How long after losing your mucus plug did you give birth?

So I’m pregnant with my first (I’m 34 weeks), and I was wondering when others started losing their mucus plug and then how long after they started losing it was their baby born?


I was 34 weeks when I lost mine and gave birth at 40

With my first the same day… my second maybe a day or two later. I was almost 2 weeks past my due date with my first and right at my due date with my second

I lost mine and my dr told me it grows back

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I only lost mine on the day

3 weeks, both times.

I lost mine at 38 Weeks. I lost mine at 4Am and by about 9Am I was having contractions. At 4Pm my son was born.

I lost mine at 36 weeks and still hadn’t gone into natural labor at the end of 39 weeks

I lost mine at 22 weeks (confirmed by obgyn) and it grew back, I didnt know it could. I lost it again at 38 weeks and had her at 39 weeks.

I had mine done at the drs at 10:30 am and then I had my son at 10 PM lol

I lost it around 4 pm took a nap, 7 pm contractions started

My doc said it can grow back, sometimes even more than once

It grows back if you’re not dilating

Show is not a sign of labour and if you do lose it early it can make a new one :slight_smile:

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It can regenerate so unfortunately I dont think it was a good measure for me, personally. I also never lost mine in one big glop, more a bunch of small ones, and I also never went into labor. All 4 my babies wete induced between 41-42 weeks. Currently 37 weeks pregnang, and opting for induction at 39 this time

7am plug
5pm baby
Same day

First it was at 40 weeks and 5 days had her the next day
Never seen it with second

I lost mine around 34 too maybe a bit earlier and my water broke at 36 weeks.

My due date was june 5th 2019. Lost my plug and had my bloody show on may 22nd. Didnt have her until June 13th after being induced and having an emergency c

A while… Atleast like 6 weeks you don’t loose it all at once

3rd baby. Lost mine at 39 weeks. Still had to be induced for going overdue.

1st kid lost it hours before, 2nd kid had it scraped, went 2 more weeks, 3rd kid lost it went 3 more weeks, last kid lost it and went 2 more days. It didn’t really indicate anything for me.

Lost my plug when I had my show and was also contracting at 8pm had my daughter 22 and half hours later x

Never saw when I lost my mucus plug with all 5 of my pregnancies… But they say labor can soon follow or it could be weeks later after losing your plug

Lost it on a Wednesday morning, had him the next morning

If I lost mine I didn’t notice or it happened when I pissed or something. Cuz my water broke and that was that lol.

Mine was a few hours, lost it 9.30am had my little girl 11.49am x

For my first, never lost it. With my second, maybe 5 days. I went into labor on my own with the second but had to be induced with the first. Went 40 weeks with both.

I lost mine at 35 weeks. Gave birth at 41 weeks

You can loose it but it will come right back

Lost mine as 33 weeks and had to be induced, due to preeclampsia, at 36 weeks. I had been having a ton of Braxton hicks the month before I lost the plug

4 weeks after losing my mucous plug I had my daughter. I thought it meant she would come early but not at all for me. I couldn’t believe how big it was. Lol.

7 days with 1st one, water broke at 4 AM and had her at 10AM with the 2nd one. I didn’t fool around having my babies.

Didn’t know with the first. About a week after the second.

With my 4th baby I lost it, few hrs later my contractions started 23 hrs later he was here

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Lost mine multiple times with all theee kids. It did nothing

Within the day of losing it and having bloody show for all eight kids

Within hours!!!
But my water broke at the same time I lost my mucus plug…

I never did. I had one 4 1/2 weeks early and one 2 1/2 weeks early. Both by C-Section.

I never noticed when I lost mine. With my oldest, my water broke and with my youngest I starter having really intense contractions without my water breaking

Had 3 babies, never noticed.

FTM and I didn’t even know it was the mucus plug until the doctor said it was🤷 but it came down 2 days before the contractions started with bloody shows. Gave birth at 40w1d via emergency csection.

38 weeks, had her same day

With my first I lost my mucus plus and had bloody show in one fell swoop. Labor started within the hour.

With my 2nd, I was induced early and lost it during the process.

I’m 37 weeks and lost a portion of my mucus plus two days ago. No sign of the bloody show yet. I imagine it will still be awhile.

It honestly varies from person to person.

2 births and never lost mine or never noticed

Every baby is different first baby lost it and had him 1516 hrs. later second baby lost my mucous plug had him within an hour or two

Lost mine on my due date, was scraped and had her 2 days later

I lost mine at 10:30am, contractions around noon, went to hospital at 6:30pm and gave birth at 10:12pm

4-5 days prior but its different for everyone. That’s def not indication of when labor will start. I labored hard for 2 days & got nowhere but I know moms who labored 2 hrs & out popped baby.

My Dr took mine out before she broke my water. My son was 10 days early.

Lost mine at 33 and was 8 days late

Lost mine one week before

With my first I lost the plug on a Monday and my water didn’t break til Friday

I never lost mine… nor did my water break… my daughter was 10 days early… all natural home birth.

I lost mine between 34 and 36 weeks. Mucus plugs can grow back so just keep that in mind. I was induced at 40w6d. They had to break my water.

Not a good indicator of when labor will begin

Losing your mucus plug is not an indication of nearing birth… It can be lost several times, as it regenerates.

I had my membranes stripped twice (maybe 3 times) then I lost my mucus plug over a couple days… then he came a couple days later.

Lost mine in the bathtub for my last child and had her 3 hrs later.

My first I lost it 2 days before I went into labor, my second i was shedding it starting at 26 weeks and lost a big chunk the night on dec 8, dec 9 my water broke at 10:18am and had my baby boy at 12:50pm, I was exactly 36 weeks.

