of them then i was contracting every 15 seconds. My daughter wasn’t able to breathe so they had to do an emergency c-section after giving me my epidural at 5 cm

I got a dose at 12 am, 3 am, another at 6 am and had my daughter at 10:48 am. Around 3:30 am after the 2nd dose contractions came full force.

I did!it went as smooth as possible and my labor was quick! They gave it to me at 9am, they broke my water around 1-2 and I had my baby at 6:29pm that evening. I didn’t feel any contractions till after they broke my water.

Had it put in at 12:30 and had him 6 hours later.Contractions started out a minute apart and lasted 30 seconds they had to give me medicine to slow it down and an epidural at 2:30 it went fast only 6 hours of labor.

I had the foley catheter first to dilate my cervix then I got cytotec which they give you in the form of 1/4 if a pill. It is literally the size of a pinhead. That started my contractions. Then I got one more dose and then went into full blown labor. I refused to let them do Pitocin. I heard horrible things about it and I never want it.

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I didn’t feel a thing. I didn’t even feel them break my water. I had no idea what was going on down there. But I had my epidural before hand.

This is what they did to induce me with my son. They put it on your cervix to get it to thin out and dilate. They will also give you meds threw an IV. We started at 1:15am and my son was born 11:35am.

I did and had an emergency c section and my child almost killed me because my body wasnt ready for him… he was my second my first I had pitocin and a vaginal birth

Ah cytotec. It seemed to work fine with me even though it took forever for my cervix to dilate. They ended up having to use a Foley catheter too and the Foley worked wonders and really got things moving along :raised_hands:t2:

its annoying. it didnt work. just had contractions, but didnt dilate. it gave me a fever, they said i was a rare case. then i got something that was like a tampon and that flew by the contractions were horrible but i had my baby within 12 hours. over all was in labor for 25hrs with both.

You can’t feel the pill, the process feels the same as all the other cervical checks youve had up to this point, and the water breaking just felt like me wetting myself. Nothing special

I had it with my now 8 year old. I had cytotech. It worked like a charm, but contractions were a bitch. I had irregular contractions at first then BAM.

Needless to say he’s my last.

I was induced at 40w3d. They gave me Cervadil at 5am and broke my water at 11am. After they broke my water I was given Pitocin and had my son at 9:44pm. The Cervadil was fine; I didn’t feel it or any of the contractions the Pitocin however, hit hard. Contractions were full blown and very uncomfortable.

I was induced at 41 weeks. Where I live they give the first dose in your cheek and if that doesnt work then it’s in your cervix. I made them wait to use pitocin until they broke my water. Got lucky and as soon as they broke my water it progressed. But I was in labor for 24 hours