How is your parenting plan?

How do parents with 50/50 custody have their plan set up? I was thinking one week with mom then one week with dad. Rotate holidays…but I’m sure it can’t be as simple as that.


With my step daughter it’s literally every other week. We pick her up friday from school shes with us the whole week, we take her to school the following friday and then mom picks her up for her week.
Holidays are alternating except mother/fathers day. Respective parent gets her that day.

We do a 2-2-3 schedule and share holidays:) so that way we both see our son all the time! It works out

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If they’re really young I’d alternate every 3-4 days. And once school hits one house Sunday nights to Friday mornings. Also offering time to the other before getting a sitter, and assuming you live close why not let the kids see you both on holidays? Or alternate. I went with Christmas mornings and dad takes whatever other holiday he can do.

As a teen that had to do this with my parents I fuckin hated it!!! It was a mess and not easier

It can be as simple as that it’ absolutely can. My ex and I share custody of our children 50-50 and rotate holidays or split them in half depending on the day.
On my week I pick them up from school on Monday and start my week all the way until the following Monday when I drop them off at school. Then my ex husband picks them up on that Monday and so on and so forth it has worked out really well on weeks we are getting along we can see each other to exchange anything and on weeks we are not on the best terms we don’t have to see each other it can all be done by school and no one has to be any the wiser. There are always going to be difficult situations and fresh rations and feelings will build up so having a safety net like that had been key on our moving on process. I don’t know your situation fully but you can feel free to private message me anytime it’s hard and we are all doing our best


It’s as simple as you make it y’all just have to agree

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It’s really not complicated unless you make it that way. When my bf and I were split up, we rotated weeks where I would get kids 3 days and him 4 then next week me 4 and him 3

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We do every other wkend, and I have him mondays and Tuesdays and hes with his dad on wednesdays and Thursdays. Things change, and sometimes we alternate depending on what’s going on.

Works for us with 11yr old son. We go Mon-Mon and alternate holidays.

My ex husbands and my schedule is as follows: every fri morning he gets our youngest since she’s not in school. He picks the kids up from school. Monday he brings our youngest to my job for 1pm and brings the others to school. This happens every week. In the summer the same schedule will happen, except he’ll keep them until 9 pm on mondays.

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That’s so not good on the kid. Super rough

My oldest dad chose every other weekend since he lives in the next town over

We each have 2 children on 50/50 schedules. His kids are with us every Mon/Tues & mine are with us every Wed/Thurs. They are all with us every other weekend Fri-Mon. Works great because the kids don’t get bored at one house for a week.

Yes it can be THAT easy …as long as neither parent uses the child to hurt each other.


We have an every other week schedule and take the holidays as they come. It’s been great. We’ve been doing this the entire 5 years we’ve been divorced.

Here in Canada the most common is Monday to Friday with primary caregiver (most cases mom)and weekends with other parent.

Mine is that dad has every other weekend but has open access to visit any days between his weekends with 24 hrs notice. Also comes with legal obligation to make him aware of anything going on in their lives. Not like he really cares or exercises the extra time but it’s there for him should he ever want to exercise it.

Does anyone know anything about grandparent rights?

We asked the court for 50/50 but ended up with mom getting 2 yr old every other weekend and tues and wed afternoons for 4 hrs but she only gets him maybe every other weekend, sometimes once a month. Its horrible seeing him cry for momma and she won’t come get him. But, I’m proud of my son for stepping up and being an outstanding father to his son. I just wish I could understand why she doesn’t want him cause he is the sweetest little boy ever.

That’s what my setup is with my ex husband. It works well except for our daughter forgetting things occasionally. We live within a mile of each other though so it isn’t too big of a deal.

We do 50/50 but split it up where we get sun thru wed one week then with mom wed thru fri then us fri thru wed then mom wed thru sun

It is just that simple…my bd andvi live 10 blocks from each other…i work second shift so my son goes to his fathers after school till bedtime then he comes here to sleep and i take him to school in the morning…most weekends he’s with his dad…but he is allowed to come and go as he chooses…its so convenient…my son is 14

We just let our kids go back and forth as they please as long as it works with our work schedules. I have primary custody. But we pretty much share custody, I just make most of the major decisions (generally depending on the situation we talk about them first though). Usually it’s 2-3 days with dad and the rest with me. Though during summer or vacations they go to dads for up to a week.

Yep it’s literally that simple dad gets his bday and Father’s Day no matter what and vice versa for mom

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We relied the week on week off with my first but once school started it was extreamly difficult. Mostly because he was irresponsible.

That’s what I’ve always done with my ex but now that my daughter is older we just let her choose and we split holidays according to our schedules. With that being said we get along pretty well though.

What u said is literally what we do. Friday-Friday. Each parent gets a full weekend with the children. Holidays arent too big of a deal. Only one we switch each year is Christmas. Equal time for everyone.

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I do 50 / 50 week on / off. We swap at end of school on a Friday (I drop them off, he picks them up and vise versa). If it’s school holidays then we swap at a mutual location at 530pm.

School holidays run exactly the same except Christmas holidays. (We do 4 weeks on / off) as my parents live out of state and it makes holidays away easier and less of a waste of money to travel so far for such a short time. Also gives us Christmas and New year’s on / off rotation.

If the Friday kids are sick, it’s the parent who dropped them at schools responsibility to have the kids and get them to school for collection by the other parent at school finish.

Parents birthdays we get a bonus night (generally we pick kids up on our day, take to school the next and routine continues like normal).

Father’s / mother’s Day we swap kids at 530 on the Saturday if we have to and take kids to school on the Monday and routine continues.

It’s really not hard to do. I’ve been doing this cycle for 5 years now and my ex and I are NOT amicable. So if we can do it lol anyone can

No don’t do one week on one week awful. Have you thought about mwf? &My& Thursday & then switch every other weekend ?

I reading all these comments on how everything works for both parents, I wish this for my daughter and kids dad, he is so hard to get along with

We started with every other week and every other holiday. Every other birthday. Dad always gets his birthday and fathers day and same for me…that was hard on the kids. They chose son with dad full time daughter with mom. Full time. And we alternate weekends and holidays and everything else is the same. In the summer we do every other week. But we also live 50 miles apart. Both kids are together every weekend. They are in different schools so have slightly different schedules. Dad has all of daughters longer weekends and I have all of sons long weekends. We coparent pretty well so we work with each other also if things come up or vacations and what not.