How long after losing mucus plug did labor start?

I’m wondering how long after your mucus plug did you go into labor? I’m 34 almost 35 weeks and just lost mine, just getting nervous now because she’s not suppose to be here until March but :flushed:

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Although personally I didn’t experience this. I’ve heard your mucus plug can “grow back” more then once which means you can lose it more then once

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It can be a few weeks

Lost mine @ 36 weeks. Had to be induced at almost 41 weeks

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I lost mine when I had my membranes stripped at 38 weeks and didn’t go into labor until I was induced at 39 weeks.

3 days the one time I noticed it. Only 1 out of my 4 kids.

I grows back don’t worry you’re fine

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I started losing mine in pieces and chunks at 32 weeks. Went into labor at exactly 40 weeks. Your mucus plug has nothing to do with labor.

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It regenerates very quick so it’s nkt a reliable indicator that labour is near. However, unless it’s accompanied by blood, I wouldn’t worry.

It can regenerate. And sometimes it could be a matter of hours or you could go completely over your due date and need to be induced. Depends on if baby is ready to come or not.

The next day with my first (came out at once)
2 weeks with my second. (Came out for two week straight)

I lost mine at 35 weeks and it had some blood in it which was a big indicator to me that I would be going into labor soon. A week later and I had my son. It was pretty funny how it happened too. I went to the hospital after waking up having gushes of blood and horrible contractions. And they checked me said your only 3cm dilated and that I wasn’t in labor and sent me home at 36 weeks saying it’s going to be another 2 weeks at least. I said okay sounds good I would like to labor at home anyways I’ll see y’all later this evening to push this baby out. They just laughed like I was crazy. Whole ride home my sons dad kept saying babe I think they would know if your in labor or not I’m going to go to work. And I said don’t you dare. I know if I’m in labor or not. And I am am in full blown labor! And if another person tells me I’m not or questions me about it I’m going to start throat punching people. I had my son like 5 hours later. The nurses were surprised when I came back checked me and said wow I guess you are having this baby tonight. I was like Idk why but okay. I mean I came in here contracting like a mad woman…

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Lost mine at 35 weeks we had our daughter yesterday at 36 weeks. It’s different for everyone could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few days or hours

Call ur doctor please

I had contractions for a couple hours then my mucus plug came out and went into active labour an hour later

I lost mine at 39
Induced at 41
Lost mine at 35 went into labor at 38
Lost mine at 28 currently 33 weeks almost 34

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As long as there’s no blood or contractions I wouldnt be concerned. I lost pieces of mine since the 2nd trimester and didn’t deliver until 38 +5 it regenerates.

Ur full term at 37 weeks

Lost mine had my babe 2 days later she was 35 weeks when she arrived

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i lost mine at due date i was at work when happened also my daughters dad worked there to so when didnt work we were close until time .i went bathroom lost it and said hellow hospital i walked in she walked out. no joke

Mine came out in pieces. Started coming out on the 20th, the rest finally came out around 12:30-1am on 22nd, then the water broke & we were on our way to hospital. Had her at 2:57am C Section

It can come out in pieces…just keep an eye out for labor signs…call your doctor or go to the emergency room if you start having any labor signs. Iv heard some ppl loose theres in pieces…some loose it and it ‘comes’ back and they loose it closer to labor but iv only ever lost mine with in 2 weeks of all 3 of my babies. Everyones different just watch your body and its signs and if you at any time have concerns or pain go get checked out…better safe then sorry.

Go to the hospital to be safe.

They can come out days-3wks before delivery

It was about two weeks later

It doesn’t actually have anything to do with going into labor. It can regenerate itself.

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Losing your plug doesn’t always mean labour especially when you have a while to go. If you want to get checked for your own sake that’s fine but as long as you aren’t contracting or bleeding I wouldn’t panic! X

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Oldest lost it when my watrr broke 39 weeks 6 days
Second lost it at 35 had her at 36
Third lost it when i was allready in labour went in for contratuons allready 5 mins apart doc checked me i was at a 3 as she pulls glove out there it was stuck to her hand i had him an hour later i was 39 weeks 5 days

with my first I lost it the day I had him, but with my second I lost it months before. it can regenerate itself

You can loose it more than once. If you’re nervous, call ypour doc. Also are you sure it was your mucus plug and not just thick discharge?

I lost mine over the corse of a few days. But by the fifth day I wasn’t feeling well and went to the hospital to find that I was 4cm dilated and that I had a rare form a preeclampsia called hellp syndrome. My son was born two months early. Once you lose your mucus plug your baby can come soon or even days to weeks later. What’s really important is if your water breaks.

Lost it 3 weeks before labor with kid 1…
Never lost it with Kid 2… Unless they take it then :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:

Losing your mucus plug isnt a sign of labor and you can lose it more than once.