How long did it take for your vertigo to go away?

Can I please ask, anyone who has suffered with vertigo.How long did it take to get better after starting treatment? And what treatment did you have? Also, how long did you suffer before a diagnosis and what symptoms did you have?Thank you.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How long did it take for your vertigo to go away?

After struggling with it for years, a new doctor said I was holding moisture in my middle ear and elsewhere. He put me on a light dose (12.5ml) of a blood pressure medication called Hydrochlorothiazide. For the last 12 years I’ve been fine 99.5% of the time, with a few mild incidents every so often. I told him he changed my life.

Depends on what’s causing it and how it can be treated. On Monday I woke up with severe vertigo, my doc said mine was caused by fluid drops and pressure buildup behind my eardrum due to untreated chronic allergies. 3 days of allergy meds and steroids and I’m almost back to normal. A few years ago my dad had vertigo caused by ear crystals and it took over 6 months for his to go away. Sometimes they can’t find a reason for it and people just have to live with it. There are meds your doctor can recommend that may or may not help the vertigo symptoms

Check out Shea clinic in germantown Tennessee I have inherited vertigo and he cured mine with treatment have been great for 15 years

There are several causes for vertigo check out Shea clinic in Tennessee.
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I think it depends on what it’s caused by, I am not arguing the fact that someone said it’s a virus, I don’t honestly know but mine has only flared up when I’ve been pregnant or eating foods with soy protein.

They don’t tell you, but it’s caused by a virus and it never goes away. I didn’t find that out for 6 years until an ENT told me. The ER doc said I’d never get it again, but failed to mention that it’s because the virus is in your body forever now.

Epley Maneuver. Very easy to do. Look it up in internet. Curedmy vertigo due to crystals in my ear out of place. The maneuver moves them back