How long did it take you to get pregnant after having an ectopic pregnancy?

I had an ectopic pregnancy back in September. I lost my baby and my left tube. If you have been through this, how easy was it to get pregnant again? If you had your tube removed as well did you have another ectopic on your other side? Did you experience anything else different when trying to get pregnant again?


I know someone who had an ectopic, and unfortunately had another after x

I had an ectopic they kept my tube. You should be a 50/50 percent chance of having another or having a successful pregnancy. I had a successful pregnancy just months after my surgery. Good luck

Maybe you could try to time it so it’s not right when you ovulate so it has time to get down the tube? That way it doesn’t attach in the tube? Idk if possible just a suggestion

This is a conversation to have with your obgyn


I had an ectopic then a miscarriage a year later and went on to have 2 babies xx

I had a ectopic pregnancy had my tube removed then I got pregnant 6 months later , had 2 more babies

With missing a tube you are 50% ovulating now, meaning every month doesn’t mean you will be fertile because the egg has no tube to come down from, so what you need to do is this.

Get ovulation tests, track yourself, NO and I mean NO routine or time lines, the more pressure you apply on yourself the less likely it will happen. Make it fun, and don’t be totally bummed if it doesn’t happen right off the bat.

I do agree this is something you will need to speak to an OBGYN about, so you have correct information and feel good with your choices.

I was told once you have one you probably will have more and or never be able to conceive naturally. But I’ve heard of others who have had children after everyone is different. Good luck and GOD BLESS!

I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my left tube, I did not plan on having any more children( I suffer from severe morning sickness, Hyperemisis Gravadium whilst pregnant) I already had 2 a girl and a boy, however I got pregnant twice whilst taking the contraceptive pill religiously and had 2 more girls. I did not have another ectopic pregnancy.

I had one in January 2011 and got pregnant in October 2011…

My ob/gyn did exploratory surgery as well and removed a lot of scarring from previous d&cs that caused my ectopic pregnancy. A couple of years later, I had my gallbladder removed. I got pregnant within months and although my baby was premature, she is healthy. I was 40 yrs old when she was born. My son was 21. I had been trying for a baby for 20 years.

I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2009. Lost my right fallopian tube. I had sex again in 2011. I got pregnant in 2013 after coming off birth control, no complications. Took about 3 months.

I had one in 1982 and it ruptured told I would never have kids I delivered both my girls one 1983 and the other in 1986 both by c section

I had one, then pregnant few months later. Gave birth to my beautiful rainbow baby :two_hearts: … hang in there

You should get an HSG to make sure you don’t have any blockages in your other tube.

Only took me 2-4 months. 1st was miscarriage in November, 2nd ectopic in March, then pregnant with my 1st boy in in June.

I had one in August 2010 and lost him/her with it ruptured. Then exactly a year later got pregnant again and had another eptopic. Just be careful and like Kayla Rivera said time it a little later if you can!! I would say good luck and sorry for your loss!! But don’t give up hope!!

I had the very same thing happen to me in 07/1989. Lost a tube/baby. No problem getting pregnant; I always had problems staying pregnant. Had my daughter in 01/91.

I had one and then went on to have 4 more children with just the one tube.

Once you have an ectopic pregnancy your chance of having another is really high. It may also make it harder to get pregnant since you have 1 tube. I suggest talking to your OBGYN. I worked in an OB office for a few years and everyone’s situation is different.

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My friend had a ectopic pregnancy and shes had a little boy and then twins after xx

I had the same thing happen. Lost my left tube as well. It didn’t take long to get pregnant again and I went on to have 3 kids!

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I went threw this at 19 and a year later was pregnant with my oldest daughter and then 2 years after her had our youngest daughter. My husband also has issues so me missing a tube and his problem are chances were slim. Im very blessed to be a mommy. Sending you lots of good vibes and hope you can try again!

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I had an ectopic lost left tube and the baby 3 months later a miscarriage then 3 months after I conceived my little boy

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I didn’t try again for a couple years after mine. The depression was rough. But without trying I got pregnant with my now 8 year old. I found a couple Facebook groups that really helped me get through it. Sending hugs :hugs:

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I have one ovary & Fallopian tube left, they said I could of had IVF if found it hard getting pregnant but I managed to get pregnant

My daughter is now 6

I also now have a 7 month old son!

