How long did it take for you to go in labor after you were 1 cm?

FTM and 37 weeks pregnant as of today (finally). Had my checkup recently and was told my cervix was soft, and that I was 1cm dilated. Question is, to everyone who was told they were 1cm dilated, how long until they went into labor or progressed further? Thanks :blush:


I went 0cm to 4cm in 24 hours… but I also had a friend who was 1cm dilated for 2 weeks


I was told the same thing at 37 weeks an im 39wks an 5days today an feel like im gonna be pregnant forever :disappointed:

Everyone is different. Just listen to your body

I was 35 weeks and 1.5 dilated. I ended up going 10 days past my due date and tried literally everything to try and have the baby. Ended up being induced anyways.

I was 1cm from week 36 to week 42 with my third. Everyone is different though, I had my first two at 38 and 39 weeks.

2 weeks until my water broke. Just a waiting game now! I started taking bets at that point! Lol

I was 1cm for 2 weeks then went from 2-7 in 10 hrs

You can go weeks at 1cm or even more…I think I was like 2cm for a week or two…

I was 3 cm at 37 weeks and stayed that way even after a sweep until my exact due date

I stayed at 3cm dilated for 3 weeks

I was 2cm for weeks, i ended up getting induced at 41weeks.

FTM here also… I was 1 cm dilated at 36 weeks… didn’t progress at all until I was being induced at 41 weeks.

I’ve been at 1cm for 2 weeks.

You can be dilated for a while without going into labor!

With my fist son i was 1cm dialated at 36 weeks. They had to induce me at 41 weeks bc i was still only 1cm…

I was 1 cm dilated at 37 weeks and was still a 1 when I went in to be induced at 41 weeks

With my 1st I was 1 cm dilated for 2 months before I was induced. My 2nd I wasn’t dilated and my water broke then it went fast

I had to be induced everytime I stayed at 1cm forever it felt like my first three babies were two weeks late and my fourth was 1 day late

I was 2cms for 3 weeks!!

Didn’t you ask when you were. Told that?

I was 3cm dialated and 80% effaced for 4 weeks.


I just had mine on the 28th of May. I was 39 weeks. I was induced. So it was planned. I also was dilated to 2 cm at 37 weeks.

Took forever. Was at 3cm for at least two weeks before I finally went into labor.

I was 1 cm for 2 weeks. Went into labor when i was 5 cm. 4 hrs later i had her

I was at a 4-5 for a week and a half and they wouldn’t do anything .! Had to be induced and water broke

My due date was actually yesterday, I personally am not dilating at all yet/contracting😩
But my friend who is due in 3-4 wks is already 3cm dilated and is just waiting for the green light/whenever it happens

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I was 3cm with my first for 3 weeks and still had to b induced

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I was told at 35 weeks that I was 1cm. Never changed from there until I went into labor at 39+5.

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I was 4cm and 70% effaced at my 38 week appointment last Tuesday. Lost my mucous plug and had bloody show wednesday… Still no baby

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There is no way to know… the best question to ask to what stage is the baby in, has the baby dropped?

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Was two cm dilated at 23 weeks after preterm labor. I stalled out at 4cm at 38 weeks for like a week before going into labor again.

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I was 1 cm from 37 wks til 39 wks 4dys

It took weeks & ended up being induced with all 3

You can be like that for weeks. It is why most drs don’t even check not worth risking infection for something that doesn’t really tell us much.

I’m 1cm now at 24 weeks, hoping to keep it at that for a few more weeks

Wasnt dilated at all at 37 weeks. Went in for my 38w appointment and was at 1cm. Went into labor later that night

I was 4 cm dilated for 2 weeks before I went into labor

I’m 27 weeks and I’m 1cm dilated with a soft cervix I found out Memorial Day weekend

All depends on the baby! If the baby is lazy it may be a while!

With my first 1st I was at 1 for a month. My 2nd baby i at 3 for 3 weeks and my last baby I was at 3 forever it seemed like until finally i went in and they told me to go to the hospital

Could be weeks or days lol. I was 2cm at my last checkup, and they told me I should be giving birth in two-three weeks. I showed up the again next morning and gave birth that afternoon. :joy::joy:


I know it’s not easy first time round with all the questions and unknowns but it’s honestly different for everyone. Something happened with me dilating with my 2nd and I’ve never heard of it happening to anyone else. I was checked and told I was 7cm and she waited on a contraction, saying I was 8cm during that. 4 hours later they checked and I was 4cm!! Absolutely clueless how that happened. Some can be 1cm and a couple hours later the baby is born. Some can wait days or weeks. I know it sucks but this part will be a distant memory as soon as the baby is coming out

I was dilated at two for a month.

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I was 4cm at 29 weeks and went till 38 weeks before I delivered

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2 weeks after I was told I was a 1 I got induced and I was still only a 1

I’m 40 weeks today and I’ve been dilated to a 2 for 2 weeks now. :unamused:

I was 39+6 The day before i went into labor I was 1cm I was having pains with my oldest went to go get checked to see if I was in labor and i wasnt in labor I left the ER at like 11pm that night the next morning at 5am at 40 weeks My water broke and When They checked to see how far I Dilated I was at 5cm in 6 hours after I got checked I dilated 4cms In just 6 hours

Dilation is not an indicator of labor, it can change in a matter of hours or not change for weeks.

Consistent and timeable contractions (I think ones that last 1+ minutes and 10+ in an hour is my OB’s rule), your bloody show, or your water breaking are signs though.


I was 1 cm dialated for a week or so it went up half a cm and I was induce to he day of my due date. After they gave me the medicine to start inducing I started dialating fast. 1 cm a hour then I got to 4 cm they broke my water and I started dialating alot quicker I had her late that night at 11:39pm

I was dilated 1cm for 4 weeks

Girl I was rockin 2 cm for over a month had a friend at 4 for 6 weeks we swore the babe would just fall out lol

Well I was 4 cm dilated for over a month. If ur not having contractions then dilation means nothing really


I was 3cm dilated for over a month.

I went from being closed, 0% effaced to losing my plug & 6cm needing an emergency c-section in 12 hours with my son. (I went from 0 to 6m in 12 hours, it was fast! Hoping for something similar this go around)
I’m 35 weeks & 5 days, (1cm & 50% effaced as of yesterday). I lost my mucus plug a week ago. My OB said in about 2 weeks time, I’ll give birth. I’ve been having contractions every 6 mins for 90 seconds or so for the past week. My contractions are strong, just not dilated enough.

I was 1 cm with my first FOREVER. Finally they induced me on her due date. My second i was 5 cm before i ever went into labor. Finally my water broke. & my 3rd i was 5 cm 2 weeks over due they had to break my water

I literally got to 1 cm. Laid in labor for 37 hours and only got to 3 cm’s. I had to do a C-Section

I sat at a 4cm for almost a month delivered at 42wks

Ya gotta get to 10. 3 weeks you will be in labor lol i was at 4cm a week and a half and delivered at 39w1d

I was stuck at 3 cm for a few weeks, had a membrane sweep, didn’t progress, was induced finally

I was 3 cm dialated and had a favorable cervix at 36 weeks with my third baby and still made it to 38&6

I stayed 2cm for more than a month in my second baby, dilation really doesn’t indicate how soon labor will be, it only means your body is getting ready but there is no time table.

I was 3 cm dilated for a month… lol

I was 1cm at 36 weeks and I stayed 1 cm until 41+5 when they induced me

I was 3cm dilated for like 3 weeks :joy:

I was still pregnant for 2 weeks after they told me I was 2 cm and I still had to get induced

3.5 weeks here, my water broke at 1130 pm and got to hospital at 1230 am and was only 1.5 cm at that point!

When I would be checked towards the end of third trimester I always went into active labor that same day.

I was 1cm for two weeks with 2 of my children, then I was at 2cm for 2 weeks with both of them. Then my daughter I was 1cm for a week then 2cm for 3 weeks. I ended up having to be induced with all of them early because of my blood pressure.

I was a 1 & 50% effaced with my 2nd child at 37 weeks. Carried her all the way to 39 weeks 4 days.

With my first i was 1cm for weeks and until about 3hrs before he was delivered.

Its different for everyone.

I was checked at 37 weeks and my doctor said my cervix was very soft but I was only 1/2cm dilated. I didn’t have my son until 39 weeks 5 days. I really recommend bouncing on a birthing ball and drink raspberry leaf tea once a day. I truly believe that’s why I had such a quick labor since he was my first.

At 37 weeks I was 3 cm. I am now almost 39 weeks and I’m actually waiting at my doctors to be checked lol.

I was 2cm dialated at my 6 month checkup :woman_shrugging: was induced at 39 weeks

You can be stcuk at 1 cm past your due date… Let baby finish baking I was told this at 39 weeks went home ate a bowl of pineapple and was in active labor that next day

Im pregnant with my 3rd. Im 36 weeks but i was dialated at 1 cm at 35 weeks and 40% thinned out. Go back to doctors in 2 days to see if anything changed. Having lots of pressure. She probably coming soon

I was dilated to a 4 for an entire week. Everyone is different.

At 33 weeks 1 cm dilated stay that way till I was 36 weeks 3cm and then 38 weeks on the day full labor at 4 am went in was a 4 and then didn’t start dilation till 2 hours after contractions was in labor for 12 hours.

I was at 1cm from 32 weeks till I had my son at 40+2.

I was like that for a month. Finally induced at 3 weeks over fue date.

Oh god, 3cm and 90% effaced forever!! Had to be induced. Over a week past my due date with a 9lb baby.

I Was 36 weeks at 1 cm dilated. Gave birth ro my son at 38.5 weeks

I went into labor 4 days after being told I was 1cm

It’s not an exact science, Lol. You could be dilated weeks with no change.

Checked at 38weeks, 2cm and 50%. Checked at 39 weeks 3cm and 70%. Still pregnant haha

It all depends on your body and baby. Your body will tell you when it’s time! For now get as much rest as possible:)

Weeks. I ran around dialated to 5cm for a week before I delivered. Then had to induce my labor. Delivered in 45 minutes after that.

Can be ages but in my experience with 3 kids mine went superfast