How is it being induced?

I’m going to be induced next week on the 22nd and it’s my first time being induced but second pregnancy… What should I expect?? I’m really nervous for some reason… TIA


It was a longer labor for me so be prepared for that.

Following. Being induced on the 20th FTM.

Induced wasn’t bad at all . (And May 22nd is my son’s birthday too! :blush:) only thing with induction is labor may be a little longer but they will make you as comfortable as possible :purple_heart:

Induction wasn’t bad for me. Id do it again.

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I didn’t dialate with the induction went as far as they could with it then needed emergency c section

Contractions are 10x worse

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There is no hard and fast rule of what will happen, everyone is different. Usually it will be fairly the same as if you went into labor on your own. Your body will do what ever it wants to do

It takes forever. I’ve had to be induced 3 times never went in labor on my own.

I got induced two times. First took long time but second went faster. Hope you have a fast & safe delivery.

I was induced with my 1st, was In labor a little over 17 hours. But with my 2nd he was born early,and from when my water actually broke to having him was over 18 hours,so I just have long labors.It honestly wasn’t bad comparing to my 2nd and only suggestion is if you are getting an epidural,try to wait a while,after it you wont be able to move much at all.

I was induced with both of my kids.The first one took soo long…the second one was super quick.

I was inducted with ng third. The contractions were much more painful then my other two.

I was induces on my 1st. There is an uncomfortable moment with a midwife and a pessery. Once thats in get up and walk… walk around. Everyone is has different pain thresh hold reminder that… i was only in labour for 2 hrs 15. Everyone and each pregancy is different.

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I had induction my first pregnancy so not really able to base that off anything. I was told by the doctor the contractions will be more painful and some people have longer labors.
I found out after the birth that induction is a higher chance for c-sections “which I had one” so I believe that. Overall it wasn’t to bad :woman_shrugging:t2:.

I was induced twice.
It’s sucks. Contractions are worse. I didn’t dilate. Had to have my water broken manually for anything to start moving along— but then it was like 1-2 hours and like 5 pushes and they were out.
The beginning sucks. At least for me it really sucked, just be sure to have you pain managed well and properly (hint: tell the doctors that your having upper pain contractions, they will help you pain more because they can, if you say they’re lower contractions they’ll tell you oh well that’s just part of the process— this is what my anesthesiologist told me when he gave me my epidural and my nurse also advised me to tell them that.) good luck!!!

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I was induced with my 1st child on May 2 2019! I was 1cm for almost a week and had issues with my Blood Pressure and then got the balloon to help take me from 1cm to 4cm that took from 130am-330am. Im not 100% sure what time I started the meds to be induced. I went to the bathroom at 9am and at 915am my water broke on its own! And from then till 1230pm my contractions were anywhere from 1min to 3mins apart lasting 30sec-45sec. It felt like INSANE cramps! At 1230 I got the epié at 4cm and then felt nothing. At 2pm i was 8cm. And then a little before 4 I started to push him down to crown and in 6 pushes he was out and born at 4:28PM

Fast, quick n painful, but medical staff are much kinder these days :heart:

Well it depends on the body :slight_smile: my experience was really good! I was induced at 39 weeks 4 days with my son (1st child) at 830am they started the pill behind my cervix I was already dilated to 1.5cm and 75%effaced they had be bouncing on a ball walking using a peanut ball to help dilate… at 1200pm the Dr broke my water I was at 2.5cm at around 2 o clock I got the epidural and took a 20 min nap the nurses came in and said your contractions are slowing down we need to give u pitocin so they did and 20 minutes after that I felt the edge to poop like I’ve never had to poop before! Lol (pressure from my son) and I rang for the nurse at around 240pm they went to the Check n they said… OMG HIS HEAF IS RIGHT THERE WE HAVE TO GET THE DR! I’m laughing cause I was like I thought I had to poop :rofl::joy: anyway I am sitting there smiling waiting for the Dr’s to get set up… Then I pushed 3 times n my son was born he was bruised with how fast labor n delivery went lol he was 9lbs 12oz and 21.5 in long happy n healthy n I only needed one itty bitty stitch :slight_smile: it is very painful but hey are bodies are made for it :slight_smile: n my healing process was super fast to! By 4 weeks Pp I stopped bleeding n already started my cycle at 6 weeks Pp :slight_smile:

Make sure they check your iron blood count for bleeding safety, these contractors are very unnatural and rushed so you might tear & get the epidural. I didn’t and i was in horrible pain after.

A harder labor unless you’re getting an epidural

It depends. Are you having an epidural? If so it’ll probably hurt. Had one with my first, 9 days ago today, but I also had a c section as well.

I was induced …first time mom here and honestly i didnt even know i was having contactions…i went 10 hours with no meds …after that my back got really sore…ended up having a c section cause my blood pressure went crazy high and i wasnt dialating

I was induced with my son, the pain was so bad I had an epidural I never wanted to get, and I ended up having a section in the end because the induction, the epidural or both mixed together caused my sons heart rate to drop like crazy, induction doesn’t always lead to a c section but it does put you at a much higher risk of having to have one, especially if you have an epidural, so you should be prepared for that outcome as well

Just Make sure you eat before you go in, it can either go super fast or super slow and they won’t let you eat anything until you have baby.

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I got induced with my first, they gave me 2 rounds, after i got my epidural it went much faster but i started to shake (looked kinda like a seizure.) I was told it was a side effect from inducing drug. Didn’t bother me, scared my dad when he came to check in on me.

Pitocin makes the contractions so much worse


It’s harder, longer and can cause more complications. I had to get induced with both my girls and my my next induction day is Monday the 2oth. I recommend the epidural. Nothing is wrong with using it to elevate your pain! Dont let anyone make you feel like less of a mother because of it. Good luck mama!!!

I was induced over night with the balloon. When they came in to break my waters I was already 5 cm. Was in labor for 4 hours. It went super quick for me.

I was induced with my 2nd pregnancy.
They started with these disolvable tablets before the pitosin. Even after pitosin i barely had any contractions at all and only dialated to a 3. Baby was cozy😂
That’s when the dr broke my water at 3cm dialated. And my labor began imediately. I had her 3 hrs after they broke my water. Natural birth.
My biggest issue was the stupid monitor they put on ur stomache for babies heart rate and to measure ur contractions. So uncomfortable and they kept having to adjust it. And they make u keep it on when they start giving u pitosin. Really annoying

Induced 2 times 1st time was ok second time a absolute nightmare. Just remember you are your own advocate if you feel like something is wrong or your uncomfortable speak up. Everything should go smoothly but don’t be scared to advocate for you and your baby :two_hearts::blue_heart: . Us Momas are a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: