How is it giving birth in CA during the pandemic?

I’m due with my third in December; it’ll be a c section, so I’m used to only one person in the room with me while it’s happening, but how is it after? We have two other kids who will miss their dad and I while gone; I’m in SoCal; anyone knows if he will be able to come and go, or will he have to stay there the whole time?


So get off the internet
Pick up a phone
Dial the number for the place you will be giving birth
Ask for all rules regarding maternity floor.

There was that so hard?


Every hospital is different. Maybe by then they will lift the restrictions. As for me i had my son June 24th, only 1 person was allowed with you in the room. That person can’t leave at all not even to go to the cafeteria. But yeah best for you to ask your OB or call the hospital or check our their website.
Good luck

My daughter had a baby in April and only 1 person allowed. Once there no one was allowed to come and go. That was at Kaiser/Sunset in Los Angeles

Call and ask the hospital you’ll be going to. Call again when it gets closer and see what has changed…?

I’m in SoCal and had my son in July at Kaiser and only one person allowed. Once they’re in with you they can’t leave the room, if they do they can’t come back in…but I would call and ask and they should also let you know as it gets closer

I am in San diego and I delivered during this time and my husband was able to go in & out as he pleased. Every new morning he just had to go down and get screened (temperature check) for a new visitor sticker

Agreed, check with your individual hospital. I delivered at Mount Sinai in Toronto. They allowed me to have my husband and he was allowed to leave once within a 24 hour period. He left our room to grab food for himself, otherwise he stayed in the hospital because we feared he wouldn’t be allowed back in.

It’s going to depend on the individual hospital’s policy. I delivered in July here in NY and it would have been different policies if I was at another hospital a mile away.

Do not let him leave.mine went out for a smoke and they wouldnt let him back in.his first baby.did not end well.

The rule of thumb for most hospitals right now is one and the same person only. So your husband will be the only one allowed to visit.

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He will have to stay in the unit the whole time and if he leaves he cannot come back.

Only one person in the room. Only that person can come visit don’t think other people can come visit.

Check with the place where you are giving birth.

Check with the hospital