Anything is possible

My condolences to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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I had one when I was 20, lost my right tube. I got pregnant without trying 2 years later (she’s now 11). We started to try for a 2nd when our daughter was around 2.5 and she was almost 5 before I got pregnant - so about 2.5 years of trying. My youngest is now 5, we’ve tried for the last 4 years for a third but it never happened so I’ve given up and asked my husband to get a vasectomy. I’m about to be 35 & don’t want another 6 year age gap with my children. We still don’t prevent it from happening for the time being so if it does it does, but I’d rather the hubs get snipped.

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I had my ectopic and left tube removed 12/5/2019, and I got pregnant on Valentine’s Day last year.

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My daughter, age 23 now had an ectopic and lost tube. She lost 2 babies early since then. One healthy baby and pregnant again.
No trouble getting pregnant. But OB gets her to do blood work for levels and ultrasound early to watch for issues.

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I have a friend that Had an ectopic and lost one of her tubes. She then had another ectopic a couple months later, but caught it in time and was able to save her last Fallopian tube. They did a fluoroscopy procedure to check for blockages and remove any that were there. She is now 9 weeks pregnant with baby growing in the right spot! She didn’t have any trouble conceiving!

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Sorry to hear this hun, it’s a tough thing to go through. I was the same, lost my left tube but conceived naturally a few months later and gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy. They should give you a scan very early on in your next pregnancy to ensure it’s not an ectopic again. Good luck, it’s definitely possible! Xxx


I had ectopic lost my tube. Was pregnant 6 months later and went on to have 4 children

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couple Months and i went on to having two couple years apart no complications all natural :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
plus theres the perks of extra scans an visits cos it makes you a risk at the start for every pregnancy too.

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My kids grandma had one onky had one tube it was hard to get pregnant but she did and she has 2 sons abd the rainbow baby is my kids father who blessed her with 3 grandchildren

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Had an ectopic in 2018.
2020 ender up pregnant but miscarried.
22 weeks now.

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I’ve had 9 total losses including one ectopic pregnancy. They gave me the meds to try and prevent surgery, but I ended up having emergency surgery to remove the tube. 6 months later, I conceived and carried a beautiful baby boy who is now 8 months old through my right ovary. I am current 4 months pregnant with a girl. And we found out we conceived through the ovary I no longer have a tube for. The egg found its way to the right place. It’s amazing how things can happen when they’re meant to!


I had one and lost my tube and baby due to a full rupture. My OB said it’d take a while to get pregnant again. I was pregnant in just 4 months. However, the chances of having another one are high and I had another ectopic pregnancy on the other side. Again, they didn’t catch it in time and I had another full rupture. I ended up having to do IVF to have my son. My biggest advice is, listen to your body and if you fall pregnant again go in for ultrasound as soon as they’d be able to see something. Sending hugs! Mine were rough and I didn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

I had an ectopic January of 2019. Ended up pregnant end of july 2019.

My Mom went this trouble and did get pregnant again but loss baby because my step Dad cause the miscarriage.God bless you.

I had an ectopic pregnancy October 2009, ended up having emergency surgery due to it bursting on October 6th, surgeon ended up saving my tube. Had my daughter in October 2010 and had no other problems after the initial ectopic pregnancy.

10 years, with 3 miscarriages. I was at 5% of ever conceiving naturally. Then she finally came, and I’m very thankful. My body paid a huge price, and had many surgeries afterwards. Pay attention to your body. You only get one.

I had an ectopic in July 2019, I fell pregnant again at end of November 2019 and had a healthy baby boy in August.

I remember that happening pat you were in north ormsbey hospital remember coming to see you xxx

I had an ectopic as well as 2 miscarriages prior. I also had my tube removed. After my surgery for ectopic I had 3 healthy beautiful babies. I believe the damaged tube was what caused my problems. Once it was removed I didn’t have any more problems. I got pregnant right away with all 3 of mine too.


Had an ectopic and lost my tube as well, took us about a year and a half to be currently pregnant (didn’t help that I was tracking the tube I lost :roll_eyes::rofl:)

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After being told that i would never have kids, I had an ectopic that we found early so I did not lose the tube in march of 2006. My son was born in april of 2007. I also had a daughter in 2011. I was scared to have another ectopic, but was fortunate. My mom had an ectopic due to an IUD on April 25, 1974. The tube ruptured and she bleed internally and almost died. They told her that there was so much scaring that she would never have more kids. I was born april 23, 1975.
I am sorry for your loss. I know how much that hurts. Best wishes on your journey.

