How long did it take you to get pregnant after mirena?

I just took my Mirena out, and I’m trying to conceive a second child. Anyone else imagines after Mirena? How long did it take? I had a period immediately after removal, so do I need to have one more normal period before I can conceive? Any help or tips appreciated!


My doctor told me 4 - 9 months. Granted mine was in for 6 years.

I had mine in for 3 years, and started trying to conceive immediately after having it removed. It took 3 years of trying before it happened, but when I finally did get pregnant I conceived twins! I’ve read that it’s not all that uncommon for people to spontaneously conceive twins after having Mirena.

I took my Mirena out on August 5th (Atter having it for 6 years) and was pregnant by end of October :blush:

I was able to conceive the first month of trying two different times.

I got pregnant right away

I was pregnant within 2 weeks

When it was removed… ended in a miscarriage. Your uterus needs time to “fluff up” is what I was told.

I took mine out aug 3 2010, it was my daughters 3rd bday. We found out we were pregnant at the end of September with our youngest dsughter…

I had mine for 5 years. It took me one year after removal.
Iv seen a thread where someone has asked this question before.
It seemed like none of the answers were the same.
It really just depends on the person and circumstances.

4 months after removal for me

4 months (it was my 3rd Mirena)

I had my first mirena (had it for 3.5 years) taken out in May and was pregnant by July. Everyone is different but there really isn’t any reason you can’t start trying immediately after removal unless there’s an underlying medical issue.

I had my Mirena out in November 2015 and my by march I was pregnant with our now 3 year old daughter

I got pregnant my first try. Mirena out in November but didn’t try until February because I wanted to track my high ovulation day…

Out in February pregnant in April

6 weeks…I had my Mirena for 4 years b4

Depo shot here… been trying for 7 months :frowning:

Mirena out in February, positive pregnancy test end of May

4 months after having it for 6 years

Out around Thanksgiving. Positive pregnancy test first week of January.

I got mine out in 2011. I got pregnant in 2017.

Pregnant within 2 weeks but miscarried, then it took me 7 months to get pregnant after my miscarriage.

Everyone is different

I got pregnant the week I got it removed. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly.

It took me a year but I think its because my husband had a low motility rate

I was told 3 periods. I got pregnant fast after taking mine out but the first time I miscarried.

Got pregnant with the first cycle after I got ot removed

It took me 2 months after I took mine out. Download a period tracker app. That helps you know you you are ovulating

I had mine taken out the end of August 2016, got pregnant in june of 2017. I had my mirena for 5 yrs.

6 months after mirena taken out… I had one period during that whole time then bam pregnant… also my first pregnancy was pregnant on the first try

2.5 years with one miscarriage

Try taking birth control then quit u will get in the mother way.

I got mine out in July of 2017 after 7 years, but we used other BC methods until we decided to try in April of 2018. I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant 6 weeks after we decided to try for a baby.

Took 7 months and first was chemical … 2nd time I got pregnant the next cycle

I got pregnant the same exact day I got mine taken out!!! I also started a period right after removal but started trying right away anyways and it worked🥰

Too 3 periods for me

I had mine removed September of last year found out I was pregnant in February of this year…sadly I miscarried in May…and got pregnant again quickly afterwards. I am now 7 months pregnant and due in February! Good luck!!

I got mine out in October 2018 and was pregnant by late November/early December 2018. I recommend a period tracking app to help know when you’re ovulating. That’s what I did.

Got it out June 21 2018, concieved July 23 2018.

It took me a year. I got it out May 21st or 25th of 2018 and had my last period May 28th of this year. But I did have what my ob said was probably a chemical about 4-6mo after I got it out. My periods went back to normal about a month after. A lot of people get pregnant immediately after. It’s normal to take up to a year though. That’s how it’s been for me with my first as well. I had the nexplanon with my first and a year after I got it removed I got pregnant with her. So everyone is different. Good luck!

Took me 1 month to fall pregnant after getting the mirena out

Few years ago had mine removed nov 16th and had a positive pregnancy test dec 18th.

Took 11 cycles for a successful pregnancy after mine was removed

5 years and it ended in an ectopic pregnancy and I lost my right tube…

Mirena out in October, pregnant in February

I got pregnant 6 weeks after getting mine removed!

took me about 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Took me 3 months, but I had an early miscarriage. It took me another 9 months after the miscarriage to conceive again. I was told it was common to take up to a year to conceive successfully after removal.

Five and a half years

Two months after I had mine removed

It took me 6 months. I also had regular periods, but I guess it just took time for it to go back to normal. It was hard for me I felt sad every month I got my period and everyone tells you to be patient and it will happen eventually, but I know the feeling. So just don’t stress too much it’ll happen when ur body is ready. Good luck!

I had mine out for 4 months and I got pregnant ended with a miscarriage because my body wasn’t ready for it yet… I got pregnant again 3 months after the miscarriage and my daughter turned 6 in Oct… really it depends on your body but I wouldn’t rush too much…

Had it taken out in April miscarried in July, positive pregnancy test end of Nov. Rainbow baby born in August.