How long did it take you to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

People who have had the surgery after miscarriage (D+C) how long did it take them to get pregnant again, thanks


I had a d&c at the end of August and still struggling to get pregnant no luck yet getting discouraged

Took my lil sister about 3 months

4 months after d&c and a tube removal because of ectopic pregnancy.

I had a d and c june 7th last year had my first period 7 weeks later and fell pregnant that same week. I am now currently 29 weeks pregnant.

Sadly it took 4 years of steady trying. To be fair though I had medical issues that predicted I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again after my first son. Almost 1 and a half years later I miscarried then finally it happened. 7 1/2 years between my sons. Keep the faith. #BOYMOM :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Everyone’s body is different :slight_smile:

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I know someone that had 2 d&c and after she was pregnant again within a matter of weeks.

I had one September 11 2009 and was pregnant by December 2009

Had it done in December got pregnant in march

You are supposed to wait at least 2 months. But the average normal healthy couple can take up to a year to conceive

We didn’t try for about 8 months after I had one, but it was admit 4 months after we started trying that I got pregnant again

3 years but I dont think a miscarriage and or a d&c have anything to do with the timing. ( nurse opinion)

Had one in april and was pregnant in 9 months.