How long after getting a membrane sweep did labor start?

Hey guys TMI post.
just curious and anxious and wanted to know your experiences. I had my membranes stripped at noon on Friday and was already at a 4 before that. Since yesterday afternoon I’ve been having huge clumps of bloody mucus coming out and every time I think it HAS to be the end cause it’s been so much, there’s more. I’ve also been having contractions about every 30 minutes since yesterday morning sometimes further apart sometimes closer. But they weren’t enough to wake me up in the night. (Which is not surprising since with my first, the nurses had to tell me when I was contracting since I couldn’t feel it even without any pain meds or epidural). If I don’t have the baby today I’m going in for induction tomorrow but would much rather have him come naturally though. I guess my question is in your personal experience how long after membrane stripping and/or losing mucus plug did you have your baby, and how long after you started having contractions did it take for them to progress to 5-10 minutes apart?


Loosing clumps of blood u need to be seen ASAP


Please go the L&D emergency like now!

If the blood is bright red, go in. If it’s tan or brown, it’s old blood. The mucus(with or without blood) is your body getting ready to deliver a baby, but it does not mean labor is coming soon. I had a membrane sweep on Friday as well and have had mucus coming out all weekend with no sign of labor.

I got stripped at 4 p.m and I had my son at 3a.m the next day.

You need to get checked out. I had contractions and didn’t feel them

Go to labor and delivery. You really need to be seen. They stretched me and had him in less than 18 hrs

I had my membranes stripped labor started 13 hours later. She was born 7 hours after labor started so all together 20 hours. I agree that clumps of blood u need to be checked. I had mucous with some streaks of blood.

Sometimes they dont ever get to 5-10 mins apart. Mine never did that was why I had to be induced.

Clumps is not normal!!!

I went from braxton hicks to waking up 3 min apart water broke to 9 hrs labor and she was here!
With the bleeding is go to l&b

I got stripped and a week later still had to be induced

I advise you to go be seen, better safe than sorry. If they say you and baby are perfectly fine but labor isn’t fully started or far enough along to keep you there then I would advise walking around as much as possible! That’s always helped me

,see a doctor for your sake and that little baby you are carrying .You both deserve a fighting chance .