My ex sister-in-law has had 2 kids since her ectopic pregnancy and removal of her left tube. She had the first one 5 years later but she was never actively trying to get pregnant.

I had an ectopic in March 2013 I lost my left tube as well. By March 2014 I was pregnant with my daughter. It took a year and tracking my fertile days and lots of let downs for months of seeing the negative pregnancy test but it did happen with time. I did have my doctor check me within a week of my positive test to make sure everything was okay. I was worried it was another ectopic in my right tube.

There is hope! I lost my left tube due to ectopic. Had a successful pregnancy 6 mths later. That child is now a mother herself. NEVER GIVE UP


I lost my right tube after an ectopic pregnancy and nearly 3 years on still not hopeful of a pregnancy but could be my age too. Fingers crossed for you though as was told the chances do decrease after an ectopic. Sending prayers you get what you hope for in time. What’s meant for you won’t pass you by :heart:

Mine was 2015, I didn’t get pregnant again until 2018. My husband was active duty during that time and was rarely home so the timing was never right. Luckily the start of 2018 I felt nauseous I thought I was hungover from my birthday and new year’s eve. NOPE, I was pregnant. It was a shock cause I just stopped taking the pill mid December, but it was a mini pill. It was a tough pregnancy but I love my baby girl and I just had our son this past October. Don’t lose hope!

I had a ruptured ectopic November of 2013. I lost my baby, tube, and ovary. I was pregnant again by Feb 2014. No issues for me with only one tube and one ovary thankfully

A year after my ectopic ( methotrexate and then salpingectomy) but I was on birth control for the first six months after because of the methotrexate.

I’ve lost two due to ectopic pregnancy but have not tried again. I pray you get your baby❤️

One year and then seven after the second ectopic I have had three live births and currently pregnant nothing different but my tube was removed after second ectopic being on same side

I have my tube removed was pregnant 5 months later and went on to have 4 beautiful daughters

I had the same thing plus one of my ovaries believe it or not I had three children after it I think I got pregnant 6-8 months after my tubal good luck to you

I had my right tube removed. Took about a year to get pregnant again.

Had an ectopic also, lost my right tube and the baby and was so heartbroken. Took 4 months to get pregnant with my first daughter. Went on to have my second daughter with no issues either time. It only takes one :wink::two_hearts:

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I had my right tube removed with my ectopic. We waited a year before trying again then got pregnant 3 months after going off birth control. My dr did tell me it is common to have another ectopic after you’ve already had 1, so just be vigilant if and when you do get pregnant again.

Mine was 32 years ago they only took a portion of the tube was pregnant again already for my 6 week check of from the surgery

I had an ectopic myself and lost my right tube. I was pregnant 4 months later but lost that pregnancy. Seven months later I was pregnant with my now 6 year old.

I never got pregnant again. I still think about it but we did adopt 2 beautiful kids.

It took me about a year and I lost one of my tubes as well. I ended up having identical twins.

It took my sister almost a year

Wow. I feel like this question is for me…
My 1st pregnancy was ectopic. They wanted to get in there and cut the tube. I said no.
I have 2 IVFs. Got two cute ass he’ll baby girls.
Than had another ectopic. Got treated for it again.
Had a miss carriage (IVF) and 2 not stuck pregnancies. (Ended alonea after a month)
And another ectopic.
(yes. 3) this time I had my tube removed. And sure enough. My baby girl came naturally… ALL in 10 years time. 10 pregnancies. Love looking back and thanking God.
Does that answer ur question ?

I had an etopic pregnancy in winter of 1998 and had a baby April 2000.

I didnt lose a tube but I had an ectopic and got pregnant the next year.

Had an ectopic, did not lose tube in Nov 2013. Have not been pregnant since

I did not lose my tube but it took me 2years after my ectopic to get pregnant with a healthy pregnancy

It took me a little over a year

I had an ectopic pregnancy is 2000. Lost my right tube… I got pregnant again in 2001 gave birth in 2002. Another ectopic pregnancy in 2003 and pregnant again in 2004. Then another ectopic pregnancy in 2008 lost my left tube. Im grateful for my 2 healthy boys.

