How long after a membrane sweep did you go into labor?

Alright so on Tuesday I am having my membranes stripped. How long after having your membranes stripped did you mamas go in to labor?


I had mine stripped at 38 weeks with nothing then again at 39w3d and I went into labor that night

My second child I was stripped 3 times. Had her 8 hours after that. 3rd child stripped 2-3 times again and it took him almost 6-8 hours to come. I learned not to get too excited because it’s not a guarantee :weary::weary:

Had mine done twice and still had to be induced

Days, but it didn’t do much. I had to still be induced twice.

Had it done at 38 and 39 weeks, went into labour 3 days after the second one.

5 days. Had it done on a Monday and went into labor naturally that Friday. I was 39 weeks

Had mine stripped twice and nothing! I was 41 weeks and 3 days until I had my baby and that was only because I said cut him out! LoL

1st child 3 days 2nd child still had to be induced.

Had one done at 37 weeks after my ob appointment. Water broke the next day

Had mine stripped at 37w and 38w he was born at 39w4d

Had it done twice, still had to be induced.

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If it works it’s gonna work within 24 hours. I had mine done 3 times. Didn’t put me into labor at all. The last time I was stripped was 38 weeks. Went into labor 38 weeks 6 days.

Immediately. Son was born 15-16 hrs later

24 hours later or less

Nope I had my done 3 times and nothing happened

OMG just let it happen naturally

Why don’t you ask your doc? What you pay him for