Lost mine at 5 :alarm_clock: and at 8 my water break and at 12:47 my daugher was born (37 weeks)

Plug releases pre labor. Usually labor begins within 24 hours. Duration of labor is variable.

I lost my mucus plug 4 days ago…I’m currently 37 weeks today and I’m 3cm dilated…sooo I’m hoping my little one will arrive soon…but according to my OB you can lose your mucus plug and labor could happen with 24-48 hours or it could be weeks before anything happens unfortunately…

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Took me about 2-3 weeks

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3 pregnantcies and I never lost mine on any. Also my water broke on only one of my labors.

I have 2 kids. My 1st I lost mine then had to be induced a week later.

My 2nd; never lost it, also had to be induced and my water only broke halfway so they had to break the rest.

The mucus plug is not a good indicator on when you will go into labor.

May 17th lost it
May 28th water leaked
May 29th baby

Never lost mine. But my mom swears once you lose your plug you give birth in 24/48 hrs.

Started losing mine at 34 Didnt give birth till 41

I lost my Saturday around 5pm and my water broke Sunday at 3am and had my son 7pm in Sunday ( I was in early labor)

About five to seven days

Within 12 hours I was in labour. Lost mucus plug around 9pm December 6. By 9am December 7 I was in labour. 6:31pm December 7, son was born. My water didn’t break until I was already in labour. It actually broke while they were sticking me with the epidural needle. I also threw up at that exact moment hahaha. That was ON his due date :heart:

My first was induced and they pulled it when they broke my water. But with my twins, I started losing the plug like 3 weeks before they were born.

Okay with this very same question is this something that has to come out on it’s own or is there a way to like get the ball rolling?
Let me say this is my first baby and I really need him out of me. I’m 35 weeks and I’m honestly over it.
I have a tilted uterus so my pelvic area hurts so much I can’t handle the pain anymore. I have days where I cry my eyes out because I hurt. I began dilating December 6th I was at 1cm I’ve probably dilated to about 2Cm since then. My OB hasn’t checked me I see her tomorrow. But she’s the type that wants me to carry all the way until the very end. My son’s a chunker already I really want to be induced but I’m doubting she will allow it. .
Also with that induction being brought up can I request to be induced or is that something my Doctor has to decide? I’ll be 36 weeks this Saturday so I’m not sure if that’s a happy medium. I feel like I sound so stupid honestly I can’t be pregnant anymore.
I’ve been sick the last week from really bad acid nothing helps I’ve had a hard time keeping water down and food. :confused:

You can lose it and it can regenerate. I feel like it does not have much to do with labor :woman_shrugging:t2:

6 days then had baby at 39 weeks :slight_smile:

Mine took about a week to loose. Started at 38 weeks delivers just shy of 39

Lost my mucous plug at 2:30am on Nov. 5 and had my daughter via c-section (not planned) at 12:06am on Nov.6

21 hours
She was born 33W 4D gestation.
Emergency c-section (placental abruption)

I’m not sure when I lost my plug but my water broke 4/19 around 3 and I had him 4 hours later

Lost mine the morning of May 3rd at 9am gave birth may 4th at 1:25 am

8 hrs. I lost it in early labour

Two pregnancies, first I thought what looked like my mucous plug at 38 weeks I think. Never went into labor she was breeched so I ended up having a csection at 41weeks +5days, and my second I lost a piece at 34 weeks, but also never went into labor and had my csection when scheduled.

Less than 24 hrs later

I lost mine sunday a.m at 9… By Sunday night at 9 p.m i was in hospital… Had her at 1230 a.m

Being induced can be more painful than waiting til baby is ready. Pregnancy is not meant to be easy. Heartburn, pain, all natural and remember… it’s for the health of the baby.

Weeks with my 1st. Lost my plug twice this pregnancy, once at 36 weeks, and again at 38 weeks. Still no baby. Your plug will form back

I dont ever remember losing mine. Even when u do lose bits of it … it can build back up.
If your worried speak to your midwife. X

With my first it was a few days before. Like maybe 3 or 4, with my second it was a week before following a membrane sweep from the doctor. With my third, I never did.

I never lost my mucus plug, but I had contractions all through my second trimester and it was discovered that my baby was not gaining weight also, during my 34th week I had severe back pains and ended up with an emergency c-section due to my placenta abruption, they delivered my son at 4lbs he was in the NICU for about 1 week and he is perfectly normal and healthy

I lost mine at 21 weeks and had to stop labor twice, bedrest, and I kept him in til 39 weeks. Had induction with no epidural planned and it went opposite. Ending in an emergency c section because he nor I could handle being induced, it was horrible on us. He is my only living miracle, and has 4 angel siblings. I was blessed so I would do it all over again.

A friend I work with is pregnant as of right now. She lost hers at 28 weeks. Shes now almost 39 weeks

I never did. And I contracted quite a bit in the last 4 weeks. It doesn’t have to happen. It doesn’t always happen, especially for first time moms. My first I was induced my second I went into labor at 39+5 and I didn’t lose the plug with either one.

Lost mine over the course of a month. Baby never came on his own.

Dr. Stripped it for 1st baby. Went into labor that night. Never lost it for three add’l babies.

With my 1st, 2 days prior
With my 2nd, about 24 hours and contractions started instantly

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I lost mine at 34 weeks and went into labour the next morning

I lost my mucus plug, my water broke, and contractions started all within 5 mins of each other when I was 40+ weeks.

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I’m on my 4th and never recall this happening so I’m no help lol but I’m interested to see what others say. Maybe I just never noticed but I feel like that’s something you would know about

Few hours later for me, but every one is different