I had this happen in 2017. My left tube was took away. I wasnt planning on anymore children & it wasnt the best timing also. But was still traumatic i was bleeding internally already as i had the pain for a few days, so i was rushed for an operation. Roll on 2 years i fell pregnant with my son who is now 17 months (unplanned) They did an early scan at 5/6 ish weeks to check everything was fine. :heart: it is scarey, you think it will happen again and you worry for them first few weeks. You will be fine xxx

I had 2 miscarriages then an ectopic and had to have surgery bc I almost died then had 2 more miscarriages then finally got My rainbow baby 2 years ago (this was all in like a 7 year span)

Join TTC after an ectopic pregnancy. I was just treated for an ectopic back in December. I was treated with methotrexate, and we haven’t started trying again, but there have been many people in that group who have conceived with only one tube!

A year but I was not actively trying. I was given the shot (methotrexate) to terminate pregnancy (forget the name) that didn’t work and my tube ended up rupturing so I was rushed to emergency surgery. When I found out I was pregnant again I had an early ultrasound to rule out ectopic but it wasn’t.

Hunter Hogan read some of these comments!!!:heart:

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Someone close to me had an ectopic and lost a tube from it, she was able to get pregnant again 5 or 6 months later and had a healthy pregnancy and baby :heart:
I’m so sorry you have been through this. Pregnancy loss is so hard to go through :heart::heart:

I had a ectopic Pregnancy as well. Sad and painful! Then I had two miscarriages. I had to have a myomectomy before the doctor said it was OK to get pregnant. So I had that! Got pregnant very easy had my little girl when I was 40. Started pregnancies at 38.

Ectopic in February 2019, pregnant again August 2019

I had ectopic and lost my right tube. I was pregnant 4 months later. Dr did very very early Sono to make sure it was not another one so they I would not lose the other tube. I had two successful pregnancies after that.
My Dr told me that sometimes the other tube compensates for the missing tube and can reach over and get the egg from the missing tube side. Praying for you and a future successful pregnancy!

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I had an ectopic on my left side too…Tube blew out before surgery and needed to be removed. I haven’t been able to get pregnant since but I also had 2 miscarriages before that. I have 2 beautiful kids so I’ve come to peace with not having anymore. My husband and I considered IVF but decided against it.

I had cancer at 17 was told I might never have kids …at 19 had ectopic lost it in Aug 95 my daughter was conceived the month I would have delivered in April 96 and had one more baby girl 2 yrs after my first .

I was told to wait one period cycle or 8 weeks after surgery. I was told to allow 1 and 1/2 yrs to fall pregnant as only have one tube. I fell pregnant straight away. My daughter is now 9yrs old.

I had an ectopic pregnancy on my right side in 2009. Was told i couldn’t get pregnant again, so never really tried to prevent it. Got pregnant in 2017. It was another ectopic. Gave up on having any more kids

This personally didn’t happen to me, but my mom. She lost her 1st and her one tube. If i remember correctly, she was pregnant within a year with my sister. Almost 9 years later, she had me. My parents took their time to have me. It wasn’t medical related.

I had an ectopic discovered almost too late (no pain or symptoms whatsoever), lost my right tube, and was pregnant the second month after we were allowed to start trying again.

My mom got pregnant with me on one tube. After she had me, she had her tubes removed. They apparently grew back after 20 years because she had a miscarriage when I was 20.

I had something even more rare I have a pregnancy in my ovary . They were able to save the tube and ovary abs with help a two years later

I had an ectopic that burst and I lost my baby and my right tube. I got pregnant five months later. And had two healthy pregnancies after. Do not get discouraged you are not alone. Best wishes on your journey.

I got very lucky. I had an ectopic and right tube removal about 3 years ago. They said my chances of conceiving again were low, but as long as I wasn’t in pain I could keep trying. I went in for my 4 week post op follow up and they did a blood HCG to check my levels and I had higher numbers than before the surgery. Came back a week later for another draw and they confirmed it. That baby is now almost 3 years old. Don’t lose hope love. I’m so sorry you went through this we are here for you!

Took me a year and a half to get pregnant with one dose of Clomid fertility drug. Used Clomid again for second child and had a surprise third. Lol

Lost my right tube from ectopic 6 months later had another ectopic was able to save that tube and had a successful pregnancy 1 year later

It took me over two years to conceive, but I was able to concieve 2 more children.
Lost fallopian tube, i reptured and ended up in surgery😔

Lost my left tube and have endometriosis. Got pregnant about 7 months later. There is hope. Hang in there.

I had an ectopic pregnancy terminated in the end of December 2013 and was pregnant the following February (with the ok from my dr to start trying again)

I went on to have 3 more kids

I had to have my left tube and part of my uterus removed in April. I’m 13 weeks today!

Oh girl! I’m going through the same thing! We’re in this together!